10 Changes That Need to be Made to the World of Sports in 2014

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10 Changes That Need to be Made to the World of Sports in 2014

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After a great year in sports in 2013, it is now time to turn our attention to what lies ahead in 2014. Before we can enjoy any of the major sporting events that will occur throughout the year, it is important to discuss the changes that need to be made in the world of sports in order to improve the viewing experience for the fans.

Making changes is not always a good thing as there are several changes that have been made to sports in the past that have backfired. In fact, I can’t guarantee that the 10 changes discussed in this slideshow will make the world of sports better. With that being said, I definitely believe the changes should be considered because they certainly have the possibility of improving life for the players, fans and everyone else emotionally invested in sports.

Change to the rules, playoff formats or how sports are enjoyed will not please everyone. For example, some people might like that player safety has become a huge issue that is being addressed in the NFL, while others believe professional football must stay a physical sport without penalties being called for every big hit. Regardless, changes in sports will always be a part of the process.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 10 changes that need to be made to the world of sports in 2014. Also, make sure to comment below on what changes you would like to see happen. Along with that, comment about the changes you agree with.

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Improvement in Officiating

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The officiating in the NFL and MLB in 2013 was horrendous. Several referees and umpires made some very bad calls that directly affected the outcome of the game. This is something that can’t be tolerated going forward.

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Add DH to National League

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I’ve always been a fan of no designated hitter in the National League. The reason is because it took more strategy to score runs. However, being a fan of a NL team I’ve realized that more free agent players will elect to sign with an American League team because they have the possibility of being a DH. This puts NL teams at a huge disadvantage, which is why the playing field must be level with the addition of a DH in the NL.

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Make MLB Wild Cards a Best of Three Series

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I’m a huge fan of MLB adding a Wild Card team into the mix. However, I would like to see the two Wild Card teams faceoff in a best of three series, instead of one-game elimination. With 162 games on the schedule, it’s important to allow the teams that reach the postseason a fair shot. Considering baseball is played with a series format, it just makes sense that the Wild Card playoff format follows suit.

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Deconstruct Miami Heat

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The Miami Heat signing the “Big Three” was terrible for the NBA. Nobody feels as if they have a shot at going the distance. Even worse, the fans are tired of watching the same team dominate the league every season. The Heat could be deconstructed if LeBron James and Chris Bosh elect free agency in 2014.

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NFL Should Expand to 14 Playoff Teams

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The NFL playoffs are the most exciting of any postseason in any sport. It only makes sense to add to that excitement with the possible expansion from 12 to 14 teams. This would also eliminate one of the four preseason games, which is something a majority of fans would be fine with.

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Coaches Deserve More Than One Season to Prove Worth

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With the firing of Rob Chudzinski, it made several fans realize that there isn’t much breathing room for NFL coaches. Like most sports, it’s a must-win league. With that being said, I believe coaches need more than just one season to prove their worth. With Chudzinski, the Cleveland Browns gave him a horrendous quarterback with very limited weapons on both sides of the ball. He, along with other one-year coaches, deserves at least two seasons to show what they can do.

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College Athletes Should See Financial Benefit

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College athletes are on scholarship and even get spending money, which means there really is no reason why they should get paid. However, several of these student athletes, more specifically football players, bring in a lot of money for their school. For instance, Reggie Bush did a lot for USC but never saw a dime for jersey and ticket sales. The NCAA should open up discussions with the possibility of paying student athletes.

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All-Star Game Shouldn’t Affect World Series

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The league that wins the MLB All-Star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series. This is something that must be put to a stop. I understand MLB did it to increase the viewership of the All-Star game, but I’m not even sure that has even worked. The team with the best record deserves the homefield advantage in the World Series, enough said.

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Decrease Number of Playoff Teams in NBA

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I understand most fans would disagree with me on this one but the NBA really needs to decrease the number of playoff teams. We’re talking about more than half of the teams in the Eastern and Western Conference reach the postseason. Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks had a below-.500 record and still made the playoffs. Nobody wants to see the Heat crush the Bucks in four straight games. The NBA needs to limit the teams that are allowed to compete for a championship.

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Put a Salary Cap in Baseball

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Putting a salary cap in baseball would make a majority of fans very happy. Nobody wants to see the New York Yankees and other hotshots buytheir championships, even if it hasn’t worked out for the Yankees the past few years. Fans of small market teams don’t even watch anymore because they know their favorite team has no chance. A salary cap would even the playing field and it would be a huge improvement in baseball.

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  • Phil Naegely

    Great thoughts here, sir. Don’t agree with you on all of them, but they are all well-thought out.

  • tcidda

    BUTTMAN needs to go in the NHL.

  • Greg Turner

    How would expanding the NFL playoffs from 12 to 14 teams eliminate a preseason game? All it would mean is that 6 games would be played on Wild Card weekend with on the top seed in the conference getting a bye. Even as a Steelers fan (7th seed in the AFC) I don’t like this as it waters down the regular season

  • Greg Turner

    On the topic of paying student athletes, over 80% of FBS schools have athletic departments that are not self sufficient, meaning they require money from tuition or student activity fees to make up for the costs that aren’t covered by ticket sales, broadcast rights, merchandising, and appearance fees. If schools are going to be expected to pay football players, I don’t want to here any complaints when wrestlers and soccer players lose their scholarships due to their sports being eliminated. The nnotion of big profits coming from football is mostly a myth when the cost of “Olympic” sports is factored in.

