Tim Tebow and the 15 Athletes You’ll Hear Way Too Much About in 2014

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Tim Tebow and the 15 Athletes You Won't Be Able to Escape in 2014

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After one week into the new year, many of the top lists, moments and blunders of 2013 are over and done with. Thinking ahead to 2014 in the world of sports, there will be plenty to look forward to. New champions will be crowned. Athletes will leave their current teams to join another. Coaches will be fired, hired and overly tired by the end of the year.

Think back to the trends and most popular names of 2013 in the world of sports. We saw more and more of the read-option offense in the NFL. Professional basketball players are now being fined based on their flopping tendencies. A pretty significant list of baseball players was made public, most of whom are in quite a bit of trouble at the moment.

We saw plenty of memorable things come to pass in the last 12 months, but something that never changed was the constant talk about Dwight Howard and his decision of where he will go and ultimately how he would turn out with the Houston Rockets. No one could turn on the television without hearing about Wes Welker leaving Tom Brady for Peyton Manning for a solid two or three months. Speaking of Brady, how about his former tight end Aaron Hernandez and the drawn-out process leading to his ultimate imprisonment? Of course, then there was the much-anticipated apology of Ryan Braun suffocating headlines everywhere.

So many stories completely dominated the public eye, media and fans everywhere in 2013. Without knowing what exactly the future holds for the sports world this year, I've taken a pretty educated guess as to what athletes we won't be able to get away from in the next 51 weeks. Whether for good or bad reasoning, these 15 individuals will take over their respective sports and be the topic of conversation among millions of people worldwide. No matter how hard you try, you'll find that you will have to hide under a rock to finally evade the following names in 2014.

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15. Carmelo Anthony

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Already this season, Carmelo Anthony has been speculated to have zero interest in playing for the New York Knicks anymore. Is his mind already looking toward the summer, when he has the opportunity to play in a different uniform? Either way, Anthony will be talked about plenty in 2014 as he is one of the top free agents in this year’s class.

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14. Tiger Woods

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In 2013, Tiger Woods was voted PGA Player of the Year. But, he failed to win a major and, according to his standards, had a less-than-stellar performance. With his drought continuing, Woods’ name will be tossed around more than it has since the catastrophe leading to his divorce.

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13. Jameis Winston

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After having arguably the greatest season by a freshman quarterback in NCAA history, Jameis Winston will have twice the buzz around him in 2014 and just as high, if not higher expectations from the public.

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12. Jabari Parker

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One of the sure-fire top draft picks in 2014, Jabari Parker is thought to be one-and-done at Duke and head to the pros. He has been one of the most hyped college athletes in recent memory, and it won’t stop anytime soon.

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11. Lionel Messi

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After suffering another setback, this time with a hamstring tear, Lionel Messi has been cleared to play. In an all-important World Cup year, Messi looks to come back from his fourth leg injury and surely his name will be a hot topic.

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10. Dwyane Wade

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Joining a couple of other guys on this list, Dwyane Wade may also be playing for a different team in 2014. He joins a select few of NBA stars that most will get absolutely sick of hearing about by the time the summer is over.

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9. Alex Rodriguez

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With the results of his appeal coming literally at any time in the future, Alex Rodriguez is not sure where 2014 will take him. I’m not sure many actually care where 2014 takes him at this point, though.

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8. Andrew Wiggins

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Joining Parker, Andrew Wiggins will likely also take his talents to the professional level. He and Parker’s names will always be conjoined as the two biggest freshman of the year entering the 2013-2014 season. As he takes on the next chapter of his career, we won’t hear the end of all the potential that comes with him.

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7. Jadeveon Clowney

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Will Jadeveon Clowney be a headache at the professional level? Will he be a draft bust who could never quite discipline himself enough to call himself an adult? Will we ever stop hearing his name in 2014?

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6. Cristiano Ronaldo

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Again, in a World Cup year, soccer will take the headlines many days in 2014. One of the biggest names that we will never get away from, like it or not, is Cristiano Ronaldo. Get used to it, because his name will be said quite often this year.

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5. Derrick Rose

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There are many different opinions on Derrick Rose and his future. Whether or not you like the guy or support his decisions, Rose won’t fail to make headlines as we continue to anticipate his second return to action after yet another injury.

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4. Robert Griffin III

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Now that Mike Shanahan is gone, Robert Griffin III will be the topic of much conversation in the NFL. Regardless of who the next coach is, the big question will be how he will fit in with Griffin III and whether or not the quarterback will be able to return to rookie form.

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3. Johnny Manziel

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Bringing so much extra baggage with him throughout his collegiate career – mostly media-created – Johnny Manziel will turn pro in April. Don’t think that anything will change about this kid’s spotlight. It’s only going to get bigger as his professional career takes flight.

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2. Tim Tebow

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So, ESPN decided to offer employment to another athlete that didn’t exactly make it in the pros. Along with Jesse Palmer, Tim Tebow will now also get to analyze college football. Hey, at least the guy appears to know what he’s talking about. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate to the field at the professional level. Nonetheless, Tebow’s name doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon.

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1. LeBron James

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Taking the top spot, justifiably so, is the “Decision Part II.” LeBron James could end up on a different team yet again, and come summer time you will likely not want to turn on your television until he has made his move.