2014 Winter Olympics: Russia Should Not Host Due To Anti-Gay Laws

By Phil Naegely
Kevin Liles- USA Today Sports

In less than a month, countries from around the world will all meet and compete against each other in Sochi. Throughout history, the Olympics allow countries of differing political systems, cultural values, etc. work towards the same goal, winning the gold medal and having national pride. Additionally, the Olympics should promote unity and tolerance of differences rather than discrimination. However, Russia’s anti-gay laws encourage the latter not the former.

The Olympics should be a time where political differences are put to the side, but Russia is doing the opposite. Their anti-gay laws are opening the can of worms. Countries from both sides of the argument will won’t to voice their two cents during the event. This will take the attention away from the athletes, who absolutely deserve the coverage and attention. They have worked long and hard over the past four or so years to reach this point, as they represent their country aiming for the gold.

Additionally, the anti-gay laws promote anything but tolerance and it clearly shows that it is alright to discriminate other athletes based on their sexuality. But it is not, and as a result, the IOC should have pulled the 2014 Winter Olympics from Russia when these laws were past. The Olympics should be a sporting event, but the 2014 Olympics are rapidly becoming a political event.

The only reason the IOC hasn’t moved the 2014 Olympics is because that unfortunately agree with Russia. When President Barack Obama named gay athletes to the USA Olympic delegation, the IOC bashed his decision. The governing body of the Olympics is wrongly turning the Olympics into a political debate and battle.

It is clear and simple. The focus of the Olympics should be placed on the sports occurring and the athletes competing. It should not have a political focus. Since this is happening in Russia ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the IOC should have done the right thing and move the games to a more accepting country that doesn’t pass laws that change the Olympic focus. Yet again, the IOC messed up.

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