20 Hot Female Athletes Who Will Make You Forget The Winter Weather

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20 Female Athletes Who Will Warm Up Your Winter

hot female athletes
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Over the past few weeks, people all throughout the United States have been bombarded by frigid temperatures, snow and even ice that has left people putting on multiple jackets just to not see icicles grow from their bodies. While this type of weather may have been accepted at first and was a bit of fun for everyone involved, it is now surely beginning to get old and annoying.

People everywhere are a bit tired of the cold to say the least, and many are surely longing for the heat of summertime to come back, not to mention the trips to the beach. And while I do not have the ability to make this happen, I have taken it into my hands to heat up both myself and fellow men with a list of 20 hot female athletes.

Each of the women on the list are exceptionally attractive, and could easily trade in their sporting ventures for a career in the modeling industry. In fact, some work in both areas already. With this in mind, there will surely not be a man in the world who doesn't feel a bit heated after looking at these 20 female athletes, and will momentarily forget just how cold it is outside.

Feel free to provide a bit of feedback and suggestions as to other female athletes that you feel should be included on this list after reading through. Open-ended discussion is always encouraged, and I look forward to hearing from the audience on this topic.


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20. Gina Carano

hot female athletes
Gina Carano Facebook

Gina Carano was one of the most recognizable female MMA fighters ever, as her 7-1 career record is indicative of a dominant and rugged fighter. That ruggedness has now taking a back seat as she's been out of the cage since 2009, bringing to the forefront the fact that she is incredibly attractive. She has been recognized for this with appearances in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue and a no. 16 ranking on Maxim's Hot 100 List in 2009.

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19. Sage Erickson

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @Jetsswimwear

Sage Erickson is a professional surfer on the ASP World Tour, and has consistently finished in the top 15 in tour events. Outside of the water Erickson ahs established a following for her stunning looks, and it is clear just looking at her would warm up the day of most men.

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18. Ellen Hoog

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @BradPrince99

Ellen Hoog is a field hockey player who competes for the Amsterdam Hockey Club and Netherlands National Team. Highlights of Hoog's career on the field include Gold Medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

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17. Lakey Peterson

hot female athletes
Lakey Peterson Facebook

Lakey Peterson is a professional surfer who is ranked third in the world by the Association of Surfing Professionals and seventh by the ASP Women's World Ranking.Petersons surfing exploits and stunning looks have gained her deals modeling for Hurley, Nike and Channel Islands, amongst other companies.

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16. Kaylyn Kyle


Kaylyn Kyle is one of the best female soccer players in the world, and currently plays for the Canadian Women's National Team and the Boston Breakers. Off the pitch Kyle has established a big following because of her stunning looks, and has allowed fans to get a glimpse into her life on instagram.

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15. Anna Sidorova

hot female athletes
Anna Sidorova Facebook

Anna Sidorova is a Russian curler who has won a gold medal in 2012 at the European Championships and will look to win a medal at the Sochi 2014 Olympics. When not competing, Sidorova proves that curlers can be extremely attractive.

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14. Sophie Horn

hot female athletes
Sophie Horn Facebook

Sophie Horn is a part-time professional golfer, and has previously been a golf expert for GQ Magazine. But, what Horn is most known for is being absolutely gorgeous, and there is no doubting that the world has taken notice, as numerous photo shoots have brought her looks to the public eye.

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13. Roxy Louw

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @roxy_louw

Roxy Louw is a professional surfer for the Oakley Surfing Team, and has traveled around the world while competing. She has caught the eyes of cameramen everywhere, and after being voted FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World in 2010, it is apparent the world has taken notice. I for one certainly have, and her presence certainly makes any cool day quickly heat up.

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12. Clair Bidez


Clair Bidez is a professional snowboarder who has competed on the U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix and the Winter X-Games, and just missed out on competing at the 2010 Olympics. While Bidez is supremely talented with her gear on, many men have taken much more notice to the snowboarder when she appears in photo shoots without as much on for publications such as Sports Illustrated.

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11. Anna Semenovich

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @annasemenovich

Anna Semenovich is a professional ice dancer from Russia who has represented her country at numerous events on a world stage. Additionally, she has picked up a career as a singer and model, and it is hard to look away from her after getting a first look.

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10. Sara Galimberti

hot female athletes
Sara Galimberti Facebook

Sara Galimberti is a sprinter from Italy, although her off-field exploits have been much more noticeable than her athletic achievements. Galimberti was named Miss Lombardia in 2009, and numerous photo shoots since then have continued to display her attractiveness to men around the world.

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9. Anna Kournikova

hot female athletes
Anna Kournikova Facebook

Anna Kournikova is a a veteran tennis player as she turned pro in 1995 and has been competing ever since. While Kournikova has not won any singles Grand Slam titles, she has won over the hearts of men with her stunning looks. Numerous endorsement deals and modeling appearances have made her one of the most recognizable female athletes in the world, and it is hard to ever look away from her.

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8. Kim Glass

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @sportsbabes

Kim Glass is a professional indoor volleyball player for Guangdong Evergrande in China, and has previously represented the United States at the 2008 Olympics. Despite playing in a sport that is well known for attractive women, Glass stands out from the crowd, and an appearance in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has only further enhanced her brand.

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7. Leryn Franco

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @paddypower

Leryn Franco is a javelin thrower from Paraguay, and has represented her home nation at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics Games. Franco has also represented Paraguay at the Miss Bikini of the Universe Pageant in 2006, and has since become known as one of the most attractive female athletes alive.

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6. Roberta Mancino

hot female athletes
Roberta Mancino Facebook

Roberta Mancino is a professional skydiver and base jumper, and has participated in over 7000 skydives during her lifetime. Additionally, Mancino has been in numerous magazine shoots showcasing her looks with appearances in Maxim, Men's Fitness, Vanity Fair and Men's Health topping the list. After being named the World's Sexiest Female Athletes in 2010, she gained a boon in popularity as men around the world were captivated by her looks.

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5. Kristi Leskinen

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @Sports_Hotties

Kristi Leskinen is one of the most successful female freestyle skiers ever, and even became the first woman to pull off a Rodeo 720. When Leskinen gets off the slopes, there are always a number of people looking to get her to appear in photo shoots, as her being named one of the 100 Hottest Women of 2005 by FHM has led to the attention of the American public. There is no doubting that the public is right on this one, as she is absolutely stunning.

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4. Alex Morgan

hot female athletes
Alex Morgan Facebook

Alex Morgan is a professional soccer player for Portland Thorns FC and the U.S. Women's National Team, where she has become one of the best female soccer players in the world. In doing this, she has also become one of the most recognizable female athletes in the world, and has gotten the jaws of men around the U.S. to drop with consistency.

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3. Niki Gudex

hot female athletes
Niki Gudex Facebook

Niki Gudex is a professional biker, and competes in both the downhill and cross-country disciplines. Once Gudex is done racing, men around the world are greeted with her stunning looks, which have gained her a spot on the 2002-2006 FHM lists of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

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2. Anastasia Ashley

hot female athletes
Anastasia Ashley Facebook

Anastasia Ashley is one of the most successful surfers in the world, and has appeared in such prestigious tournaments as the U.S. Open of Surfing. Ashley has also become one of the most recognizable surfers in the world, as video of her twerking and numerous magazine shoots have made her a household name for men around the country.

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1. Alana Blanchard

hot female athletes
Alana Blanchard Facebook

Alana Blanchard is a surfer on the ASP World Tour and one of the lead models for Rip Curl bikinis. Although she is a supremely successful surfer, there is no doubting that she is more well known for being a model, having her own show titled Surfer Girl.

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