15 Athletes Who Are Too Rich For Their Own Good

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The Wealthy Life

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We are all aware that most athletes get paid pretty handsomely for their work; the average NBA player makes $5.2 million dollars per year, MLB players average $2.5 million dollars a year, NFL players average $1.75 million, NHL players average $1.3 million and men on the PGA tour average $973,000 per year. When you compare that to other high-paying professions in America, you realize that during their careers, athletes make an insane amount of money per year; doctors average $234,950, chief executive officers average $176,550 and lawyers average $130,490.

What do these athletes do with the millions that they rake in every year? The smart ones save it because they know that life extends way beyond their athletic careers, but even the smart ones indulge every once in a while, and the athletes who aren't so good with their money indulge all the time.

I took a look at 15 athletes who have too much money for their own good. These athletes have more money than I'll ever imagine possessing and they all have an eye for the extravagant. Most of these athletes are still insanely rich -- but I must admit, there were a few athletes who have since gone broke that I just had to include because how they spent their millions was pretty ridiculous -- and it seems like they just wake up some mornings and try to find ways to blow through $100,000.

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15) Jarrett Jack

Jarrett Jack's Instagram

Jarrett Jack has more than 1,500 sneakers that are worth an estimated $375,000. If Jack were to wear a new pair of shoes every single day it would take him a little over four years before he wore the same shoe twice.

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14) Kobe Bryant

David Parsons Flickr Commons

We all know that Kobe Bryant is one of the most competitive basketball players on the planet. A little known fact about the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, though, is that he's also a competitive champagne buyer. That's right: champagne. Back in 2007, Kobe and his wife Vanessa were in Las Vegas for the grand opening of the BLUSH Boutique Nightclub in the Wynn Hotel. Kobe ran into poker pro Antonio Esfandiari who ordered two bottles of Cristal at $1,400 a piece. Not be outdone, Kobe immediately ordered five bottles of the same champagne. Esfandiari upped the ante even more and brought his order up to 10 bottles; Kobe, being the hyper-competitive (and insanely rich) person that he is, upped his order to 15 bottles -- bringing his total to $21,000 -- and then left the club without even taking a sip.

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13) Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson's Twitter

Joe Johnson has a sneaker collection that topples 1,000. If that doesn't sound ridiculous enough, how he stores them surely will: Johnson keeps all of his sneakers in a temperature-controlled closet that has a fingerprint security device, mirrored ceilings, contains a bed, television, basketball hoop and is large enough to comfortably fit him and a few friends to chill.

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12) Chris Johnson

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Johnson has gold teeth.

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11) Arnold Palmer

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

The golf legend is worth $650 million dollars, making him the wealthiest athlete on the planet.

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10) Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco's Instagram

Few people possess the talent of excessively spending money like Chad Ochocinco does. Chad has a fish tank that surrounds the head of his bed, he has a shark tank in his living room with flat screen TV's in it and for his 32nd birthday, he dropped over $100,000 to buy himself a custom semi-truck, which gets seven miles to the gallon.

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9) Danny Granger

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Granger built a bat cave in his Albuquerque home. According to Granger, "It will have a few aspects from the Christian Bale movies, like a drive-in pathway or tunnel that lights up as you drive through … you park your car on this big circle, and the circle spins, so that you never have to back the car out."

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8) LeBron James

Lebron James' Instagram

When LeBron James took a four-day tour of China this past summer, he had his own personal DJ playing non-stop in his hotel room in Guangzhou. If that's not a sign that you made it to the top, I don't know what is.

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7) Michael Jordan

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan once dropped $30 million dollars on a custom private jet. The plane was painted Carolina blue and has a jumpman logo on the tail to go with a six on the bottom. His Airness can afford it, though, the Space Jam star still earns $80 million a year despite not stepping on the court for over a decade.

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6) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most impressive -- and expensive -- sports car collections out there. His collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 ($318,000), Phantom Rolls-Royce ($400,000), Ferrari 599 GTO ($385,000) and a Bugatti Veyron ($1,700,000). Today, Ronaldo's collection is no less than 20 automobiles worth a combined total north of $5 million.

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5) Vince Young

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to keep this light-hearted, so for the most part, I'm staying away from athletes who have gone broke, Vince Young was too hard to pass up, though. There are many rumors as to how Young blew through his $26 million rookie contract, but one story will have you scratching your head. In 2007, Young had to travel from Houston to Nashville, but he decided he wanted to do so privately, so he bought up 120 of 130 tickets on a Southwest Airlines flight, which at the bare minimum put him back $20,000.

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4) Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's Instagram

Few athletes obsess over their money more than Floyd Mayweather. You can find videos of him and 50 Cent using giant stacks of money as telephones, you can watch him burn a $100 bill outside of an Atlanta nightclub and you can find stories of him betting millions of dollars on single games. None of that compares, though, to the $16 million necklace he bought fiancee Shantel Jackson last year for Christmas.

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3) Tiger Woods

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods earned $78.1 million in 2013 and is back on top of the sports world as No. 1 on Forbes' highest paid athletes list. In 2011, Woods moved into a $60 million mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida. The mansion is a two-water front property and has a 100-foot-long swimming pool, diving pool, spa, 5,700 square-foot gym, golf training studio and four golf greens.

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2) Marquis Daniels

Marquis Daniels' Twitter

Marquis Daniels realized he didn't need a dozen cars or a pet shark tank in his home, so the NBA guard decided he was going to have a custom, diamond-encrusted replica of his own head made. The piece contains nearly three pounds of 14-karat gold to go along with white and gold cognac diamonds and life-like porcelain eyes.

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1) Gilbert Arenas

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gilbert Arenas didn't play in a single game last season, but was still the third highest-paid player in the NBA thanks to a $111 million, six-year deal that he signed with the

Washington Wizards

back in 2008. He "earned" $20,807,922 in the 2012-13 season according to Basketball-Reference. What does Arenas do with all that money? Well, the man has pet sharks which require $5,000 a month in food and $1,500 a month for a keeper to take care of them, and what he doesn't spend on sharks, he apparently uses as toilet paper.

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