    • magic3400

      Easy, adopt the MLB model where all TV money gets shared with all schools in that division. There is NO justification for preventing these men and women from collecting their share of the pie. Your argument is like saying that YOUR employer should not pay you because five businesses have gone out of business in your industry this year (ooops sorry, no money for you).

      Does that make sense? Shouldn’t you get paid based on your ability and work ethic or should your compensation be based on whether OTHER companies make money?

      The ONLY myth is the one where a few very greedy people at the top (mostly old white men) keep nearly all the money and the people that do the heavy lifting get peanuts. Instead of the pay no one model, maybe the effort should be trying to figure out how do we pay everyone. I know how to start, no coach or AD can make more than $500,000 a year Div I, $225,000 Div II, $150,000 Div III and so on. Seems no one every talks about millionaire college coaches.

      • Greg Turner

        The TV money is already shared among all of the schools in a given conference and most schools still end out with programs that lose money. The 22 schools that turn a profit averaged making $7.4 million in 2011 while the 98 schools that lose money averaged an $11.3 million deficit. The end result is that college sports already costs FBS schools a total of over $900 million per year. If you want those 22 schools to pay each of their roughly 500 athletes and average of $10,000 while the rest of the schools pay nothing, fine. Just don’t expect more vigorous revenue sharing to result in 50,000 athletes being paid more than a minimal stipend.

        Incidentally, college athlete already are getting paid. If you take the value of their scholarship and factor in the income you would have to earn before taxes to cover it out of pocket, it’s the same as earning over $40,000 per year. That’s far more than a lot of minor league baseball make as professionals. Feel free to tell some kid that works 30 hours per week in addition to going to school and still ends out with a massive debt that student athletes don’t have any financial benefit. Do you really want to tell that student his tuition is going up because a football player needs spending money? They already are spending a couple hundred dollars on sports whether they watch them or not.

        • magic3400

          1) A scholarship is not getting “paid”, if it were everyone would want to be paid in scholarships. You don’t want to be paid in scholarships, so why is it ok to pay these men and women with one?

          2) The vast majority of those scholarships are paid by boosters and wealthy donors and alums not from revenue.

          3) Just because every single athlete may not get compensated is no reason to continue making a few people extremely rich while leaving the vast majority of the workers poor.

          4) The football players will have injuries that will follow them for the rest of their lives that will require out of pocket expense reducing the value of that scholarship with every surgery and impairing their quality of life. They get no worker comp and they have no health insurance. CTE will be a likely outcome for many. I don’t know the math, but that scholarship is not worth near the value you put on it.

          …Finally, you seem to think that, some how, the schools that lose money should offset the value of the schools that make money…what form of capitalism do you practice? That’s socialism. I guess, in some strange way, that’s some improvement over the current system which is communist.

          There’s is simply no justification for not paying these players. NCAA has created a system that feeds on itself, one doesn’t need billions of dollars to run a amateur program.

          If you have time, could you please post the sources cite for your data. Thanks in advance.

        • magic3400

          This is unbelievable

          The NCAA recorded a nearly $71 million surplus for its 2012 fiscal year, according to an audited financial statement the association released Wednesday.

          The surplus, an all-time best for the organization, increased its year-end net assets to more than $566 million, roughly double where they stood at the conclusion of the 2006 fiscal year.

          Among the NCAA’s $530 million in unrestricted assets was an endowment fund that had grown to more than $282 million as of the end of its 2012 fiscal year, Aug. 31. That’s more than double what the fund was worth six years earlier.

        • magic3400


          In 2011-12, athletics programs at 23 of 228 Division I public schools generated enough money from media rights contracts, ticket sales, donations and other sources (not including subsidies from institutional or government support or student fees) to cover their expenses.

          These 23 schools reported total revenue of nearly $3 billion in 2011-12.


  • Thomas DePaolo

    Dont like the salary cap in baseball..if teams want to spend let them spend all they want..the teams that go over the luxury cap and have to pay the tax pay the other teams which is what creates all the parity in baseball we have enjoyed over the last 10-15 years..and this is coming from a yankee fan that has watched them blow money on players only to have two rings this millenium…some of these ideas are garbage, just sayin…

    • Buddy Rogers

      Outrageous salaries have ruined MLB.
      What used to be the national pastime has lost the breeding grounds to generate new fans with outrageous ticket and concession prices. Outrageous parking fees. The hesitance to eject loud foul-mouth disorderly and often drunk fans. Night games and playoff games that go deep into the night. The loss of doubleheaders and twi-light night doubleheaders. They now have to look up at NFL and in many cities the NBA.
      When I was a boy I could get a package deal for round trip bus {about 100miles} to the 1964-65 Worlds Fair, admission to the fair, admission to Shea Stadium right across the Parkway to see the Mets all for $4-5. I was a Houston fan so I’d wait until the played the Colt 45s/Astros come in for a scheduled double header.
      Last time I went to a game I was driving by Big Shea about 25 years ago and stopped on a whim. forget how much admission was for upper deck behind the plate. But when a vender told me the $10 I just gave him for a 12 oz can of beer and a hot dog wasn’t enough that was the end of the line for me and baseball greed. They just aren’t worth their outrageously high prices

      • Scott

        You’re completely ignorant about economics 8f you believe ticket prices are in anyway related to players contracts. Owners and teams set prices to the poimt where they believe they’re going to make the highest profit. If the Yankees were payimg their team 20 million instead of 228, do you honestly believe they’d cut ticket prices by the same margin? Sorry bud, thr problem was owners have always done this, it’s simply before Curt Flood and company challened MLB all that money went to the owners.

