15 Athletes That Would Make For Excellent Secret Santas

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15 Athletes That You Would Love To Have As Your Secret Santa

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The definition of a secret Santa is actually pretty simple. According to Wikipedia: "secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift." However, the practice itself can be rather difficult at times. Trying to find a special and/or unique gift for someone who you barely know is never easy.

With that being said, which athlete would you want to serve as your secret Santa? A rebel like Johnny Manziel would probably come up with a crazy idea, but would you rather go the conservative route and have Bill Belichick as your special Santa? Either way, the conversation is a fun one as it's always hysterical to imagine billionaire athletes in real-life situations.

Although none of these athletes are likely to play the secret Santa game, it's still a blast to wonder what would happen if they did.

To be clear; this list is simply for a good laugh or two. Again, this is something that isn't to be taken seriously and don't get mad at me just because Rob Gronkowski's name isn't on the list. Moreover, as you start knocking out your Christmas shopping, take a look at these 15 athletes as they are some of the best secret Santa's out there.


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No. 15: Tim Tebow

Andrew Weber - USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow's historic quote while at the University of Florida really applies to being a secret Santa. Okay, not really, but that speech was awesome and Tebow would totally be a great secret Santa.

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No. 14: Carmelo Anthony

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Hey, the best case scenario in this one is to get some free New York Knicks stuff. Carmelo knows he's out of the Big Apple as soon as the seasons over, so he's bound to give a nice gift or two.

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No. 13: Alex Morgan

Bob DeChiara - USA TODAY Sports

Most males would like a mistletoe from Ms. Alex Morgan, but she's engaged now so there goes that. However, I don't doubt Morgan's abilities to be a damned good secret Santa.

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No. 12: Eli Manning

Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning looks like a total pushover. Besides, this guy is always giving stuff away. If you pester Eli enough, he might just cough up one of his Super Bowl rings -- it would be worth a shot.

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No. 11: Shaun White

Paul Bussi - USA TODAY Sports

If you couldn't tell by this selfie with a random fan; Shaun White is a total pro. Having White as a secret Santa would be a great present for sure.

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No. 10: Ndamukong Suh

Tim Fuller - USA TODAY Sports

While he might stomp on your neck or kick you in the groin the night before Christmas, Ndamukong Suh is a giver by nature and would cook up something pretty cool as a secret Santa.

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No. 9: Danica Patrick

Jerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports

Danica Patrick is another extremely generous athlete. Also, Patrick is big on her public image, so she wouldn't pass up the change to be a wonderful secret Santa.

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No. 8: Albert Pujols

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

Considering Albert Pujols hasn't given the Los Angeles Angels anything over the last two years, maybe he'd be in a giving mood as a secret Santa. All jokes aside, props to Pujols for all of the charity work he does.

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No. 7: Lindsey Vonn

Debby Wong - USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest: Lindsey Vonn is the type of girl to riffle through Tiger Woods' things and come up with a secret Santa gift that way. And who doesn't like Tigers Woods' smashed golf clubs?!

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No. 6: Tiger Woods

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

You just can't have Lindsey Vonn without having Tiger Woods on the list. If you're a female then be careful here; Woods might just give you his number and call it a day -- he's that cocky.

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No. 5: Floyd Mayweather

Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather has more money that every single athlete on this list put together. Just kidding, but it's pretty close. However, Mayweather hangs out with Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber, which lends a pretty awesome gift if you ask me.

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No. 4: Derek Jeter

Greg M.Cooper - USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter is the epitome of class. Hell, he might go all out and throw a World Series ring your way just because he's Derek Jeter. The New York Yankees' legend is easily a top-five secret Santa to have.

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No. 3: LeBron James

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports

The hatred for LeBron James has dwindled over the years, but for some reason people still don't like this guy. Maybe it's his awful commercials? Either way, James donates a bulk of his money toward charity and deserves a top spot on this list.

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No. 2: David Beckham

Robert Hanashiro - USA TODAY Sports

David Beckham is similar to Derek Jeter in the sense that he's all about class. Beckham could give you a private jet, your own island or maybe a cool pencil. I highly doubt the pencil, but Beckham is a pretty unpredictable guy.

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No. 1: Andre Johnson

@HTC_Brittan on Twitter

Andre Johnson went to a local "Toys R Us" again this winter just to spend over $17,000 on toys. Yeah talk about hitting the jackpot. Johnson as a secret Santa is like winning the lottery. Meanwhile, having Matt Schaub as a secret Santa would be nearly as bad as being Schaub himself.