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Re-Casting ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Characters With Sports Stars

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Re-Casting Mario Characters With Athletes and Sports Stars


When it comes to video games, it really all started with Super Mario Bros. back in 1985. The original Mario game for Nintendo (the one that also had Duck Hunt) is the game that changed everything. Back then, there were just two playable characters - Mario and Luigi. Nowadays, the cast of characters in the game is a mile long.

For gamers, it's not really a question of whether you like Mario games, it's a question of which one is your favorite? Some will choose one of the original three games that were released for Nintendo, others will choose one of the fantastic Mario Kart games, while some folks will go for an installment of Mario Party. There's truly something for everyone when it comes to this legendary Nintendo franchise.

Over the years Mario has found a way to keep evolving. Some will argue that the original games can't be topped, but the ones they make nowadays are just as good as ever. The safe bet is that Mario will continue to exist as long as Nintendo exists. Heck, even if Nintendo goes out of business, someone is going to buy up the rights to their cornerstone game characters. There's a good chance that Mario and his friends will never die.

Everyone has their favorite characters when it comes to Mario. All you have to do is play one game of Kart to find out who someone's favorite is. So for this slideshow, we went in and re-cast characters from the legendary game with sports stars. Most of these are look-alikes and some of the sports stars share characteristics with their Mario counterparts. Enjoy:

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Mario - Stan Van Gundy


Stan Van isn't the most athletic guy, but who needs athleticism when you have mushroom and star power? Plus, he's got the most important Mario characteristic - a sweet stache.

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Luigi - Aaron Rodgers

@GroundzeroNg-USA Today Sports

Unfortunately for the Packers, Rodgers has spent a good portion of 2013 looking like Luigi on the sidelines.

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Princess Peach - Lindsey Vonn


It's probably safe to assume that Vonn gets anything she wants - Princess complex.

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Wario - Zygi Wilf


The Vikings' owner has that crazed Wario-like look in his eyes.

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Koopa Troopa - Kevin Blackistone


Blackistone is a solid sports commentator and personality for ESPN. If he ever needs a second job, he can be a stunt double for Koopa Troopa.

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Toad - Danny Woodhead


Woodhead is known as the poor man's Darren Sproles in the world of fantasy football. In the world of Mario, he's a perfect Toad.

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Yoshi - Chris Bosh


There's no one else in the world of sports that's better suited to be Yoshi than Chris Bosh. If Jurassic Park ever needs another velociraptor, he'd be great for that role too.

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Bowser - A.J. Pierzynski


Bower is a bad dude, so naturally he has to re-cast with one of the most hated athletes in all of sports.

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Donkey Kong - Blake Griffin


Just like DK, Griffin can jump a mile high. But the real question - can DK dominate a KIA Optima commercial like Griffin?

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Waluigi - Rollie Fingers


A wicked stache is a must to play Waluigi, and former MLB star Rollie Fingers sets the standard for that.