        • Buddy Rogers

          Don’t talk down to me, pal.
          Figures lie and liars figure.
          You don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Steinbrenner, Turner and a few other filthy rich owners ruined baseball with bidding wars for “stars” and overpaying for talent that often didn’t produce like “stars” which in turn forced up the going price in arbitration for mediocre talent. {Typical case in point is Ike Davis. Oh yeah there’s a stiff that’s “worth” more in 6 months than the average Joe will see in his entire working life.}
          They forced smaller city owners like Charles O Finley and Calvin Griffith out of the game. How many millions do you think Finley and Griffith and Bill Veck and Judge Roy Hoffienz were raking in?
          They killed the scheduled doubleheader and twilight doubleheaders. They killed affordable MLB for the average family of four.
          So don’t tell me that a few spoiled, rich, win at all cost, bastids playing real life fantasy baseball din’t ruin the game and make the price of attending MLB games live an outrageous rip-off to the average fan.
          If the Yankees were overpaying their 2014 roster $20M {that is not a typo} per year the cost of what I previously mentioned would have never gotten so far out of control.

          • lildebrarae

            Ignore him, HE is a SOCK with all of 40 comments to his name! He is totally WORTHLESS!

          • Scott

            So….because I don’t have a lot of posts, ignore FACTUAL information that one learns in even the most basic high schools abiut the law of supply and demand because I have 40 comments?

            Seriously, I had NO CLUE you were so utterly pathetic that you’d start following me around because I proved you wrong on another thread. You’re an awfully flaky chick…

          • Scott

            I honestly don’t know what the hell you are talking about here.

            You made the ridiculous argument that ticket prices and parking prices were tied to players salaries. This is just factually untrue. Sorry. Owners of a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS are goimg to charge what they can in order to see an optimal return on their investment.

            As far as the rest of your nonsense, you clearly are a communist. I don’t see how else you would come to the conclusion that people don’t deserve in a free market. If you want to argue they’re not ss important to society as Doctors, fine. But if you csn do something better than everyone else in the world save for a few people, and millions of people go to watch you play, and hundreds of millions of TVs are on watching you play over the course of a season, then you are WORTH financially what you can get. Sorry if Im ruining your chance to get up and preach here about the evils of professional baseball.

            Also, you should probably understand the history of the game and not ask rhetorical questions that you think you know the answers to, but do not. Bill Veck was losing money most years with the Sox, NOT making millions of dollars.

            Though I still don’t know why the rest of this matters. You don’t understand simple economics. Fine. But I WILL once again try to teach them to you. The ticket prices did not go up because of players salaries (or the parking or beer). They also did not ruin it and make it unaffordable for the average fan.

            They simply RAN A BUSINESS. How naive do you have to be to mot understand that they’re not simply going to limit their margins because they feel like it. It’s as asinine as thinking Nike would ever sell Air Jordans for 10 bucks because they only cost 5 to make. Hmmm…sorry, as long as there is a huge DEMAND, there will be increasing costs.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Why don’t you say that Rodgers is a Communist to his face just before he rams a copy of his DD Form 214 down your throat?

            YOU don’t understand simple economics.
            YOU apparently think the players get paid by some kind of US Treasury “Quantitative Easing” pixie dust.
            You think that the outrageous salaries paid to players don’t effect prices of things that seemingly have nothing to do with MLB.

            Even that carpetbagger, shyster, down in Houston, Jim Crane, who wants every household to pony up just south of $4 per to see his Triple A Astros lose 111 games on CATV {BTW, while this highway-man holds hometown MLB coverage hostage in Houston only 41% of households have been able to watch Astros games and NBA Rockets games since 2012} knows that outrageously inflated charges for parking, seats, concessions, etc must be charged in order to pay outrageous salaries and make ends meet.

            BTW paaaaal, Air Jordan’s don’t cost just $5 to make.
            You forgot to include the cost of outrageously OVER PAYING Jordan for the right to slap his name on them.
            But that is expected from an obtuse economics moron.

          • Scott

            Oh Jesus Christ. You have to be one of the dumbest cats I’ve ever come across on a message board.

            First of all, I NEVER said Air Jordans cost 5 dollars to make you ignorant, backwoods moron. I was presenting, what I thought was a very simple hypocritical for you. IF they only cost 5 dollars to make, IF…..jesus, aside from being too stupid to understand a simple f-ing analogy! Ahh…almost too funny.

            As for your sad little threat, are you kidding me? LMFAO….great. The logic you’re using on this thread, the communist ideology you have towards the free market and your inability to understand the most basic economic principles tell me you were likely the type who was too stupid to do anything else past high school and had no choice but to go in. That’s fine. My Grandpa always said the world needs ditch diggers.

