Clayton Kershaw and 15 Athletes Who Never Have to Worry About Money Again

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Clayton Kershaw and the Richest Athletes

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With the recent contract extension signed by Los Angeles Dodgers superstar pitcher Clayton Kershaw, people's minds have turned to the idea of signing the great young pitcher to arguing about whether it's worth the major cash hit.

Sure, Kershaw is one of the best players in baseball today and arguably the best pitcher in today's game, but is playing every fifth day really worth seven years and $215 million? Besides the idea that it may take away from what the Dodgers can afford in the future, it still locks up a future Hall of Fame pitcher and makes sure that he spends at least a majority -- if not all -- of his career with the Dodgers.

Since he signed such a pricey contract with the Dodgers, I thought it would be a great time to look at the 15 athletes who will literally never have to worry about money again. Everyone loves money and what better way to make the average Joe jealous than to post an article about 15 guys who will make more money in a month than some of us will ever make in a lifetime.

People can argue that athletes don't deserve the millions upon millions of dollars for playing a game while other people have nine-to-five jobs and work their tails off to earn a solid living and sometimes they don't even make enough to support a family unless they work overtime.

However, these guys put their health and well-being on the line every single day. They practice nonstop and there never really is an offseason. These guys train all year round and try to become the best in their respective sport. It's also the most cutthroat business out there -- no other profession will fire you for a couple of tough days.

Moral of the story is that there is an argument for both sides, but these guys never get to see their friends and families on a regular basis until they retire.

Let's take a look at Clayton Kershaw and the 15 athletes who will never have to worry about money again. I know what you're thinking, athletes should never have to worry about money again because a few million dollars should be enough, but tell that to the mass amounts of broke athletes these days.

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15. Gilbert Arenas

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You would never suspect that a guy who's not even playing in the NBA anymore and has actually fallen off the map completely would be one of the highest paid players in sports. However, Arenas signed a three-year $62.4 million deal in 2011.

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14. Jay Cutler

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Effective in 2014, Jay Cutler signed a monstrous contract that had many fans scratching their heads. The veteran quarterback signed a seven-year, $126.7 million contract in order to ensure he stays in Chicago through the majority of his career. Only $54 million is guaranteed, however. Poor guy.

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13. Josh Hamilton

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Josh Hamilton had a couple good seasons that could have contributed to his ridiculous five-year, $125 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels. However, he won't ever have to worry about looking for a new job when his baseball career is over in a few years.

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12. LeBron James

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LeBron is the best player in the NBA today. What does he get for that? How about $18 million a year as well as $42 million dollars a year, on average, in strictly endorsements. His kids are going to grow up to be very, very well off.

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11. Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers -- aka the Discount Double Check guy -- is filthy rich. He signed a five-year $110 million contract in 2013 along with a $35 million signing bonus. Must be nice.

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10. Kobe Bryant

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An aging Kobe Bryant is expected to make over $30 million in 2013-14 -- one year removed from a major surgery -- and he's already hurt again. He's just a year or two away from retirement and signed a two-year $48 million extension earlier this season.

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9. Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard is the kind of game-changer that some teams need as a big man. However, some people question if the baggage that he brings with him is worth four years and $87.5 million.

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8. Justin Verlander

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Verlander is known as the best pitcher in the American League -- even after somewhat of an offseason -- and he got paid as such. The veteran ace will never be worried about a meal as he is making $180 million over seven years. Yeah, that's over $25 million per year, people.

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7. Joe Flacco

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco is extremely lucky he won a Super Bowl in 2012-13, because his paycheck increased exponentially just for the run he led his team to in the playoffs. Flacco is set to make $120.6 million over the next six years.

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6. Prince Fielder

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Prince Fielder is making a ton of money -- and I mean more than any human being should ever possess. The big bruiser makes a whopping $23.7 million -- on average -- every year. No more stealing nachos from fans.

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5. Clayton Kershaw

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

One guy that deserves the amount of money he's getting, Kershaw has proven to be as elite of a pitcher as they come. Kershaw just signed a seven-year, $215 million extension that will keep him with the Dodgers until he's 33 years old. Imagine being 25 years old and signing a contract that will make you set for life -- after one year.

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4. Alex Rodriguez

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has to be the one guy on this list that makes you cringe when you hear about how much he's making. Although he won't be paid during his suspension from the league, Rodriguez is still set to make over $60 million over the next few years after signing a ridiculous 10-year, $275 million contract with the New York Yankees in 2008.

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3. Roger Federer

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Roger Federer is a guy that is pretty unique to this list. His salary is based on winnings and endorsements. Well, he made over $70 million last year -- as a tennis play. About $65 million of it came from endorsements. Sign me up and get me a tennis racket.

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2. Floyd Mayweather

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

They don't call him Floyd "Money" Mayweather for nothing. The guy seems like he's paid to make money. Yeah, take that in for a second. He doesn't do any endorsements and still makes about $40 million in any given year. For a couple days of work -- not training -- that's a pretty solid payday.

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1. Tiger Woods

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods is a master money maker -- he has been since he joined the PGA. Even after losing a ton of endorsement deals following his cheating scandal, he makes about $80 million in any given year -- highest paid athlete out there. I think I should start playing golf.

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