Top 5 Reasons Why The U.S. Should Boycott 2014 Winter Olympics

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Top 5 Reasons Why U.S. Should Boycott Olympics

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President Barack Obama hit the reset button on U.S. relations with Russia when his counterpart, Vladimir Putin, went public with his opposition to LGBT rights, but maybe he should have hit delete instead.

Nothing would send a message to Russia that it is out of step with the rest of the world on that subject and others than a U.S. boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Mr. Obama reaffirmed his commitment to the U.S. not boycotting this year’s Olympics, but said relations have cooled between the nations. He has said that the relationship has gone from “reset” to “pause”, in those exact words.

"Delete" was never seriously considered and it’s probably too late now, but that’s not to say it shouldn’t have been on the table.

For his part, Putin has cooled in recent months and said he would welcome LBGT athletes, but even he realizes where the political winds are blowing. Even Adolf Hitler, a racist if there ever was one, allowed black athletes to compete in the 1936 Olympics, and Jesse Owens made the most of that opportunity with his gold medals in the sprint events, making a point that even Hitler understood.

Opposition to LBGT rights isn’t the only area where the U.S. should be concerned as Putin has opposed the U.S. on a number of issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. The Cold War, which seemed to warm since the Berlin Wall collapsed, might not be back, but it’s a lot cooler than it’s been in a while.

Nothing would wake Putin up more than a U.S. boycott. Here are five reasons for it -- some serious, some tongue-in-cheek:

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5. Putin's LGBT Stance

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Putin has come out against LGBT rights and made it an issue when it should otherwise not be. Boycotting the Olympics would send a strong message that Russia is out of step with the rest of the world on this issue.

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4. Granting Snowden Asylum

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When Putin granted asylum to whistle-blower Edward Snowden, he did it to thumb his nose at the U.S. and not to express respect for Snowden. Boycotting the Olympics would be an equivalent gesture.

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3. Winter Sports Are Boring Anyway

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Let's face it -- does the average sports fan get excited about ice dancing anyway? I don't. I don't think many other people do, either. Other than ice hockey and skiing, there are very few "real" sports in the Winter Olympics. Boycotting this one would have nowhere near the impact of boycotting the summer games.

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2. We Might See Putin Shirtless

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Nobody needs to see Vladimir Putin shirtless again, but that's just might happen to offend the eyes of U.S. athletes and fans if the temperature rises above 70 as it has at times in Sochi.

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1. Winter in Russia is No Fun

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While it might be 70 in Sochi, history has shown that February temperatures often fall into the single digits. U.S. athletes and fans could and probably should spend their vacation money in a warmer climate.

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  • Pac10champs

    Don’t politicize the Olympics. It is an event that brings the world together. That stupid Jimmy Carter started it with the boycott in 1980. He was a fool. Let us use the games to bring people together. Have a problem with another country? Deal with it between the games.

  • Canis Mortis Kennels

    Putin is actually a man, while Obama is a queer coddling Muslim sissy. Nothing will change that. At least Putin stands against the morally depraved, he is a much better leader than this Manchurian candidate the U.S. has squatting in the White House