            Lets actually go back for a second though before the laughable notion that I’d be afraid to say anything to your face.

            1- How much Jodan gets FOR putting his name on the shoe means absolutely nothing. That’s not part of the cost to manufacture you idiot. That’s called marketing. The cost FYI is under 9 bucks a shoe, yet they sell for roughly 170.

            Now why do you think Nike charges that for the shoe? (Pst…this is where I was trying to get you to actually THINK….) BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY.

            2- Only a fool who can’t support his own argument tells me what someone else thinks.
            But again, what you claim HE thinks is easily proven wrong, and you a liar.
            I don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about with regards to your absurd argument that I think the US Treasury pays MLB salaries….or that I think they’re so high because of something that has seemingly has nothing to do with MLB (or whatever the hell you werr trying to say..it was soooo poorly worded I couldn’t really follow).

            Allow me to set the record straight. These aren’t things I THINK, these are things I know…as they are fact. They are proven economic principles that those of us who weren’t too stupid to get into a college understand.

            A- You can’t arbitrarily set the prices for things such as tickets to a baseball game, parking or concessions. It’s called a price point. This isn’t a unique idea. Hell, let me help you out. It took a while to fimd one someone as simple as you could understand, but here you go; http://econbonus.blogspot.com/2008/03/do-high-player-salaries-cause-high.html
            In your special little world owners, BILLIONAIRE owners would sell tickets for 2 bucks a ticket if players would play for 50k a year. And they would do this just why? To be nice? “Yeah, we could get 50 bucks a ticket, but….ahh…what the hell, lets throw the free , arket supply and demand nonsense out the window amd start selling tickets for 1/25th what we could get for them.

            No, so Cleto, rising ticket prices lead to higher players salaries, NOT the other way around….and it’s just sad I actually have to explain this to you.

            And no, I don’t think players are paid with “magic pixie dust from quantitative easing. I KNOW they’re paid for by the revenue the team creates.

            And what is so outrageous about players salaries? Sorry, but in capitalism, if you’re the best at what you do, you are paid accordingly. Sorry you make 50k a year or whatever you make, but it’s because you’re not one of the best in the world at a particular skill that millions of people are willing to pay to watch you perform.

            By the way, the next time you reply, please don’t ignore all the times Ive proven you wromg pike you did the last time. Like when I pointed out that attendance has DOUBLED from the 60s, during the time of free agency, or who is most responsible for the rising salaries, ie Curt Flood (just swallow your pride and loom him up because god knows you’re too stupid to know who he is, or his impact) or how you just made up shit like Bill Veck making millions of dollars whem in fact he was losing millions disprovimg your whole theory.

            Oh yeah, almost forgot. For the guy who doesn’t believe in s
            Communism, how the hell is Crane holding ANYONE hostage, and how is him charging money for a SERVICE wrong? Are you sayimg he doesn’t have the right to make money off his investment? Or are you saying he can only make so much off of it? Or do you think in your communist ways that it is your RIGHT to watch Astro games without paying for the service?

            One last time, just so it sinks in, let me explain. He charges what he charges because it is a determined orice point where they can maximize profits. This is basic. Well…for some it is. Maybe not you inbred southern folk.

            And the PROFIT margin, combined with thr players right to FREE AGENCY (please look up for next class so you don’t make such a fool of yourself again, see Curt Flood…pretty historic case) is what drives players salaries, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

            As for your belief that the most talented people in the world shoild not be paid accordingly, I can’t help your political opinions. I can tell you matter of factly, they are socialist opinions (again, not an opinion, a fact before some skinny little panty waste threatens me again).

            Really..what I’m asking is for you to crack a book, don’t make shit up, and get a clue before you start spouting off your ignorant nonsense.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Stop your BS.
            You get more disingenuous with each response.
            Even a “smart” dumbass like you should be able to figure out you come off as a clown who does nothing but flail when you get put in your place.

          • Scott

            I really can’t tell if you’re just so stupid you don’t understand how simple economics work, or if you’ve just dug yourself into a hole here and you refuse to admitt you’re wrong.

            Again, this isn’t an opinion. It is a FACT.

            Rising salaries have nothing to do with high ticket prices, and you claiming that professional athletes don’t deserve the contracts they’re paid is anti-capitalism.

            Read the link and educate your ignorant hillbilly ass.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Get lost, clown.

            You’ve already wasted enough time on this end with your trolling, flailing and pure idiotic sense of reasoning to click on any of your links or do anything more than acknowledge that that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you} has responded once again.
            To waste any more time on your nonsense is to believe that entertaining your mental masturbation is not a trip to futility.

            You sound like a mental patient off his meds.
            Say hello to Ted Kaczynski for the rest of the board

          • Scott

            Yes, in your world using FACTUAL information means that one is “trolling and flailing.”

            I’ve actually taken the time to read your other nonsensical posts, so it comes as no surprise that you’d rather say ignorant than actually educate yourself.

            Communists and Marxists such as yourself often do that.

            Ticket prices drive players salaries. Ticket prices are NOT higher because of high player salaries.

