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20 Hot Photos of Linda Holliday, Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend

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20 Hot Photos of Linda Holliday, Bill Belichick's Girlfriend

Linda Holliday
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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is cold as ice, or at least that is what he wants us to think. There is nothing more awkward in the NFL than a Belichick press conference, especially after a loss. What is even worse is he never smiles or shows any emotion at all unless he just won the Super Bowl. Of course, that all changed after he met his 49-year-old girlfriend Linda Holliday. Yeah, that’s right. We have photographs of Belichick being happy.

There isn’t a lot of information on her but it should be enough for you to get a good idea of the gal behind the hoodie. Holliday is from Jupiter, Fla. and has two daughters. She achieved her bachelor degree in Radiography from Vanderbilt University in 1986. She met Belichick at a nightclub in 2007 and the couple is now reportedly engaged. She was forced to close the door on her clothing store, Blue Indigo Boutique, in 2009. However, it did open the door for another opportunity to become an Insider Lifestyle Correspondent on WBZ-TV in Boston.

If Belichick looks more cheerful these days, outside of the loss to the Carolina Panthers a couple of weeks ago, it is because of Holliday. The New England players have even confirmed that they have noticed their coach to be happier since he began a relationship with Holliday.

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20. Linda Holliday on a Boat

Linda Holliday Instagram
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19. Linda Holliday Bikini

Linda Holliday Instagram
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18. Linda Holliday and Daughters

Linda Holliday Instagram
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17. Linda Holliday and Caroline Lunny

Linda Holliday Instagram
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16. Linda Holliday at Army-Navy Game

Linda Holliday Twitter
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15. Linda Holliday Date Night

Linda Holliday Instagram
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14. Linda Selfie

linda selfie
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13. Linda Holliday and Her Besties

Linda Holliday Instagram
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12. Linda Holliday at Game in New York

Linda Holliday Instagram
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11. Linda Holliday Voodoo

Linda Holliday Twitter
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10. Linda Holliday and Kristen

Linda Holliday Instagram
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9. Linda Holliday the Pirate

Linda Holliday Instagram
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8. Linda Holliday and Friend

Linda Holliday Twitter
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7. Linda Holliday More Voodoo

More Voodoo
Linda Holliday Instagram
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6. Bill Belichick’s No. 1 Fan

Linda Holliday Twitter
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5. Linda Holliday and Her Boyfriend

Linda Holliday Instagram
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4. Linda Holliday at Summer House Party

Linda Holliday Instagram
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3. Linda Holliday at Miss USA

Linda Holliday Instagram
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2. Linda Holliday Modeling with Friends

Linda Holliday Instagram
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1. Linda Holliday the Model

Linda Holliday Instagram