Heineken Surprises Karaoke Singers with Massive Audience [Sponsored]

By Jeric Griffin

We’re all getting into the holiday spirit, and we’re just now starting to see some holiday songs in our karaoke binders. And the crowds aren’t even groaning.

Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? Heineken sure is. With their Carol Karaoke program, they’ve given karaoke singers the surprise of a lifetime. They
invited a bunch of New Yorkers out for a night of karaoke, then, just before they took the stage, they gave them a moment to decide if they’ve got what it takes to
allow their performance to be broadcasted all over the city­­on an NBA Jumbotron, in taxi cabs, and in Times Square. Would you be able to hit the stage with
confidence with only a moments notice?

Meanwhile, Heineken’s been trying to figure out more about how people celebrate the holidays with karaoke. According to their surveys, the top three holiday songs are:

1. “Jingle Bell Rock”
2. “Winter Wonderland”
3. “All I Want for Christmas is You”

Did you know that 56% of those surveyed admitted that it’s less embarrassing when performing karaoke in front of loved ones than it is among strangers? Makes sense. But that principle didn’t apply to these brave souls. Watch the video then use #CarolKaraoke on Twitter to share how you’d react if you had to make a snap decision about performing in front of thousands.

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