            It’s very clear to me that you would fail in any business you attempted to run very quickly.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with more flailing and mental masturbation. A revealing demonstration of his double-digit !Q.
            He just can’t help himself.

            What a pathetic little piss ant.

          • Scott

            I provided you factual information. I’m sorry if it contradicts your beliefs, but there are opinions and FACTS.

            Now your BELIEF that capitalism isn’t the best economic system and that athletes should not command the highest salary that an employer is willing to pay is fine. You have the right to believe communism is a superior economic system and that Major League Baseball in the United States should be like Major League Baseball in Cuba.

            However when you try to argue factual, proven economic principles that have been proven to be true over the history of our country, then I’m going to call you on it.

            That you are too ignorant and pig headed to actually open up the thread and read these from economists is not my fault.

            Also, who the FUCK are you talking to when you say, “well, board?” By the way, I don’t know that I’d call one’s IQ into question when your writing is a rife with errors as yours is!

            Now, why don’t you go back and read one of those threads so you can learn something today…hmmkay….bitch?

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with yet one more flailing and mental masturbation. A revealing demonstration of his double-digit !Q.
            Pathetic little piss ant just can’t help himself.

            Mental case.

          • Scott

            And yet you’ve responded once again without admitting you’re wrong and don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. There was a good article on ESPN that just discussed how rising player salaries have NOTHING TO DO with rising ticket prices.

            But hey, keep clinging to the communist ideals that despite the fact that teams are signing 7 billion..BILLION dollar TV deals, all that money should be kept by the owners and NOT distributed to the players, and that people who OWN BUSINESSES should regulate players salaries by putting a cap on them while themselves making hundreds of millions of dollars a year!

            But hey…I’M the idiot here, right? LOL…wow. Do you have a mind like a steel trap – always closed! Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?

            Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you`d had enough oxygen at birth?

            You are the kind of a man that would be used as a blueprint to build an idiot.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with yet one more flailing and mental masturbation.
            A revealing demonstration of his double-digit IQ that just can’t grasp he’s been on ignore and irrelevant for weeks.
            Pathetic little piss ant just can’t help himself.

            Mental case.

          • Scott

            Well board,(absolutely no need for the comma after the word well) that thoroughbred fucking idiot(you Buddy) has one again responded and once again refused to acknowledge what is an indisputable fact.

            Pathetic communist just can’t help himself….

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with yet one more flailing and mental masturbation.
            A revealing demonstration of his double-digit IQ that just can’t grasp he’s been on ignore and irrelevant for weeks.
            Pathetic little piss ant just can’t help himself.

            Mental case

          • Scott

            Well board, Buddy’s still responding and STILL ignoring the links I posted PROVING him wrong.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with yet one more flailing and mental masturbation.
            A revealing demonstration of his double-digit IQ that just can’t grasp he’s been on ignore and irrelevant for weeks.
            Pathetic little piss ant just can’t help himself.

            Phenothiazine challenged
            Mental case

          • Scott

            Well board, Buddy’s still responding and STILL ignoring the links I posted PROVING him wrong.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with yet one more flailing and mental masturbation.

            A revealing demonstration of his double-digit IQ that just can’t grasp he’s been on ignore and irrelevant for weeks.

            Pathetic little piss ant just can’t help himself.
            If only he had the balls to jump off a curb and end it all.


            Phenothiazine challenged

            Mental case

          • Scott

            Look you stupid fuck, I literally posted academic economic links that spell out to you that player costs don’t drive ticket prices, rather it’s literally the EXACT-FUCKING-OPPOSITE.

            There’s nothing disingenuous about that, that is FACT. Now I know people of your ilk would rather bury your head in the sand than try and actually learn something, but just once perhaps you could move away from your ignorant, small minded way of thinking and perhaps realize that just because YOU think something is intuitive, doesn’t mean it’s true.

            Again, just use some common sense here. Do you REALLY believe that if tomorrow Major League Baseball set a salary cap, and they made that salary cap at 10 million dollars per team, do you REALLY BELIEVE that the Yankees would cut their ticket prices accordingly? I mean are you truly THAT stupid? Just please answer this ONE question with an actual answer.

            We already know that you don’t believe you should be paid according to your skill level and the demand for your skill and you harbor communist beliefs. By the way, do you know that players like Puig, Abreu, Cespedes were subjected to a communist society in which their salaries were held down. Many made 60 dollars a month.

            This is what you’re advocating. You apparently don’t believe that the best players in the world should be paid what their worth(actually saying that the Yankees payroll should be less than 20 million dollars despite the fact that they are getting an ADDITIONAL 26 million dollars(as are all teams) from the latest national TV deal.

            Yet you’re just too fucking stupid to realize what you’re advocating is a communist belief. It’s actually just stunning.

            And of course yet again, you won’t answer a very simple question.

          • Buddy Rogers

            Well, board, that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you, Scott} has responded once again with more flailing and mental masturbation. A revealing demonstration of his double-digit !Q
            What a pathetic little piss ant.

          • Scott

            LOL…I don’t know what else to do. I’ve posted links because you’re too stupid and too lazy to look them up for yourself.

            The problem here(aside from the fact that you likely never moved past the 10th grade in HS) is that you have a set of predetermined beliefs that YOU THINK are intuitive and based on common sense.

