Professional Athletes And Their Christmas Movie Lookalikes

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Sports Stars and Their Christmas Movie Lookalikes

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There's just a few days left until Christmas, which means it’s time to be already sick of holiday movies before the holiday even happens. Here’s a way to get something different out of each movie while you bask in the woke-up-too-early coma before the 100 NBA games start on Christmas Day. See if you can spot some lookalikes between your Christmas movie characters and your favorite professional athletes.

Sometimes it’s in the eyes. There is an aesthetic similarity for some, but even the story their eyes tell can be similar. You can almost feel the same wants and needs from the athletes as you do the characters from the movies. For others, it’s a face that the athlete makes a lot that may remind you of a certain character stepping on a nail, or getting hit in the head with a paint can.

It’s also important to think about their demeanor and how they carry themselves off the field. Are they cartoon-like, or maybe a little bumbling in front of the camera? Is there a chance he’s been naughty, and all he wants to do is prove that he’s been nice? Does she have a feisty personality and charm that can win over even the most judgmental critics?

Without further ado, in honor of the holiday season, here are a few professional athletes who look just like movie characters from some of the great Christmas movie classics. If you can think of more, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a picture of a lookalike on my Facebook or Twitter pages linked below. Happy Holidays!

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Pau Gasol and Marv from Home Alone

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports and Home Alone Facebook Page

The Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol is a dead ringer for Marv from Home Alone. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni is like Gasol’s Kevin McCallister. He just won’t let him inside.

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Tony Romo and Clark from Christmas Vacation

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports and Christmas Vacation Facebook Page

It’s those solemn, beady eyes that tell the story of the strife each guy experiences in December. Will Tony Romo ever get his Christmas bonus?

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Phil Mickelson and The Prime Minister from Love Actually

Philly Mick
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports and Love Actually Facebook Page

Okay, maybe Phil Mickelson doesn’t have the same Hugh Grant effect on women, but there’s definitely a resemblance. Merry Christmas, Philly Mick.

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Steve Montador and Buddy the Elf

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports and Elf Facebook Page

Will Ferrell in Elf has become one of the best characters in recent Christmas movies, and this Steve Montador guy has a similarly naive stare. Plus, they both skate and come from Northern parts.

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Richie Incognito and the Kid from Bad Santa

Bad Santa
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports and Bad Santa Facebook Page

Just look at those faces! Which one has been naughty this year?

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Danica Patrick and Suzie from Miracle on 34th Street

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports and Miracle on 34th Street Facebook Page

Danica Patrick and Suzie both have a twinkle in the eye, and a feisty personality.

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Eli Manning and Arthur from Arthur Christmas

Andrew Mills-USA TODAY Sports and Arthur Christmas Facebook Page

New York Giants’ Eli Manning has always been sort of a goofy, maybe even cartoon-like character. Hopefully Eli can save Christmas for the Giants ... somehow.