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20 Athletes You Would Hate to Follow on Twitter

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20 Athletes You Shouldn't Follow on Twitter

Kim Klemment- USA TODAY Sports

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few years, social media has come to dominate the world we live in. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are a part of our daily routine, and if we are without our fill of various social networking sites, things could get ugly. It is our source of gossip, a way to keep tabs on anyone you have ever met and, for some people, a way to vent your daily frustrations.

Well, professional athletes are people too, and are no exception to the addiction and draw of filters and hashtags. Most of the time, we truly can enjoy following our favorite star athletes on Twitter. It can be highly amusing to read some of the things certain athletes have to say. You see their daily postings and it makes them feel more relatable. This in turn makes you feel as if you could actually be best friends with someone like Blake Griffin.

Other times, athletes are a waste of Twitter space. They either do not Tweet enough, or when they find the time in their busy schedules to compose 160 characters, you find yourself wishing they avoided the Twitter sphere for the day.

Some of these athletes have already situated themselves with a Twitter handle and have been composing Tweets of a mediocre nature for some time now. As for some of these other athletes, they have yet to break the mold and join the rest of the world on Twitter, and that is something we should count as a blessing.

So, here is a list of the athletes you do not and would not want to follow on Twitter. These reasons range from those select athletes that are just so dull that we are barely sure they actually contribute to the realm of professional sports to the athletes that open their mouths and ridiculous things begin to tumble out to those rare and beautiful gems who are some of the biggest jerks sports has ever seen. Enjoy!

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20. Richie Incognito

Winslow Townson- USA TODAY Sports

Richie Incognito is currently a guard for the Miami Dolphins and is on indefinite suspension for the harassment of his teammate, Jonathan Martin.

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19. Tim Tebow

Jayne Kamin Oneca- USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow has recently been recruited by ESPN as a football analyst and so far, it is proving to be more successful than his NFL career. Still, the fact remains that Tebow is known for his outward enthusiasm about his Christian morals. There is nothing wrong with that but imagine the evangelical Tweets.

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18. Ray Lewis

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Former linebacker and Super Bowl Champ, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens has had a haunted past. Now that he is retired, he contributes to ESPN as a football analyst. Out on the football field, Lewis was always overemotional and intense, and that is a Ray Lewis that would be overemotional and intense on Twitter.

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17. Dirk Nowitzki

Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

Dirk's current Twitter is basically useless. Not only does he avoid Tweeting during basketball season like the plague, when he does Tweet, it is a series of sentence fragments with no real importance or significance. So for any of you on the fence about giving Dirk a follow, just go ahead and avoid it.

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16. Danica Patrick

Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

Danica Patrick is more or less known for her questionable Go Daddy commercials as opposed to her racing career. Her Twitter is basically a place for her to plug her various ads for sponsors as opposed to any real updates on her life. Not to mention, she is a terribly boring person and Twitter is no place for the dull and lifeless.

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15. Eli Manning

Robert Deutsch- USA TODAY Sports

For all intents and purposes, Eli Manning is a pretty successful and talented guy. But that success and talent has not contributed to appeasing his essentially dull nature. When you bring him into comparison with his older brother, Peyton Manning, the difference in life is disparaging. We can all go ahead and pass on a Twitter filled with sad selfies and song lyrics reflecting the alienation he no doubt feels being the younger brother to Peyton.

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14. Brandt Snedeker

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Brandt Snedeker is the ninth best golfer in the entire world. Yet, when most people read his name, they envision a Herbology teacher from Hogwarts. Granted, golf is not as renowned as say basketball, but still, being the ninth best at a sport that gains pretty good international attention seems like you would be a more recognizable person. That being said, I have a feeling that a Twitter account ran by Snedeker would be basically useless and contribute little to his ghost-like presence in the face of sports.

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13. Sidney Crosby

Candice Ward- USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby is considered one of the best hockey players of this generation, yet he is one of the most dull individuals to ever take to the ice. An interview with Sid the Kid is akin to him reading his stats and background information off of Wikipedia. Twitter and Sid the Kid are two entities that should never unite, as it would result in a fairly dull reiteration of his everyday, monotonous life.