            The FACT, and again, there are opinions and there are FACTS, such as your OPINION that we shouldn’t use the free market and that we should regulate major league athletes salaries like they do in Cuba.

            That is an OPINION.

            The FACT, the undeniable, basic, economic FACT-BASED-PRINCIPLE is that player salaries do not cause ticket prices to rise. The rise of ticket prices causes players salaries to rise.

            It’s called the MRP. The “Marginal Revenue Product of Labor.” This principle which directly relates to sports says that as the product(the players) improves, your ability to charge more for the right to watch those players.

            Here is yet ANOTHER link that might help you out.



            Read the second one at least. It spells it out so that a child could understand it.

          • Buddy Rogers

            You need remedial reading courses

            so the last message telling you to piss up a rope sinks in.


            Get lost, clown.

            You’ve already wasted enough time on this end with your trolling, flailing and pure idiotic sense of reasoning to click on any of your links or do anything more than acknowledge that that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you} has responded once again.
            To waste any more time on your nonsense is to believe that entertaining your mental masturbation is not a trip to futility.

            You sound like a mental patient off his meds.
            Say hello to Ted Kaczynski for the rest of the board

          • Scott

            Of course the fact of the matter is that you’re going to bury your head in the sand, or stick your fingers in your ears and go, “NANANANANANANICANTHEARYOUNANANANAN,” like a child.

            But all this does is serve to make you look like a fucking idiot. The analogy I gave on Jordan’s is as basic as it gets. Business owners are going to sell their product at whatever maximizes their profits. They don’t care about sellouts. If they could sell 2000 tickets for 1 million dollars a piece, they would do that. Now before you go off on one of your ignorant, hillbilly rants again, I’m not saying anyone has or will done this, rather I’m providing another hypothetical.

            Just click on a link. I want to see if you’re a big enough man to click on the links I just provided, links that are written by Economic scholars so that perhaps you can figure that out.

            Of course you were likely cleaning shit out up while I was majoring in Economics and Sport Management, so you’re obviously more qualified to speak on this subject than me, but just for once try not to fill the role of pig headed, ignorant right wing moron and open your mind up and realize…JUUUUST maybe…you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Hmmmkay big guy?

          • Buddy Rogers

            You need a remedial reading course
            so the last message telling you to piss up a rope sinks in.

            Get lost, clown.

            You’ve already wasted enough time on this end with your trolling, flailing and pure idiotic sense of reasoning to click on any of your links or do anything more than acknowledge that that thoroughbred f’n idiot {you} has responded once again.
            To waste any more time on your nonsense is to believe that entertaining your mental masturbation is not a trip to futility.

            You sound like a mental patient off his meds.
            Say hello to Ted Kaczynski for the rest of the board

          • Buddy Rogers

            “It’s as asinine as thinking Nike would ever sell Air Jordans for 10 bucks because they only cost 5 to make.”

            Do you just upchuck so much BS that you can’t remember what you say?
            Or are you just a run of the mill pathological liar?

          • Scott

            What the fuck are you talking about? Jesus…are you so stupid that you don’t understand what a goddamn analogy is?

            I think what’s SOOO much more telling is that you completely ignored the FACTS that I presented. Now you’re so goddamn stupid I need to go back and explain this to you apparently, but initially I was offering a hypothetical. Not sure how you’re unable to follow along.
            Using your logic I posited, that you would think that Nike would sell Jordan’s based on how much they cost to make. I threw out 5 dollars as a HYPOTHETICAL.

            Then after you ignored that point other than saying it was ridiculous because they cost more money to make, I gave you the ACTUAL cost. They ACTUALLY cost roughly $8.75 per shoe.

            So why then do they cost $170 to $200 dollars? Because they try to maximize their margins.

            I know, you have a very loose grip on simple economic theories, but I’m trying to teach you here “Buddy.”

          • Scott

            By the way angry, everything is niw ruined and stuff was better before guy, if MLB is sooooooo ruined, why has attendance DOUBLED on average since Veck got into the game DESPITE there being twice as many teams (ie, twice the stadiums) and nearly every single game on TV.

            Which of course leads me to my next question….should the Dodgers have turned down the 7.1 BILLION dollar TV deal they got from FOX? Should the Yankees just give away the 400-500 hundred MILLION dollars they get from the Y.E.S Network every year?

            And if not and you answer with a modicum of common sense, and say, “of course the Yankees should keep that money just as the Braves did under Turner for having the foresight to build a TV station to maximize their revenues,” then please do explain WHY players who make 1 million a year are overpaid when the owners are making half a BILLION dollars off the TV deals?

            Whats more, why are the Yankees tickets so expensive when they make so much money if ticket prices are driven by salaries?

            C’mon, please keep entertaining me by writing more fictional takes on history for me.

        • lildebrarae

          ^SOCK ALERT^

          • Scott

            Seriously…..crazy chick who was proven wrong and threw a complete temper tantrum, are you really this pathetic? First of all, I’ve noticed you LOVE to accuse people who don’t agrer with you a “sock.” Which I have no clue what the hell that is, but whatever…

            But just how old are you? “Sock alert?”

