15 Sports Moments of 2013 That Made You Shake Your Head

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15 Dumb Moments in 2013

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To say 2013 was a year to remember in sports would be a massive understatement. You have a Stanley Cup that went from going to Game 7 to being won by the Chicago Blackhawks in 17 seconds. You have an NBA Finals that was extended by a Ray Allen three with the trophies literally being wheeled onto the court. The Super Bowl was blacked out before Colin Kaepernick attempted a major comeback. Peyton Manning broke every single quarterback record for a season you can think of. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series on a pick-off move.

The year was so crazy that none of those championship moments made this list. This list is looking for moments that you just shake your head and ask yourself, "Why?" Why would he or she say that? Why would they think that was a good idea? Why would you make that decision during a game? Just, why?

There were a ton of bad decisions that really made no sense. Some had little significance and made us chuckle while others made us question many things. Some things were on SportsCenter for a day, others for a week and some are still being talked about today.

Sports news is something different than regular news. Fans feel like they know and understand athletes. They feel as if they could even be companions of theirs, seeing as how we watch them play on a near daily basis while their season is on. When they let us down, it is near heartbreaking.

Just a heads up, I tried not to go major deep in this. The Boston Marathon Bombing was, of course, one of the more confusing situations we have seen in this country, but it was too huge to have a place on a list such as this. Now read on to see the top 15 moments or situations that really made us scratch our head in 2013.

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15. Florida Players Block Each Other

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This was just pathetic to watch. In Florida's game against Georgia Southern, the terrible season for the Gators just continued to get worse. On a play in the red zone against the Eagles, Quinton Dunbar and Jonotthan Harrison started off blocking the same guy and ended up blocking each other. This is the epitome of the Gators 2013 season.

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14. Derrick Rose Hurt Again

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It is almost like a bad joke at this point when you say Derrick Rose is injured again. He isn't higher on this list because of the fact that this is more sad than anything else. It did make you shake your head every time his brother talked, though.

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13. Elvis Dumervil Fax Machine Fiasco


In one of the worst moments in sports agent history since Drew Rosenhaus told Terrell Owens to do sit-ups on his driveway, Elvis Dumervil was cut from the Denver Broncos because his agent, Marty Magid, did not get the restructured contract for the linebacker to the Broncos on time and he was released. Now he is playing on a back-loaded contract instead of making $8 million per year.

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12. Mike Tomlin Gets In Way Of Jacoby Jones Return

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This moment may have been funny at first, but the league didn't feel the same way. Mike Tomlin was fined $100 thousand and the Pittsburgh Steelers will now lose a draft pick thanks to the coach getting in the way of Jacoby Jones on his kickoff return that almost certainly would have gone for a touchdown. Where were the referees here?

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11. Anderson Silva Gets Cocky, Then Gets Knocked Out

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This is not talking about the crazy broken leg that Anderson Silva suffered in the rematch to this fight, this is in regards to the original Silva-Weidman bout. Silva seemed like he thought this fight was always in the bag. He is known for his trash talk, but this was plain dumb as he ran around the octagon with his arms down. Chris Weidman made him pay. With a few haymakers thrown, Weidman hit the jaw of Silva and watched him crumble.

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10. The Mishandling of RGIII

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You cannot pinpoint one moment in the whole Robert Griffin III saga that makes you shake your head, because almost all of the moments made you shake your head. From being put back into the Seattle Seahawks game with an already bad knee that eventually turned into a torn ACL, to the campaign he launched to get back on the field, to his terrible sophomore season, to his benching, to his relationship with owner Dan Snyder, to ... need I go on?

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9. Oscar Pistorius Murder Investigation

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Once a hero and an inspiration to the South African people, Oscar Pistorius is now a pariah after he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The Olympian claims he thought she was an intruder. The police have severely mishandled the situation, as two top cops have resigned due to the failed work. This has been an all around head scratcher. Sometimes our heroes are not who we think they are.

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8. Manti T'eo and Catfishing

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There was a time when most Americans did not know about a term called catfishing, which is to pretend to be someone online and make a relationship with someone else. Now thanks to MTV and Manti T'eo, the world is pretty familiar with the term. T'eo had begun a relationship with a fictional, hopefully unbeknownst to him, woman named Lennay Kekua. The story of her life, and eventual death, played out on a national stage. The story goes much, much deeper and with every extra detail everyone could not stop shaking their heads.

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7. ESPN Drops Out Of PBS Documentary

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Ever since the end of ESPN's critically acclaimed drama Playmakers back in 2003, it became well known who was controlling things. When word came through that ESPN was involved with PBS on a documentary to detail the real problem with football and concussions, it was a breathe of fresh air. Finally some journalism from the worldwide leader in sports that we all want to see. When they dropped out of the project, it seemed all too familiar. Funny how the same network that shoves Tim Tebow and Brett Favre down your throat says they dropped from a documentary because the trailer was "over the top."

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6. Mike Rice Videos Released

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Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice came under scrutiny when some videos of his practices became public. Rice was shown berating kids and even throwing basketballs at some. This obviously unacceptable behavior resulted in a black eye for the university and the firing of Rice.

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5. Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin Bully Scandal

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Who knew that bullying would still be a problem after high school? Richie Incognito would never be confused with a nice guy, but to hear some of the racist and bigoted things that he had said to Jonathan Martin were way over the line. Both men were not on the Miami Dolphins roster by the end of the season and the incident may have been what cost Jeff Ireland his job today.

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4. Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case

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With Jameis Winston bringing Florida State to a National Championship win, this scandal seems to have been swept under the rug. This investigation seemed to show some seedy practices by police and also intimidation to the alleged victim. The charges were eventually dropped, but nobody really knows what happened now.

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3. Biogenesis

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Fourteen players in all were suspended when the MLB did some of the dirtiest things I ever seen a sports organization do. They paid for stolen documents, abused power and made up suspensions based on how they felt at that particular moment. There is nothing in the CBA that says anything about 65- or 211-game suspensions. Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta were some of the biggest names who took their suspension, while Alex Rodriguez, he of the 211-game suspension, is still fighting his.

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2. Aaron Hernandez Murder Investigation

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How does one decide that it is a good idea to stay around with gangs and do things like kill people when they are a famous football player for one of the best franchises in football? Who thinks that it is a good idea to sign a contract worth $40 million only to put it in jeopardy over petty situations you think are worth killing people? Obviously, the entire life of Aaron Hernandez is a huge head scratcher. Add in the destroyed phone and the involvement of his girlfriend, who's sister was dating the slain Odin Lloyd. Trying to figure out this situation gives me a headache.

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1. Lance Armstrong's Confession

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Lance Armstrong's career was one of the most polarizing in sports history. His battle with cancer gave all those with illness hope that you can still be something great. His Livestrong charity was one of the most popular in the USA. His six Tour De France wins were must watch TV, which is impressive for cycling. Then came the confession of using performance enhancing drugs. This came after years of lawsuits for defamation of character and constant lying and cheating. This made many shake their heads, while others lost a hero in the process.