The 15 Most Annoying Sports Moments in 2013

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The 15 Most Annoying Sports Moments in 2013

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There were a lot of crazy moments that occurred in the world of sports in 2013. There were champions declared, heartache endured, athletes getting into trouble that shocked the nation and several good moments that were had. On the other hand, there were also some very annoying moments in sports that occurred in 2013.

It is hard to believe that sports can actually carry annoying moments. Unfortunately, it happens more than the average fan likes to think. Whether it is listening to an annoying athlete or broadcaster talk, watching players who make millions of dollars make easy mistakes or witness stories gain too much traction, sports carry more annoying moments then the average fan would like to admit.

One of the big reasons why several sports moments were annoying was because of the media coverage. ESPN and other media outlets that cover sports on a daily basis blew several big stories out of proportion. If they weren’t blowing the stories up, they were shoving the so-called facts down our throats to the point where the general public was simply annoyed with what was happening as far as the development of the stories. It was certainly tiresome in several cases, especially when the facts of the stories were constantly changed over a period of time.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 15 most annoying sports moments in 2013. Also, make sure to comment below on what you thought was the most annoying moment in sports to occur in the past year.

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15. Bad Umpiring in Baseball

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Officiating in sports in general has been bad in 2013. However, we’re just going to focus on umpiring in baseball. It’s annoying how professional umpires can get the most basic calls wrong and change the outcome of a game. Losing track of the ball-strike count, calling a runner out when the ball never left a player’s glove, Mike Aviles getting ejected after a game was over and umpires ruling a home run didn’t happen even after replay clearly showed it did are just a few examples of bad umpiring in baseball in 2013.

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14. PEDs in Baseball

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We all foolishly thought we were past the point where performance-enhancing drugs would play a major role in the Major League. Unfortunately, Ryan Braun and some other big-named players were suspended for using PED. The reason it was so annoying was because the convicted players constantly used the media to claim they were innocent.

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13. Jameis Winston Allegations

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The sexual assault allegations against Heisman winner Jameis Winston were very serious. The annoying part was the over-the-top media coverage. Not to mention, the fact that everyone knew Winston was going to get off because of how important of a football player he is to the state of Florida. I’m not saying he’s guilty, but one certainly has to wonder, especially how the case unfolded.

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12. Drake Fails to Get Into Miami Heat Locker Room


Musician Drake attempted and failed to get into the Miami Heat locker room after the team clinched a championship in 2013. When told by security that the locker room was only open to the media the rapper responded, “I am media.”

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11. Fans Yelling Randomness at Golf Tournaments

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One of the more annoying sights in 2013 occurred on the golf course in several big tournaments. Spectators at the tournament would yell things such as, “mashed potatoes,” “get in the hole” and “you da man” when a professional golfer would strike a hit.

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10. Robert Griffin III Debacle

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Throw out the fact that Robert Griffin III is highly overrated. The more annoying part about him is how he has essentially thrown his coach and offensive coordinator under the bus in the media. The entire debacle featuring Griffin and the Washington Redskins is only made worse by the team’s 3-12 record heading into the final game of the season.

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9. Lights Go Out at Super Bowl


The lights went out in the Superdome for 34 minutes during the Super Bowl. It was annoying for fans, probably more so for San Francisco 49ers fans whose team trailed 28-6, who watched the game because it derailed the entire Super Bowl experience.

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8. Overhype of Notre Dame

Notre Dame
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Everyone talked about how great the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team was even though the team never played any talent during the 2012 college football season. That didn’t stop the overhype of Notre Dame and how they would defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship. Alabama crushed Notre Dame 42-14 in one of the most boring championship games one will see.

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7. Dwight Howard’s Decision

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Only Dwight Howard would choose to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that is rich in championship history, in his prime. The media coverage of Howard’s decision was incredibly annoying, more so because Howard really isn’t that great of a player.

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6. The Absurdity of Alabama Fans

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Alabama fans are brutal. They don’t know how to appreciate a champion and they go crazy when something doesn’t fall their way. Nothing could have been worse than how Crimson Tide fans reacted after Alabama lost to the Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl. Fans threated to kill the Crimson Tide kicker and other players who screwed up during the game. Some even questioned Nick Saban, one of the more decorated coaches in college football, on his decisions during the contest.

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5. Bandwagon Miami Heat Fans

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There’s nothing worse than bandwagon fans. Even worse than typical bandwagon fans are Heat fans that leave Game 6 of the NBA Finals early because they think it’s over. Like most fans across the country, I was irate as I witnessed Miami fans leave one of the more classic contests early because they didn’t believe in their so-called favorite team.

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4. Richie Incognito and Bullying

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The entire ordeal involving Richie Incognito was incredibly important because it raised awareness of bullying in sports. With that being said, how it went down with Incognito and Jonathan Martin got annoying quickly mostly because the fans didn’t know what to believe. It’s assumed that bullying is involved in most NFL locker rooms simply because it’s a very physical sport filled with enraged athletes. To hear firsthand what is said and done was quite the shock to a majority of people. Regardless, the media coverage of it all got very irritating.

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3. Lance Armstrong PED

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It was always said that cyclist Lance Armstrong wasn’t the nicest guy, which is a big reason why no one really felt sorry for him once it was revealed that he used PED. The fact that Armstrong, an American hero, allegedly cheated to win multiple Tour de France tournaments was hard enough to hear. It got that much more annoying when he gave an interview with Oprah Winfrey in an attempt to win the American people back.

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2. Washington Redskins Team Name Controversy

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The Washington Redskins have had their team name since 1937. Before that, they were known as the Boston Redskins from 1933-36. What’s my point? The point is that even though the team name controversy is nothing new, it shouldn’t have been made into a big deal in 2013. I understand that some Native American groups believe the name is a demeaning stereotype. With that being said, the name “Redskins” is clearly not being used in a negative way. The massive amount of controversy, legal activity and protests ended up being far too annoying for most fans to bear on a daily basis.

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1. Manti Te’o Hoax

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By far the most annoying sports moment in 2013 is the hoax that was Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, the story itself was incredibly intriguing. The story of Lennay Kekua, the girlfriend of Te’o who died of leukemia and was used as a rallying cry for the Fighting Irish, appeared to be too convenient for the situation Notre Dame found themselves in. Whether Te’o was in on it remains to be known. What is known is that the back-and-forth of the entire ordeal was too much to handle. It got to the point where no one cared if Te’o was a dummy who couldn’t figure it out or if he was involved with the hoax itself.