            I also suppose I’d have more posts if I did what you did and literally posted the same thing 9 straight times because you were unable to actually answer a question as you did on the Ann Colter thread.

            So many of your posts don’t say anything, as is the case here where you just call me a fking “sock,” twice….probably because you are intellectually limited and can’t actually participate in the discussion. Either way honey, go on a date, find a friend. Bragging about having more posts than someone else screams “fat cat chick.” Come on….seriously sweetie….tell me I’m wrong? Tell me you don’t go about 2 bills and have at least 2, probably 4 cats?

            LOL…wow…guess I have a new stalker.

          • lildebrarae

            Seriously EliseR you are in no position to be calling any one names. And considering on one post I have 12 responses from you saying ‘nothing’ that makes you the crazy ‘stalking’ loon. What wrong now cry baby … are you going to ‘call’ your handlers? BTW How is calling a idiot with all of 50 comments and 15 votes, who is trolling posts and lying through their teeth a lie?

            So much for your ‘faux’ outrage.

          • Scott

            I don’t even know what the hell you’re asking here. Seriously.

            But beyond that, you have about 25 posts on that thread, and I’ve never gone looking for another thread you’ve posted on you bimbo. How about that for how you, the crazy chick who is now following me around, is in fact the stalker, not the one who has never sought you out? Hmmkay hun?

            Anyway, you seem REALLY convinced that the inly way dozens of people could think you’re a moron is if they all happened to be the same person. Here is the part you’re not getting. I really couldn’t care less. You’re obviously a troubled chick. Seriously, what someone’s post count or “votes” are either validates or invalidates what they say?

            With that deep logic, your political affiliation is making soooo much more sense. Also, loving how the women who was up on her pulpit preaching about religious beliefs and how much better she is, is truly showing us what trash she is.

          • lildebrarae

            Oh wow calling me names EliseR all because I just called you out on your lies, your hate, and your bigotry?

            BTW if you couldn’t ‘care’ less at the fact that I busted you as a ‘sock’ then why all the name calling, why all the lies about how troubled I am EliseR when it’s you living in the deep dark of Momma’s basement with your little ‘sock farm’?

            FYI my comment …….stands ….


            Again … “So much for your ‘faux’ outrage.”

          • Scott

            Oh god…I’m mot going back d8wn the rabbit hole with this crazy botch again.

            This is your tried and true method. You have nothing of substance to add, so you just repeat yourself over and over until every post is virtually the same.

            You’re just spiraling into the depths here. My bigotry? I’m not even going to guess where that comes from. My name,e calling? Well…sure, when a crazy chick takes a interest in following me around as you has, I suppose it only natural to call them a crazy stalker. And C’mon honey…no WAY I’m the only one who’s called you crazy before. You strike me as a big girl, a pittle loney based on just how quockly you respomd to me on here (suggesting this is one of the few ways you can interact with people, no matter how poorly).

            Oh, and someone who has so little going on in her own life….as in the real world, things like how many votes one has or how many posts are things she finds really important on here.

            I mean it takes a special type of crazy to stalk this much, to refer to post counts as often as you do, to refer to votes as often as you do, amd to go around voting FOR her own posts and voting DOWN other peoples as obsessively as you do….something that honestly doesn’t even dawn on me.

            So….”faux” outrage? Again, I don’t know how many times one can try and get this through your head. I’m not outraged you NEED to believe that all those people who think you’re a really pathetic human being are the same person, but I hav3 neither the time nor the desire to create new names just to argue with one lonely fat girl who actually is a racist, and just a sad human being.

          • lildebrarae

            Calling more names, because it’s ‘you’ who has no life of your own (outside of mama’s basement). And it’s ‘you’ who has no ‘substance’.

            I own my own business as a artist. You own ‘nothing’ …which means you ‘are’ nothing.

            FYI please show how I am ‘stalking’ you. Post the links please.

            Oh that’s right, you can’t; all you can do is ‘lie’.

            So much for you ‘sock’.

          • Scott

            Ummm…how about the one we’re on right now women? What made you stumble onto this one immediately after you were ripped apart by about 20 other posters(which in your tiny little world HAS to be just one single one).

            And please…you “own a business,” as an “artist?” Great….you make caricatures of people in the park.

            I own apartment buildings. Though…your insecurity is just SHINING through by the mere fact that you’d even bring that up. That’s just…bizarre.

            And by the way, who has all the time in the world to respond? The one who responds every time I post within hours, or the person who responds every couple days to this lunatic?

            Not to mention, your previous logic was that since I ONLY have 50 posts and you have about 2,000, I wasn’t to be taken seriously. Now you’re trying to argue that I post on here TOO much thereby proving that I have no life….unlike you of course?

            Do you see why people think you’re extremely illogical? Hmm? Hmkaay honey, time to grow up now.

          • lildebrarae

            Actually the ‘extremely illogical one would be you, since you are still sponding to me like the sock and the spam artist you are.


            So much for ‘you’, and your ‘spamming’ Scott the ‘sock’.

          • Scott

            Holy shit you’re a batshit crazy bitch.

            Do you just pick other profiles at random when you’re in an argument and try and claim that they’re all the same person to support your beliefs that there is no way MULTIPLE people could think you’re a moron?

            And honestly….the mothers basement thing? Jesus…do you have nothing more creative?

