Alex Morgan's Engagement Breaks Hearts of Men Everywhere

By RanterX
Alex Morgan

Break out the mourning beverages, fellas. Alex Morgan is engaged. That’s right, America’s soccer queen, SI Swimsuit Edition model and overall female athlete hottie is getting married and it’s not to any of us — it’s to fellow professional soccer player Servando Carrasco. Morgan made the announcement late Monday night via Twitter as she and her future hubby were likely bored to tears by the Chicago Bears’ 45-28 thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys.

The 24-year-old Morgan immediately broke the hearts of warm-blooded men around the world, but especially those who have started somewhat following soccer because of her. Needless to say, these betrayed, broken boys let her know their feelings on the same social media platform.

Well, Carrasco, you better be good to her. I was planning to propose on New Years Eve, but looks like you beat me to it. Just know that she’s the dream girl of a ton of guys out there, so there’s a target on your back if she ever tweets that she’s unhappy.

In all seriousness, the Rant Sports family wishes Morgan and Carrasco a happy marriage and post-wedding life. Our only request (demand?) is that we still get to see hot pictures of Alex Morgan on social media accounts across the Web.


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