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The 15 Best Photobombs by Athletes

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The 15 Best Photobombs by Athletes


Photobombing is an act that has caught widespread recognition via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People who are not supposed to be a part of a photograph insert themselves into the background or forefront in an amusing way. Athletes in particular seem to have a fun time when it comes to photobombs. The fact that cameras are always around them seems to make it that much easier to commit the act.

Chris Bosh and Aaron Rodgers are already two incredibly famous athletes. They were already popular prior to when they began photobombing but there is no question it has made them that much more famous. Any time either Bosh or Rodgers are caught in photobombing a teammate they are instantly trending on Twitter. In fact, there are websites dedicated just to their photobombs.

What makes it even funnier is that Bosh and Rodgers have also inspired their teammates to get involved. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James photobomb each other every chance they get as they have taken pointers from Bosh, who is by far the most popular photobomber in the NBA. Meanwhile, Rodgers’ captain photos are the stuff of legend. In fact, his teammates can sometimes be seen getting on the fun during his hilarious photobombs.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 15 best photobombs by athletes. Also, make sure to comment below if there is any particular photobomb not on the slideshow that you think belongs on the list or if it’s perfect just the way it is.

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15. Cam Newton’s Locker Room Photobomb


It’s not the greatest photobomb in the world but still funny nonetheless. While one of his teammates was in the process of an interview, Cam Newton decided to stick his head in the background of the photo and flash his famous smile.

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14. Carlos Tevez Photobombs Teammates


While teammate Sergio Aguero appears to be having a good time flashing a shaka sign, forward Carlos Tevez made sure the classic moment would go viral with his epic photobomb. Just to add to it, Mario Balotelli looks as if he has no idea what’s going on.

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13. Paul MacLean’s Double Take

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Not exactly an athlete but couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Paul MacLean’s bushy mustache is pretty amazing all by itself; however, it becomes that much better when there are two of them. Check out the hilarious video below of MacLean’s lookalike who has one of the best seats in the house.

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12. Dwayne Johnson Gets Fans


Wrestler Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock appears to be one of the nicest athletes/actors alive. He always is having a good time and never misses on a chance to make one of his fans’ day. One search on Twitter and you can find all sorts of amazing photos of Johnson’s photobombs.

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11. James Loney and Javy Guerra’s After Party


James Loney and Javy Guerra were lucky enough to attend the season premiere of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down.” Instead of just taking in a screening of an episode, the duo thought it would be better to photobomb multiple people at the party. By far the best photobomb was with actor Danny McBride, who plays Kenny Powers on the hit show.

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10. Robert Griffin III Photobombs Ken Starr


Robert Griffin III has been known to photobomb the least expecting people with his photobomb of Baylor University president Ken Starr being the best.

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9. Ryan Kesler is the Interview Bomber

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This slideshow is all about the best specific photobombs that athletes have committed. However, some athletes photobomb so much that it’s hard to pick just one moment. Ryan Kesler is a good example as he constantly has fun with teammates by photobombing their locker room interviews.

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8. David Beckham’s Photo Booth


David Beckham’s photobomb is more of a photo shoot. With that being said, it’s by far the most heartwarming moment of the countdown. It just shows that several athletes and celebrities can take a lesson from Beckham, who gave numerous soccer fans one of the greatest moments of their life just by showing up and snapping a few photos.

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7. Josh Hamilton Photobombs Fans


Josh Hamilton seems like a very nice guy who loves to give back to his fans. I’m not sure this is what the lovely ladies in the photograph had in mind but I’m sure they will take it.

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6. Clay Matthews Photobombs Aaron Rodgers


Clay Matthews has clearly taken some tips from his Green Bay Packers teammate when it comes to photobombing. There are several examples of Matthews’ photobombs and they almost always have Rodgers in either an interview or taking photos with fans.

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5. Shaquille O’Neal’s Photo Booth

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille O’Neal seems like someone you would want to be your best friend. He clearly knows how to have a good time and is never shy when it comes to interacting with his loyal fan base. Below is a video of Shaq when he did a promotion with Red Eye photo booths in which he would pop up in the back of everyone’s photo and make a hilarious facial expression.

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4. LeBron James’ Postgame Madness


James is in the middle of an epic photobomb battle with his teammates that doesn’t appear to be slowing down, especially if they keep winning. The photo of him sticking his big head incredibly close to the camera is sure to get laughs no matter how many times he does it.

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3. Chris Bosh is the Man Who Does It All


Bosh is responsible for the photobomb war between the “Big Three.” Considering Bosh photobombs someone after almost every game, it is pointless to pick just one specific instance of him doing it. For that reason, Bosh is simply the photobomber who does it all.

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2. Aaron Rodgers’ Captain Photos


Rodgers established himself the King of Photobombs quite some time ago. It all started when he was a backup for Brett Favre and decided it would be funny to photobomb the team’s captain photos. Since then, he has never missed an opportunity to do deliver an original photobomb that has amused fans and players for years.

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1. Dwyane Wade’s Cartwheel

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

By far the best photobomb done by an athlete is Wade’s cartwheel while James was in the middle of a postgame interview on Nov. 25. The reaction of James and the interviewer is priceless. The two can barely hold it together while they discussed if Wade actually did two cartwheels before their very eyes.