            But just one quick point here. You claim I’M the one spamming and a “sock,” which I might quickly add is just a stupid fucking term that you really have to be a complete clown to use, but in any event, I’m the one spamming because I’m still responding to you.

            Yet you’re the one who came to this discussion with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to add other than to try and accuse me of….wait for it…posting under multiple names!!! LOL..you’ve got to be kidding me? Your first post; you talk about how many posts I’ve got. Then you start with this Elise nonsense. Then…you just start randomly adding other profiles, probably other people who’ve called you a moron.

            My guess is that you’re one of those lonely weird chicks who goes on Christian mingle and has a shit ton of cats. The type who probably hasn’t gotten laid in a while and who spends ENTIRELY too much time on the internet(which again, it’s ironic that you would actually accuse me of spending too much time on here when I am on here ever 4-5 days, yet you respond to my posts almost immediately).

            And you probably work some mundane job where you’re just the meek, plain looking, probably lumpy chick who nobody really pays any attention to. So this has to be where you go so your “voice,” as loud an obnoxious as it is, can be heard.

            But hey, I suppose I could just go to this Buddy morons profile and copy and paste that link for “proof,” that you’re a “sock,” but frankly…I wouldn’t give a shit if you were, and it wouldn’t dawn on me that you might be because….it’s an anonymous fucking message board!!!

            What type of lonely, pathetic spinster needs to believe that there are multiple people out to get her on the internet?

            And as I’m writing this, I’m sure you’ve got your 5-6 cats surrounding you in your shitty little apartment checking to see if anyone from Christian Mingle has tagged you or poked you(well, that’s not likely to happen) or done….whatever the fuck it is they do on there and just getting soaking wet that someone is interacting with you. So….I guess I should say…you’re welcome.

          • Scott

            Just help me out on one thing…what the fuck does EliseR mean? os this some new crazy chick shorthand for “at least?”

            C’mon….accomplish something today with that sad lil life. Tell me!

          • lildebrarae

            I’m not the one who has all the time in the world to post SOCK!

            Nor am I the lying piece of shite living out of mama’s basement, attacking every one else who actually does have a life.. of not having a life.

            “C’mon…accomplish something today with that sad lil life. Tell me!”

            That would be you ‘sock’ … or should I say EliseR since you sound just like the other ‘socks’ in her ‘little factory’.

            So much for ‘you’.

  • Bill Craft

    DH to NL… Go away how about removing the DH from the AL and making the Al play real baseball

    • HelpmeIvefallen

      Baseball wanted to do just this some time ago, but player’s union nixed the idea. Too many ‘old, aging veterans’ would lose high paying jobs. Money trumps again.

  • HelpmeIvefallen

    Already too many playoff games in baseball. Nothing wrong with the one-and-done playoff format for wildcard teams, that is the consequence of not winning a division, kind of like the old one-and-done for divisional ties in times past. And I would go even further by cutting the League Championships back to best 3 of 5 again. The World Series itself gets diluted by too many ‘playoffs’ beforehand.

  • Nick Renn

    NFL officiating sucked this year and the league needs to hire full time referees and have part time officials like they have now working with the full time refs. Some officials are professionals such as attorneys and don’t want to quit their jobs, so start with hiring 8 full time referees, gradually increasing them to 16 and allow the others who’re part time to work with the full time refs. Then the full-time refs would work in the offseason at designated times with part timers, much like the players’OTA’s.

  • TD

    The suggestion to start paying student athletes (outright) is perhaps one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever heard. Consider this snippet of a CNN article claiming many college athletes are barely at a 5th grade reading level:

    “And then another came with this request: “If I could teach him to read well enough so he could read about himself in the news, because that was something really important to him,” Willingham said. Student-athletes who can’t read well, but play in the money-making collegiate sports of football and basketball, are not a new phenomenon, and they certainly aren’t found only at UNC-Chapel Hill.”

    Yes, a free education isn’t enough, let’s start inflating athletes’ egos and bank accounts even earlier in their careers, and get rid of one of few playing fields in all of sports where there’s any semblance of respect and humility left.

  • Scott

    Greg Turner, great thoughts on paying College athletes. It’s a ridiculous idea that concerns itself with the .05 pct of athletes who will go on and make money at the next level, and ignores the 99+ pct who do not. And it takes money away from almost every athletic in the country.

    You want to fix college sports, do away with Title 9 which was supposed to encourage women and give women an equal chance to play collegiate sports, but instead has been used to cut mens programs. It’s ridiculous right off the bat when you have a football program when there can be no womens football. That is 125 opportunities for Men that women don’t have, not because of sexism, but because women don’t play football. So instead you have to cut wrestling programs, baseball programs, and other mens sports so the chances for each equal out. Make no mistake, you start paying athletes, you may as well cut the bottom 10 sports in every department, and get ready to have another division in which about 20 teams, the Texas, Bama, USC type schools compete in and then a separate schools for the other 100 or so D1 programs, and even fewer in Basketball.

    And what about the women? Just Uconn and Tenn get to play each other 35 times a year? Those womens programs are the only ones to make money. This is just the tip of thr icr berg in terms of why this sounds like a good idea, but in truth is absolutely terrible.