16 Athletes You Would Love To Build A Snowman With

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16 athletes you would want to build a snowman with

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While most people view snow as the enemy during the holiday season, I invite you to clear your mind of such snow prejudice and think back to your more youthful years. Picture this: you get an early morning call from your boss who is just another Scrooge on a normal work day, out to belittle you as the office Tiny Tim. But today, he brings glorious news: the roads are terrible and the office is calling a snow day. You are instantly transported back in time to the days when your mom or the local news station would deliver such joyous news, and immediately your mind begins to soar with the possibilities for the day's activities.

While sledding is most likely on your list, a favorite pastime of mine was always building a snowman. And if you have ever visited a college campus or live on one yourself during the snowy season, you know the tradition is still alive and well within the collegiate system.

Now imagine that not only do you get to build the most epic snowman (you count yourself as somewhat of a snow-art prodigy), you find out that you can pick one of your favorite athletes to come on over an help you build it. In your mind, you are already like Buddy the Elf with your etch-e-sketch out, making a list of all the activities you will do together.

In case you are having a difficult time coming up with some athletes of you own, here is my list of athletes that I would pick. I found myself picking athletes whose teams I do not even root for, but selected them because they are just so awesome!

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16. Scottie Pippen

Matt Marton- USA TODAY Sports

You would be able to build the tallest of snowmen with Scottie on your side.

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15. Evel Knieval

Evel Knieval Facebook Page

This would be a great opportunity to hear some legendary stories from the guy your mom never wanted you to emulate, as well as the man your father encouraged you to emulate.

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14. Mike Ditka

Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

In case you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, Ditka is just awesome. Can't you just hear him barking out plays on how to build the perfect snowman in the wondrous accent? (insert discount daaaable check reference here)

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13. Manny Pacquiao

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Okay, I'll be honest, I really have no idea about boxing. I mean, I get the basic aspects, but mostly I just think its cool! Manny Pacquiao has always just seemed really cool to me; you wouldn't end up with the tallest of snowmen, but I bet it could take a punch or two.

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12. Magic Johnson

Richard Mackson- USA TODAY Sports

Magic spends a decent amount of time in the media these days and he always seems to have a smile on his face. You have got to love that. He would bring a positive element to any snowman-building experience, and maybe he would lift you up to the basket so you can make a dunk after? One can always dream.

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11. Shaq

Ed Szczepanski- USA TODAY Sports

Here is another guy that just seems to be happy all the time, as well as one of the guys you would turn to if you were going for height with your snowman. Of course, the song "How I Beat Shaq" will be booming from your music device on repeat, and he will love it and even sing along -- I'm sure of it.

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10. Blake Griffin

Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you, but I can spend hours watching any commercial with Griffin in it. He is just hilarious. Commercials don't sell it for you? Check out his social media profiles -- you will be sold for sure. Griffin would bring a classic jokester element of fun to the snowman-building experience that I guarantee would end with a snowball fight.

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9. Michael Phelps

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Let's face it, Phelps is an American Hero, what with all the gold he has brought back from his Olympic appearances. He is more closely akin to a fish, but think of all the fun you could have while building a snowman! As an added bonus, maybe you could talk him into bringing along free Subway!

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8. Terry Bradshaw

Chuck Cook- USA TODAY Sports

Watching Bradshaw on NFL Sunday is enough to sell me. He always has something funny to say, and maybe he would be gracious enough to help you tweak your fantasy football lineups. Let's face it, we could all use the free advice.

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7. Charles Barkley

Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

Here again is another epic sports commentator who would be great company on a snowy day. This picture alone is evidence that Barkley is always up to something silly in nature. I would ask him to leave the horse at home, though.

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6. Shaun White

Paul Bussi- USA TODAY Sports

Okay, Shaun White is a winter sports legend and is capable of pulling off groundbreaking and innovative tricks out on a half pipe. I can only assume that because he makes his living in the snow, snowman-building skills come naturally in the package. I would recommend bringing your A game in building in order to have the greatest chance at scoring free lift passes.

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5. Wayne Gretzky

Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Because who wouldn't want to spend the day making a snowman with one of the greatest hockey players of all time? Hockey fan or not, there is a good chance you had a poster of Gretzky on your wall at some point.

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4. Larry Bird

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

I mean, it's Larry Bird. The man is a legend. The man is just simply awesome. Hopefully by the end of the day, your friendship will be solidified and he will tell you to call him Larry. Admit it, the prospect excites you.

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3. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Facebook Page

Tony Hawk was the mastermind behind the best video games with the best soundtracks. He also made a guest appearance on the animated show Rocket Power that admittedly, changed my life. He is seriously one cool guy, and he is a dad, which means he will have all the greatest hacks for snowman building. Afterwards, you can see just how great he is at Tony Hawk Underground.

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2. The Chicago Blackhawks

Michael Irvins- USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I guess this is a very biased decision, but these guys are all great. Like a few other athletes that have been mentioned, they make their living out on the ice. Imagine the snowball fight that would ensue when Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane refuse to compromise on what the snowman's eyes should be made out of? Being the gracious souls they are, they would of course bring along the Stanley Cup, and your life (well I guess mine) would be complete.

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1. Michael Jordan

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Who wouldn't want to build a snowman with the greatest basketball player of all time? The cool thing about snowman building with Jordan is that you can always bet on who's will be better. Maybe, some of his awesome will rub off on you and you will be able to make a dunk like at the end of Space Jam.