20 Athletes Who Should Start Thinking About a Career Change

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20 Athletes Who Need a Different Career

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With sports today being more popular than ever, athletes are under more of a microscope than ever before. If a player underperforms or plays terribly in a game, it's national news the next day. If a guy makes a dumb mistake time after time, it's all over the newspapers. That's why I am here to share the list 20 players who need a different career. What does the idea of athletes under a microscope have to do with getting a new career? Well, some players can't handle the pressure.

Athletes these days go through grueling schedules that mean games and practices every single day of the week during the regular season as well as the playoffs. One sport is extremely tough on the players because they literally play a game every day during the season and that's MLB. With a 162-game schedule in place, players have been complaining about fatigue and begging for a lesser schedule.

Sometimes athletes just crumble under the immense pressure that seems to be weighing on them every single day. When that happens, people start wondering if playing sports is the right career choice.

Some guys don't crumble under the pressure, but instead make it extremely hard for fans to root for them with their "I don't care about anyone but myself" attitude.

However, this list includes a wide variety of players such as guys who just can't stay healthy, guys who have really poor attitudes and are hated by many fans, guys who have underachieved so much that it's almost sad and guys who just need to give up on playing.

Let's take a look at this list of the 20 athletes who need to find a different career path because the one they are on is clearly on a downward trend. Let me know if I missed anyone.

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20. AJ McCarron

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Alright, AJ, here's the deal. You can either hold a clipboard for the rest of your career or you can get a job calling plays from the sidelines. You would make a great coach, but you don't have what it takes to be a star NFL pro quarterback.

New Career: High School/College Head Coach

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19. Adam Dunn

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Adam, you strike out more than anyone in the history of the league -- at least you're on pace to. Maybe you should try a new career as a really strong guy that doesn't need a target to hit.

New Career: Moving Company Employee

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18. Matt Leinart

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It's been a tough run for you, Matt. You win the Heisman Trophy and then disappear from football after multiple failed attempts. You claim you grew up as the "fat kid" who was cross-eyed and had glasses and you always got picked on so you turned to sports. I have the perfect profession for you.

New Career: Motivational Speaker

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17. JaMarcus Russell


JaMarcus, you can throw a football extremely far, some may even say you can throw over those mountains over there, but you just aren't very accurate and you're a bit overweight.

New Profession: Professional Eater or Uncle Rico Understudy (see below)

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16. Manny Ramirez

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Okay, so I hate to break it to you, Manny, you're too old to play baseball. Yeah, you had a good run, but you need to start realizing that no one wants you back in the game because you cheated and lied.

New Career: Retired

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15. Justin Morneau

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Justin, let's face it, you haven't been the same since 2008-09. You have had so many concussions that you can barely walk without forgetting where you are. You are better off just ending you career as a baseball player and turn to the coaching and teaching kids how not to get concussions realm.

New Career: Youth Baseball Coach/First Aid Teacher

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14. Percy Harvin

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Percy, you're very fast and you could be a star in the NFL, but you just can't stay healthy worth a lick. Maybe you should put your speed to good use somewhere else.

New Career: Olympic Track & Field Star

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13. Matt Schaub

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Getting booed off your own home field and throwing the ball to the wrong person seems to be your job.You have lost all of your hair -- to stress I'm assuming -- so let's see if we can get you started off in a new career that will help you grow it back.

New Career: Rogaine Hair Regrowth Test Dummy/Spokesperson

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12. Anthony Bennett

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, Anthony, I know it's still early in your career, but I am going to give you an opportunity to stay in the professional basketball career and gain some of your confidence back -- time to go to Europe. I don't want you turning out like Kwame Brown.

New Career: Euro League Basketball Player

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11. Chris Bosh

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, seeing as you like to make goofy faces and photobomb and videobomb pictures and interviews, you might as well try something that may give you more success than being the third-wheel of the Miami Heat.

New Career: Clown (Sorry, kids)

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10. Kris Humphries

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Kris, seeing as you are more famous for your time on the Kardashian Show, you should just go back to hanging on some girl's famous arm instead of getting dunked on by Blake Griffin -- you may as well just mark your career as RIP after this posterization.

New Career: Reality TV Star

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9. Josh Hamilton

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Josh, you haven't shown that you are getting any younger and your season last year with the Los Angeles Angels is a sign of things to come. Since you overcame a drug and alcohol problem, I think you should motivate others to do so.

New Career: Drug/Alcohol Counselor

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8. Derrick Rose

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick, the moves you make on the court are borderline ridiculous. You make defenders look silly and you can hit the toughest shots. The problem is, you just can't stay healthy when playing a game full-speed. Time for a change.

New Career: Harlem Globe Trotter

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7. Mark Sanchez


Alright, so here's the deal, Mark. With that new hairdo, you can do one of two things. Since you can't hit water if you fell out a boat, you're going to veer away from football. You can either be a model like you've always wanted or a rapper because of the cornrows.

New Career: Auto-tuned Hip Hop Singer

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6. Titus Young

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since you like breaking the law so much, you might as well just give up on doing so -- you always get caught. You ruined your football career with stupidity and immaturity by not abiding by laws. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

New Career: Police Officer

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5. Andrew Bynum

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You are a big, big man. You could be one of the best centers in the league if you put your mind to it, but you are just too lazy to do so. Andrew, you'd make a great big wall of denial elsewhere.

New Career: Night Club Bouncer

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4. Josh Freeman

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Since you aren't very good at football anymore and you have like a half-dozen snakes, you should probably find a career that deals with animals.

New Career: Zookeeper

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3. Greg Oden

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Greg, you're a case of a player who looks about 30 years older than you actually are and your body thinks it's 30 years older as well. You can't stay healthy and you need to find another career since you have yet to show up in the NBA.

New Career: TV Star (Playing an Old Man)

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2. Tim Tebow

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

You can't throw the ball if your life depended on it and you are an extremely good speaker. Although you may think you make a great football analyst and eventually a quarterback, I have different plans for you.

New Career: Motivational Speaker

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1. Alex Rodriguez

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are no careers you would excel at, Alex. Maybe you should stick to injecting yourself with steroids and cheating the game of baseball. Or maybe you'd be better-served somewhere else.

New Career: [really bad] Personal Trainer