Chicago Cubs’ Clark And The 15 Dumbest Mascots In Sports

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Chicago Cubs Make Huge Mistake With New Mascot

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When the Chicago Cubs introduced a new mascot named Clark the Cub, there were always going to be a few people who end up being disgruntled as no decision pleases everyone. This is especially true with a Cubs fan base that is very proud of the team's 138-year history which has included a grand total of zero mascots prior to Clark.

But while you can never set out to please everyone, there is something to be said for the fact that Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has seemingly disgruntled his entire fan base -- and really the whole sporting world -- with the team's new mascot. There is almost no doubting that the decision to design Clark was a money grab, and when you are charging people $10 dollars for a hot dog and $44.35 for an average ticket at Wrigley Field this is simply not acceptable.

Sure Ricketts and others in Cubs management have tried to say that the creation of Clark will be a positive for kids coming to the park, but this statement doesn't stand the smell test. Were the kids who came to Wrigley Field for the last four seasons that Ricketts owned the team not good enough to deserve a mascot? How many kids are really going to be more interested in a bear rather than seeing their favorite baseball players play?

There will be no good answer to either of those questions from the Cubs management, but that is really no surprise. They are certainly not alone in the art of creating useless mascots in the world of pro sports today, and the fact is that the sporting landscape is filed with useless creatures like Clark.

With the number of useless mascots in the sporting world seemingly rising with every passing day, I have formed a list of the 15 dumbest mascots in pro sports. Each of these mascots truly has no use, and is only a nuisance when one goes to see their favorite team play.

There will surely be some who disagree with the mascots on this list, and I encourage those people to leave a comment as to who they feel should or shouldn't be on the list as to start an open ended conversation. Enjoy!

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15. Raymond - Tampa Bay Rays

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody really knows what sort or species Raymond is supposed to be, even the Tampa Bay Rays organization themselves. Sure, they say that he is an unknown species called a "seadog", but this seems like good way to say they really don't know what this useless creature is. One must only look at dreadful attendance figures in Tampa Bay to see that Raymond is not a hit with young kids, and certainly isn't getting them to the park.

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14. Stuff the Magic Dragon - Orlando Magic

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Stuff the Magic Dragon is the mascot of the Orlando Magic, although most could do without him. Whoever designed this mascot seemingly took all of the colors they could find and placed them together in a manner that even a kid would find ridiculous.

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13. Stinger - Columbus Blue Jackets

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Columbus Blue Jackets mascot Stinger is not only one of the ugliest mascots in pro sports, but the scariest. With his red eyes, big antennas and general label as a blue jacket, there is no doubting that Stinger makes many more kids cry than smile, and that all adults could go without seeing him at Columbus games.

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12. T-Rac - Tennessee Titans

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Why the Tennessee Titans have a raccoon as their mascot is something that makes absolutely no sense, and it has no real affiliation to the organization. Still, they have T-Rac, who doesn't look much like a raccoon, and is nothing but a nuisance at Titans games.

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11. Pirate Parrot - Pittsburgh Pirates

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Pirates mascot Pirate Parrot is an obvious replica of Philadelphia Phillies mascot Phillie Phanatic, which starts him off on a bad foot already. When you consider how exactly a Parrot could ever be a Pirate, fans only continue to shake their heads and hope for a change sooner rather than later.

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10. BrooklyKnight - Brooklyn Nets

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets mascot BrooklyKnight has only been around since November of 2012, but I am already sick of him. Not only is he one of the scariest-looking mascots in the world of sports, but he has already made a mockery of mascots everywhere by airballing a trampoline dunk earlier in the 2013-14 season.

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9. Swinging Friar - San Diego Padres

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Swinging Friar has been the San Diego Padres' mascot since they entered MLB back in 1969, and was sadly enough on the team's emblem until 1984. Unfortunately, the Swinging Friar continues as a mascot today, and he still looks the type of dad that nobody would want to have.

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8. Bailey - Los Angeles Kings

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Why exactly do the Los Angeles Kings have a lion as their mascot? It's beyond me, but it needs to change. Not only will one never find a lion in Los Angeles, but the animal has absolutely no connection to the team's nickname and scares kids around the Staples Center continuously.

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7. Burnie - Miami Heat

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat mascot Burnie actually does look like the ball of fire that he is supposed to be, but that does not make him a good mascot. This is because Burnie is not even the same color of the very organization he represents, and surely attracts no attention with Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James all playing for the team.

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6. Sparky the Dragon - New York Islanders

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to serving as the New York Islanders' mascot, Sparky the Dragon was the mascot of the Arena Football League's New York Dragons. I certainly wish he would have gone down with the team back in 2009. Sparky looks nothing like a dragon, and definitely has nothing to do with the state of New York. Hopefully when the team leaves Long Island for Brooklyn in 2015, they will leave the mascot behind.

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5. Pat Patriot - New England Patriots

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I am all for patriotism, but when it comes to New England Patriots mascot Pat Patriot, I am not a fan. Pat is still stuck back in the times of the American Revolution, and after the Patriots took his name off their emblem in 1993, one would have thought they would have gotten with the times. Unfortunately, this did not happen, but one can only hope that it does happen sooner rather than later.

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4. Bernie the St. Bernard - Colorado Avalanche

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Bernie the St. Bernard has been the Colorado Avalanche's mascot since October of 2009, and has been a polarizing figure ever since. Sure, Bernie is a dog that kids may like, but he has nothing to do with Colorado and it truly makes no sense why he is the organization's mascot.

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3. Famous Racing Sausages - Milwaukee Brewers

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Famous Racing Sausages have been around for the Milwaukee Brewers since the early 1990s, and have really brought nothing to the table since then. While watching these sausages race around Miller Park would seem to be entertaining, this has not proven the case and fans have been left wondering how sausages have anything to do with Milwaukee.

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2. Steely McBeam - Pittsburgh Steelers

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers introduced Steely McBeam as their mascot back in 2007, they received vast criticism and for good reason. The Steelers have one of the best fan bases in the world, and after existing for 75 years as a standout organization prior to Steely's existence, there is no real reason why he was ever created.

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1. Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox

Wally the Green Monster
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Created back in 1997, Wally was never truly accepted by fans in Boston, and with good reason considering he was designed to do nothing but bring money into the owner's bank accounts.

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