10 Changes That Need to be Made to the World of Sports in 2014

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10 Changes That Need to be Made to the World of Sports in 2014

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After a great year in sports in 2013, it is now time to turn our attention to what lies ahead in 2014. Before we can enjoy any of the major sporting events that will occur throughout the year, it is important to discuss the changes that need to be made in the world of sports in order to improve the viewing experience for the fans.

Making changes is not always a good thing as there are several changes that have been made to sports in the past that have backfired. In fact, I can’t guarantee that the 10 changes discussed in this slideshow will make the world of sports better. With that being said, I definitely believe the changes should be considered because they certainly have the possibility of improving life for the players, fans and everyone else emotionally invested in sports.

Change to the rules, playoff formats or how sports are enjoyed will not please everyone. For example, some people might like that player safety has become a huge issue that is being addressed in the NFL, while others believe professional football must stay a physical sport without penalties being called for every big hit. Regardless, changes in sports will always be a part of the process.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 10 changes that need to be made to the world of sports in 2014. Also, make sure to comment below on what changes you would like to see happen. Along with that, comment about the changes you agree with.

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Improvement in Officiating

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The officiating in the NFL and MLB in 2013 was horrendous. Several referees and umpires made some very bad calls that directly affected the outcome of the game. This is something that can’t be tolerated going forward.

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Add DH to National League

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I’ve always been a fan of no designated hitter in the National League. The reason is because it took more strategy to score runs. However, being a fan of a NL team I’ve realized that more free agent players will elect to sign with an American League team because they have the possibility of being a DH. This puts NL teams at a huge disadvantage, which is why the playing field must be level with the addition of a DH in the NL.

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Make MLB Wild Cards a Best of Three Series

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I’m a huge fan of MLB adding a Wild Card team into the mix. However, I would like to see the two Wild Card teams faceoff in a best of three series, instead of one-game elimination. With 162 games on the schedule, it’s important to allow the teams that reach the postseason a fair shot. Considering baseball is played with a series format, it just makes sense that the Wild Card playoff format follows suit.

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Deconstruct Miami Heat

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The Miami Heat signing the “Big Three” was terrible for the NBA. Nobody feels as if they have a shot at going the distance. Even worse, the fans are tired of watching the same team dominate the league every season. The Heat could be deconstructed if LeBron James and Chris Bosh elect free agency in 2014.

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NFL Should Expand to 14 Playoff Teams

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The NFL playoffs are the most exciting of any postseason in any sport. It only makes sense to add to that excitement with the possible expansion from 12 to 14 teams. This would also eliminate one of the four preseason games, which is something a majority of fans would be fine with.

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Coaches Deserve More Than One Season to Prove Worth

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With the firing of Rob Chudzinski, it made several fans realize that there isn’t much breathing room for NFL coaches. Like most sports, it’s a must-win league. With that being said, I believe coaches need more than just one season to prove their worth. With Chudzinski, the Cleveland Browns gave him a horrendous quarterback with very limited weapons on both sides of the ball. He, along with other one-year coaches, deserves at least two seasons to show what they can do.

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College Athletes Should See Financial Benefit

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College athletes are on scholarship and even get spending money, which means there really is no reason why they should get paid. However, several of these student athletes, more specifically football players, bring in a lot of money for their school. For instance, Reggie Bush did a lot for USC but never saw a dime for jersey and ticket sales. The NCAA should open up discussions with the possibility of paying student athletes.

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All-Star Game Shouldn’t Affect World Series

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The league that wins the MLB All-Star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series. This is something that must be put to a stop. I understand MLB did it to increase the viewership of the All-Star game, but I’m not even sure that has even worked. The team with the best record deserves the homefield advantage in the World Series, enough said.

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Decrease Number of Playoff Teams in NBA

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I understand most fans would disagree with me on this one but the NBA really needs to decrease the number of playoff teams. We’re talking about more than half of the teams in the Eastern and Western Conference reach the postseason. Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks had a below-.500 record and still made the playoffs. Nobody wants to see the Heat crush the Bucks in four straight games. The NBA needs to limit the teams that are allowed to compete for a championship.

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Put a Salary Cap in Baseball

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Putting a salary cap in baseball would make a majority of fans very happy. Nobody wants to see the New York Yankees and other hotshots buytheir championships, even if it hasn’t worked out for the Yankees the past few years. Fans of small market teams don’t even watch anymore because they know their favorite team has no chance. A salary cap would even the playing field and it would be a huge improvement in baseball.