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Dwyane Wade and the 10 Best Photobombers in Sports

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Dwyane Wade and the 10 Best Photobombers in Sports

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Photobombing is an act that has caught widespread recognition via social media platforms. People who are not supposed to be a part of a photograph insert themselves into the background or forefront in an amusing way. Athletes in particular have found a way to do this that reaches thousands of viewers mostly because it occurs during interviews.

The Miami Heat is by far the best photobombing team in sports. A big reason for that is because of the efforts of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and mainly Chris Bosh, who is the one on the team who started the photo bombs in the first place. It quickly turned into a competition in which the “Big Three” constantly try to outdo each other in postgame interviews as well as various events. It certainly has become one of the more entertaining parts of Heat games as fans are never quite sure what to expect next from their favorite players.

Athletes who photobomb before, during or after games are showing how sports shouldn’t always be so serious and about business. The fact is sports are supposed to be fun. Photobombing is a clear way to show that as well as a way to have fun with teammates and fans.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 10 best photobombers in sports. Also, make sure to comment below if there is anyone not on the slideshow that you think belongs on the list, or if you agree the slideshow does the best photobombers in sports justice.

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10. David Beckham

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer superstar David Beckham starts off the slideshow for his epic photobomb. It’s not so much a photobomb as it’s a photo booth. Regardless, it’s by far the most memorable of the countdown. Beckham teamed up with Adidas to surprise fans who were in the process of taking photos inside a photo booth. The reactions are priceless. Check them out in the video below:

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9. Cam Newton


Cam Newton supposedly hates being the one who gets photobombed but loves dishing them out. It should come as no surprise considering his love for the camera.

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8. James Loney and Javy Guerra


James Loney and Javy Guerra were lucky enough to attend the season premiere of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down.” Instead of just taking in a screening of an episode, the duo thought it would be better to photobomb multiple people at the party. By far the best photobomb was with actor Danny McBride, who plays Kenny Powers on the hit show.

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7. Jack Blankenship


Jack Blankenship is the only non-athlete on the slideshow. However, I thought it would be insane not to add one of the greatest photobombers of our generation. The man with the eyes that bulge out of his face distracts Alabama Crimson Tide’s opponents with the hilarious blown up cutout of his facial expression. Thanks to social media, Blankenship became a huge hit as he attended Good Morning America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, among others.

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6. LeBron James

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

James has followed in the footsteps of his teammates and started his fair share of photobombs. His distractions in front of the camera is everything anyone needs to know about how much fun the Heat are having during their championship run.

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5. Shaquille O’Neal

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most adored athletes alive. The gentle giant clearly loves to have fun, which includes television shows, pulling pranks, telling jokes and photobombs. Shaq did a promotion with Red Eye photo booths in which he would pop up in the back of everyone’s photo and make a hilarious facial expression.

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4. Ryan Kesler

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Kesler thoroughly loves photobombing teammates and is by far the best at it in the NHL. What is the reason why he constantly bombards teammates during interviews? He simply loves what he does for a living and wants to have as much fun as possible while doing it.

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3. Dwyane Wade

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Wade had one of the greatest photobombs in recent memory after the Heat defeated the Phoenix Suns on Nov. 25. While James was in the process of a postgame interview, Wade decided to do a cartwheel as his photobomb. The distraction was hilarious, as James couldn’t help but laugh. Check out the video below to see it all unfold:

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2. Chris Bosh


Bosh is one of the best photobombers alive, athlete or not. No one really knows when the photobomb is going to happen but his are always unique. Bosh is personally responsible for the war of photobombs that has been going on between teammates James, Wade and himself, which continues to get more creative after each game.

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1. Aaron Rodgers

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers established himself as the King of Photobombs quite some time ago. It all started when he was a backup for Brett Favre and decided it would be funny to photobomb the team’s captain photos. Since then, he has never missed an opportunity to do deliver an original photobomb that has amused fans and players for years.