Sochi 2014 Olympics: 10 USA Athletes Who Are Guaranteed Gold

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Sochi 2014 Olympics: 10 USA Athletes Who Are Guaranteed Gold

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Beginning on February 7 the world will have eyes fixed on Sochi, Russia for the beginning of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Sochi 2014 is sure to be the most exciting Winter Games yet as more events keep getting added and competition is sure to be fierce. For the fans of Team USA things look a little brighter each and every time the winter games come around.

Years ago there would have been very little hope outside of a skier or a speed skater here and there for much Gold. Now, going into Sochi there are quite a few athletes that are not only hopeful of winning a Gold but favored to do so. For starters let us talk about one team of athletes that find themselves hoping for a chance to fight for gold.

The USA Women’s Hockey team is probably one of the more popular going into the games compared to others in Olympic Hockey history. They didn’t make my list that focuses more on individual sports but they certainly could be considered a team to be reckoned with when it comes to medaling in Hockey.

Before we get into the 10 USA athletes who are guaranteed to win Gold at Sochi 2014 let’s get something down for sure. Nothing is guaranteed in life, much less sports. Any assumptions that one of the US athletes will win Gold of course depends on them being at their best, getting great showing in their spotlight and where it applies, good numbers from judges. With that in mind, here are 10 USA athletes guaranteed to win gold.

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Sarah Hendrickson – Ski Jumping

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Hendrickson is a young one but no one asks her age when she is dominating the Women’s Ski Jumping sport. In 2012 she won 9 of 13 of the FIS World Cup events. She will be one of the favorites to stand atop the podium for sure.

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Dylan Ferguson – Freestyle Skiing

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Ferguson has made sure his name will be mentioned in the favorites in Sochi with back to back United States Championships and making himself a force on the World Cup circuit.

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Seth Wescott – Snowboard Cross

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When you have been the only person to win Gold in a certain young Olympic sport you tend to be the favorite to win it once again. Wescott might have a little adversity to overcome this time around but he still should end up on top.

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Heather Richardson – Speed Skating

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In 2010 Richardson was a recent convert to the sport she is now a favorite in. How did she do that? I’d guess she is a gifted athlete but regardless of the reasons winning the World Sprint Championships with a World Record time will make a favorite out of you every time.

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J.R. Celski – Speed Skating

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You think of men’s Speed Skating and you think of Apolo Ohno right? Not for long. Here in the next little bit you will more than likely begin to think of Celski instead. Putting himself on top of the Sochi podium will go a long ways towards making that a smooth transition.

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Lolo Jones – Bobsled

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We all know Lolo Jones from something or another but her addition to this team helped them win World Championship Gold in Bobsled and Skeleton. Don’t smirk too much at her just looking for attention. She may as well have just been looking for Gold because that is what she is going to end up with.

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Julio Mancuso – Skiing

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Everyone knows that Lindsey Vonn is the face of women’s skiing because she has won more gold than anyone else right? Wrong. Mancuso has won more Olympic Medals than any other U.S.A. female skier. Over the years she has proven herself a big race skier and she looks to do the same thing again in Sochi.

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Ted Ligety – Skiing

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Ligety is a three time World Cup Champ and won World Championship Gold; both in the Giant Slalom. You won’t have to look far passed him for the Gold favorite in Sochi. He’s the man to beat.

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Shani Davis – Speed Skating

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Davis isn’t looking for one Gold this time around. He is looking for a triple and to put his name right up there with the most decorated U.S.A. Winter Olympic athletes in history. He is guaranteed one gold this time around but at least two and possibly three as long as all goes well.

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Shaun White – Snowboarding

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Is there really anything to talk about here? The only question is whether or not his second run will be required this year. When White decides to retire eventually we will talk about other contenders in this sport. Until then just hand the man the gold and be done with it. He’ll win again if he stays in one piece.