10 Most Exciting Sports/Events in the Winter Olympics

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10 Most Exciting Sports/Events in the Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

With January already halfway over, the 2014 Sochi Olympics are rapidly approaching. Gay rights and athletes seem yet to steal the media's attention, but that should not be the case. Those athletes will be the minority, and there will be many more hundreds of non-gay athletes. Nonetheless, the attention of both those watching and covering the Olympics should be on the events and how the athletes do.

The Olympics are a time for countries to convene in one location as we find out which athletes are the best. Additionally, the Olympic events allow spectators and fans to root on their favorite athlete while cheering for the country as well. The Sochi Olympics will provide ample time for this with the addition of eight new events that should impress in their first official Olympics. For those familiar with the X-Games, some of these events came straight out of them while others will be brand new to everyone watching.

At the same time, there will be traditional events and sports that are sure to be exciting and fan favorites. These traditional events evoke past Olympic memories as new dreams and Olympic history are made. Each Olympic year certain athletes and events steal our attention. At the moment there are many grabbing for out attention, and with record television coverage expected by NBC this year, it will be easier than ever. With new technology and phone applications, the 2012 Olympics were able to be streamed from our phones. The same will be possible this year as well.

With less than a month to go until the opening torch is lit in Sochi, let's take a look at the 10 most exciting sports and events at this year's Winter Olympics.

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10. Curling

Adam Hunger-USA Today Sports

I'll admit at times curling can be boring. However, this high strategy game provides many thrilling moments for those watching and participating in the sport.

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9. Ice Hockey

USA hockey
Adam Jairaj-USA Today Sports

Remember the 1980 miracle on ice? USA defeated clear favorites Russia en route to the Gold Medal match. Rivalries have made great matches over the years, and 2014 should be no different for both the men's and women's teams.

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8. Bobsled

Russell Isabella-USA Today Sports

Four people in one sled going at high speeds. What's not awesome about that? A .05 second difference could be the time range between fourth and first place.

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7. Snowboarding

Jean Yves Ahern-USA Today Sports

The yearly X-Games have made snowboarding more and more fun to watch. Shaun White should dominate again this year; who knows what trick he'll throw down on the half-pipe?

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6. Skiiing

Mark Leffingwell-USA Today Sports

From ski slalom to free style skiing to ski jump, there are many skiing events worth watching.

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5. Luge

Jim Urquhart-USA Today Sports

One person speeding on a sled through the straights and around curves always brings out Olympic fans' emotions and cheering.

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4. Slopestyle

Mark Leffingwell-USA Today Sports

One of the eight new Olympic events this year, slopestyle will occur for both snowboarders and skiers. It's not about landing the most impressive trick but the variety of tricks you can do.

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3. Snowboard Parallel Slalom

Jean Yves Ahern-USA Today Sports

If you are a fan of slalom events in skiing and snowboarding, you will love this event. Instead of one person going between the flags, two snowboarders will head down the mountain through separate flags simultaneously.

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2. Luge Relay

luge relay
Jim Urquhart-USA Today Sports

If you thought luge was a great event, the luge relay will be epic. This new event times three sleds -- one single male, two people on a sled and a single female -- as they go down the course. It will be interesting to see how the event pans out.

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1. Short Track Speed Skating

speed skating
Chris Nicoll-USA Today Sports

Apolo Ohno has stolen the limelight over the years. This year the decorated Olympic speed skater will be commentating for NBC. The USA time trials and qualifying offered a nice appetizer of what to expect in Sochi.

While long distance speed skating involves an entirely different strategy, short track speed skating brings an element of the unknown. Skaters lumped up together in the short distances never know when they will go crashing into the wall because the opponent in front of them falls over. Between the high speeds, tight turns and crash opportunities, short track speed skating is the most entertaining Winter Olympic sport to watch.

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