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15 Potential New Year’s Resolutions for Crazy Sports Fans

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15 Potential New Year’s Resolutions for Crazy Sports Fans

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With New Year’s right around the corner, it is important for people to start thinking about their New Year’s resolution. What is even more important is actually sticking to it this time around instead of going along with the resolution for a few months and then giving up. There are good resolutions available to everybody, but I thought the crazy sports fan might need a little help.

According to Bing Dictionary, a New Year’s resolution is a decision made at New Year: a decision to do or stop doing something, made or announced at the New Year, which is traditionally considered a time for a fresh start.

Sports fans do crazy things, which is one of the reasons why sports are so great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a passionate fan, although sometimes it can get a little out of hand. For that reason, crazy sports fans might want to check out the slideshow to see if any of the mentioned New Year’s resolutions fit their need. Also, if a loved one is considered to be a crazy sports fan, it might not be a bad idea to point them in the right direction with a change for the New Year.

There’s no reason to make the resolution too drastic because there really is nothing wrong with being a passionate fan. On the other hand, some fine-tuning couldn’t hurt.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 15 potential New Year’s resolutions for crazy sports fans. Also, make sure to comment below what your New Year’s resolution will be for 2014.

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Won’t Get Tattoos with Bold Championship Predictions


Believing the Houston Texans will win the Super Bowl is great. Real fans should believe their team could go the distance, as long as it’s a realistic approach. Getting a tattoo that claims the Texans are champions in a Super Bowl they weren’t even in is a bit ridiculous.

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Ease Up on the Junk Food

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Even when your favorite team is losing, it’s still important to ease up a little on the game day junk food. There’s no reason for your passion to be the reason for your early demise.

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Limit Watching NFL Draft Coverage to First Five Rounds

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I understand the NFL Draft comes around just once a year. I also understand that means taking in every second of it. However, maybe limit watching the draft to just the first five rounds, instead of the usual seven, will make you seem more respectable to the non-sports fans around you.

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Won’t Put Sports Before Wife/Girlfriend Time

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Another New Year’s resolution that crazy sports fans might have trouble breaking is don’t put sports before wife/girlfriend time. The best wife or girlfriend who isn’t a sports fan understands that football only happens between 17-21 weeks out of the year, which means time with them should be planned accordingly. Regardless, if something does come up it’s important to suck it up and do what is asked. Happy wife means happy life. Of course, dating a girl that is a bigger sports fan than you will solve all of your problems.

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Watch One NHL Game for Every One NBA Game

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The NBA is going downhill at a rapid pace while the NHL continues to get no love. If you’re going to allow yourself to sit through a boring NBA game, you may as well as give the NHL some attention too.

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Take Tailgating to the Next Level

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Tailgating is an art and only real sports fans do it right. If you want to be taken seriously as an ultimate sports fan, taking tailgating to the next level is a must.

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Won’t Buy Into the Hype of My Favorite Team

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Real sports fans always believe their favorite team has a chance prior to the start of a season. On the other hand, it’s easy to buy into the hype. Los Angeles Angels and Philadelphia Eagles fans know what I’m talking about. A solid New Year’s resolution is to not expect your favorite team to be a champion until they hoist a trophy.

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Limit Fantasy Football to Just Four Leagues

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football can get a little crazy. We’ve all been there. Pretending to be a real NFL general manager and drafting multiple teams can be a lot of fun. However, keeping track of those teams throughout the season can get time consuming. Even though you’re a dedicated fan who won’t allow any of the nine leagues go to waste, maybe it’s simply better to limit fantasy football consumption to just four leagues per season.

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Won’t Engage in Fights with Bandwagon Sports Fans


I absolutely hate bandwagon sports fans, which I’m sure plenty of you can agree. Too many fights with good friends have revolved around defending one’s team against a Jacksonville Jaguars fan who became a Baltimore Ravens earlier this year. It’s tough enough to root for a team that never goes the distance. It’s even worse when your best friend happens to cheer for whichever team is playing for a championship. The important thing to remember is it’s not worth losing your marbles over.

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Join at Least One Fantasy League for Every Sport


There’s no question fantasy football is the most popular fantasy sport around. In fact, a majority of sports fans only play fantasy football despite consistently watching games of other sports. 2014 could be a good time to broaden the horizon and join at least one fantasy league for every sport.

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Stop Wearing Game Day Jersey in Public on Non-Game Days

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Like most sports fans, I enjoy wearing the jersey of my favorite team on game day, regardless of what Rick Reilly says. Most sports fans have no problem wearing their jersey out in public, even if it’s in the middle of the week and there are no games on. With that being said, a good resolution might be to keep your Green Bay Packers jersey in the closet in the middle of May.

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Won’t Curse as Much at the TV During Games


This might be a tough one to break for a majority of sports fans. Passionate fans get riled up and sometimes let curse words fly in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, it’s never a good thing to do when at a game day party with several other people, especially when those people aren’t nearly as passionate as you.

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Stop Saying My Team Has No Chance Prior to Start of Season

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Every sports fan knows that giving up on a team prior to the start of a season is foolish. Anything can happen. However, it can be hard rooting for the Houston Astros every year when rebuild mode seems to never end. Nonetheless, if fans must stop saying their team has no chance maybe things will change for the better.

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Won’t Add Another Crack to the Plasma Screen During a Bad Play


Crazy sports fans understand this one all too well. Any time Tony Romo loses another game there are hundreds of plasma televisions in Dallas that get another crack in the screen from an object tossed at it. If you are sick of watching just part of the screen or buying a new TV, maybe this is the New Year’s resolution for you.

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Stop Getting Down on My Favorite Team’s Players as Much

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The biggest reason diehard fans get fed up with players who slump is because those players get paid millions of dollars to play a sport, whereas the average fan must work hard all week just to pay for a ticket to the contest. Just because the Milwaukee Brewers are on a losing streak, fans shouldn’t get all over Rickie Weeks. He may have been the highest paid player and had the worst batting average on the team in 2013, but there’s no reason to curse his name out. Maybe not getting down on your favorite players so much will go a long way towards them having a breakout year.