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9 Players You Don’t Want to Face at the Poker Table

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9 Poker Players You Only Dream of Beating at the Table

9 Poker Players You Only Dream of Beating at the Table
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We all think we’re sharks at the poker table, but these players have proved it, recently being named the top nine poler players of the DECADE by

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9. Phil Ivey

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Many call Phil Ivey the most dominant player of all time, and maybe he’d be number one on this list if he played more tournaments and wasn’t so busy fleecing businessman at the cash tables.

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8. JC Tran


You probably noticed JC at the final table of the WSOP main event this past year. He didn’t win, but the $10 million in lifetime earnings probably eased the pain.

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7. Shannon Shorr


Shannon wasn’t even of age to drink 10 years ago, yet he still cracked this list. Not too shabby.

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6. Bertrand Grosspellier

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Better known by his online handle “Elky,” this Frenchman got his start playing online poker after becoming a Star Craft champ. It’s hard to make 7-figures a year playing Star Craft.

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5. John Juanda

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So yea, Juanda’s more of the strong, silent type. Except he’s banked over $15 million since he’s started playing tournament poker.

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4. Barry Greenstein

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Barry’s nickname is the Robin Hood of poker, since for a while he was donated a portion of his tournament winnings to charity. Awwww.

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3. Michael Mizrachi

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Would you wanna try to bluff this guy? Yea, we didn’t think so. Fold and just give him your money.

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2. Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel
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Seidel made a living grinding it out in underground poker clubs like Worm in Rounders for years before Chris Moneymaker made poker all mainstream and what not. Oh, and he’s made like $16 million during the last 10 years alone.

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1. Daniel Negreanu

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Daniel is the guy you’d most like to invite to your home game, because he just seems so fun to hang out with. That is until you realized he just busted everyone in the game to add to his near $20 million in career earning.