10 Ridiculously Useless Sports/Events In The Winter Olympics

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10 Ridiculously Useless Sports/Events in the Winter Olympics

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The Olympic Games have an amazing way of uniting the world through sports. For two weeks every four years, the world’s best athletes come from all the corners of the globe to compete in various world cities to bring honor to themselves, their sport, and most importantly their countries.

Growing up, I remember some great moments in the history of the Olympics. I remember the inspiring moment when the great Muhammad Ali had the torch in the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Who can forget the celebration of Team U.S.A. when they just barely won the gold medal in the team relay to help Michael Phelps win a record-breaking gold medal? One of the most breathtaking Olympic moments that I can remember was when Kerri Strug from the U.S.A. women’s gymnastics team overcame an injured left ankle to help the U.S.A team win gold. The one that no one will ever forget is the game where Team U.S.A. defeated the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

I can go on and on with great Olympic moments, but if you really want to recount all of these moments, this is not the article for you.

The Olympics are so great and it is tough to find anything wrong with them, or can you? In this article, I want to look at 10 of the most ridiculously useless sports and events in this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The Olympics have a done a great job of keeping sports that are worth watching and eliminating ones that either no one cares for, no one plays, or that are just too dangerous to keep in the games. The Olympics got rid of sports such as “skijoring”, which is skiing behind horses (that can be terrible on so many levels) as well as synchronized skating and military patrol.

So in honor of those sports and moments that have come and gone in Winter Olympics’ history, here is my list of things that need to be the next to go because they are ridiculous or useless. By eliminating these events, they can make room for events that would be safer or more entertaining to watch.

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10. The Skeleton

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To all people who partake in the sport of skeleton, I apologize. This is a sport that has people go head-first down the bobsled course with just a helmet to protect them. In a world that is becoming more aware of protecting our athletes from brain injuries, shouldn’t we reconsider this sport? If they are going to keep that sport, why not start shooting people out of cannons and having a contest?

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9. Snowboard Cross

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Snowboarding is becoming one of the most popular winter sports. It is a “cooler” way of moving in the snow rather than using skis. However, this sport just needs to go. If this sport stays in the Olympics, then they should just let skateboarding in! Where is Marty McFly grabbing onto the back of a truck when you need him? I love the idea of the half-pipe and the downhill snowboarding, just not snowboard cross.

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8. Professional hockey players playing men’s ice hockey

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Many people are going to disagree with me on this, but I feel that the Olympics should be for amateur athletes. In Sochi, players from every professional hockey league will be representing their countries. This is ridiculous! It is time to let amateur men do this again. I am not saying they should be Saturday afternoon hockey league players, but they should be college and world junior representatives.

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7. Freestyle skiing -- Half-pipe

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This was originally a snowboarding event. I do not feel that skiing has a place in the half-pipe. We already have a ton of skiing events in the Winter Olympics -- do we really need another one? If you want to participate in a half-pipe event, then use a snowboard.

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6. Bandy World Championships taking place at same time as Olympics

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Many of you probably think this is a typo, but it really isn’t. The sport of Bandy is basically ice hockey played with a ball, or soccer with sticks! Many people tried to get this to be an Olympic sport, but it failed. However, the Bandy World Championships will be taking place in Sochi at the same time of the Olympic Games. If they were going to do that, they might as well let it be in the Olympics this year!

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5. Nordic combined

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Two Olympic sports that take much control and focus to perfect are ski jumping and cross country skiing. These are two sports that not just anyone can go out there and do. I would never want to see these sports get taken out of the Olympics. However, I would like to see Nordic combined taken out. We have both of the sports together already, why do we have to combine them?

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4. Closing ceremonies' length

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I love the opening ceremonies and how countries show off great things from their parts of the world. The closing ceremonies are just too long and unnecessary. By this time, many people are over the Olympics and no one pays attention to it. Having the long, drawn-out event is unnecessary!

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3. Curling

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Do I really need to say why this is a ridiculous sport? You slide a rock down to a target. If we are going to keep this sport in the Olympics, then why not add bocce?

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2. Team figure skating

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I get figure skating, I do. I think it takes great skill and dedication to perfect this sport. I do think however, that a team competition for this is not needed. Figure skating is an individual sport. Do you think that Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan should have been teammates? If you do, then more power to you, but this is not a team sport!

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1. Ice Dancing

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First off, I do not know anyone who watches this. Second of all, it is not as “showy” as pairs figure skating with flips and things like that. It is dancing with skates. I can’t do it, I’ll admit that. I just think that this is a thing for the Ice Capades, not the Olympics!