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12. Joe Flacco

Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco is the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and a Super Bowl Champion as well. But here we have, yet again, a man that is so unspeakably dull that following him on Twitter would be less exciting than watching paint dry. Joe is so dull that even his father has called him out on it. I can't imagine a vibrant and informative Twitter on the end of old Flacco.

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11. Alex Rodriguez

Noah K. Murray- USA TODAY Sports

A-Rod is a multi-million dollar baseball playing diva who has a history of not getting along to well with much of anyone. It is hard to find him a place on a baseball team, because he demands more in salary than some teams have to pay the entire team. A-Rod's Twitter would be riddled with self appreciating Tweets in 160 characters or less.

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10. Barry Bonds

Ford McClave- USA TODAY Sports

When talking about Barry Bonds, let's just start with steroids, segue into perjury and obstruction of justice and end it all with a guy who has been known for taking up multiple lockers in the clubhouse. His tweets would be filled with selfish accolades and pleas of "I didn't do it."

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9. Patrick Kane

Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Kane is another great hockey player of this generation. However, as opposed to Sidney Crosby being a dull, unfortunate soul, Kane is more outlandish, to say the least. He is also known for being pretty selfish and an intense partier. His Twitter would be filled with pictures from his weekend of partying and drinking out o the Stanley Cup as well as pompous tweets about his skill and how he wishes Jonathan Toews would pass him the puck a little more.

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8. Kobe Bryant

Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

While many people see Kobe as a savior for LA, he just comes across as pompous. Not to mention, the allegations of rape. This womanizing, washed up NBA star would be a ridiculous and overpowering Twitter influence, being pretty annoying to follow.

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7. Dez Bryant

Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant is one heck of a football player and is no doubt just what the Dallas Cowboys ordered. However, he is a bit of a prima donna. Following him on Twitter would be like following a teenager, full of angst and feelings of "but it's not fair!"

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6. Ray Allen

Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

Ray Allen is one of those basketball players who is in just the right spot with just the right team. He seems to always be there just when the Miami Heat is in need of him. But what a dull life he leads off the court. His tweets would likely be littered with Instagrams of what he ate that day, and details of his oh-so-boring itinerary, with things like washing the car and picking up LeBron James' dry cleaning.

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5. Michael Phelps

Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

With 22 Olympic medals overall, Michael Phelps has been ascribed as one of the most decorated Olympians of all time. His fallout with the press after his controversial picture is the least of a Twitter user's concerns. I would be more worried about his ad campaigns and the details of the internal conflict of whether or not he is going to compete in the Olympics again. Pass.

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4. Ryan Lochte

Robert Stanton- USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, he’s another really talented swimmer and some would say a little easier on the eyes than his fellow American Olympian, Phelps, but he is incredibly dull on Twitter and as his attempt to break into the TV network proved, not the brightest medal on the podium. “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” You mean attempt to sneak in his American Flag grills which ere specifically prohibited by the IOC for being pretty darn offensive ... I’ll pass on any attempts to try and understand Lochte in all of his narcissistic glory via Twitter.

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3. Brett Favre

Photo Courtesy of Brett Favre's Facebook Page

Arguably one of the best quarterbacks of all time, as well as a champion of having a positive attitude out on the field and motivating his team to greatness. This does not disguise the fact that Favre underwent a series of retiring and coming out of retirement that took the focus off of his team and shined the light directly on him. This kind of self-centered attitude would make for low quality tweets. Even further, Favre hasn't really learned the art of subtlety when it comes to sending pictures to the opposite sex.

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2. Mike Tyson

Photo Courtesy of Mike Tyson's Facebook Page

Just something about Tyson and his general presence when speaking makes enough of an argument for why he should not be granted the rights to voice his opinion on Twitter for the whole world to say.

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1. Dennis Rodman

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Rodman's Instagram Page

Dennis Rodman was an incredible force for the Chicago Bulls back in the days of Michael Jordan and the Chicago reign of terror. However, nowadays he has busied himself with expatriate trips to North Korea in an attempt to smooth the waters. Rodman's Tweets would be more or less a 160 character version of his many ridiculous and unintelligible remarks in interviews. Not an individual I want saturating my Twitter feed.