U.S.A. Track Stars Lolo Jones, Lauryn Williams Named to Bobsled Team

By Phil Naegely
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The U.S.A. Bobsled team officially announced on Sunday that Olympic sprinters Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams were added to the team as pushers. Both are looking to become as successful in the Winter Olympians as they were on the track.

As USA Today writes, “Aja Evans, Lauryn Williams and Jones made the team as push athletes/brakemen and will join pilots Elana Meyers, Jamie Greubel and Jazmine Fenlator in Russia for the Sochi Olympics in February. Athletes were informed at the team hotel in Igls.”

While Williams has retired from track and Jones had an off 2013 season, both look to be successful in the bobsled. Jones and Williams will help U.S.A. in the four-person bobsled event as pushers. For those who do not know, a pusher in bobsled is someone who moves the sleigh to a competitive speed at the start of the race. The sprinting duo should be able to draw from their track experience and use their speed to lead the U.S.A. to victory and a gold medal.

Some people might be confused why track stars want to participate in bobsledding. However, the transition makes sense. As stated above, they are speedy characters and this can translate to bobsledding success. Additionally, they both understand aerodynamics and how it affects your speed. The only difference now is that the wind and forces will be pushing on a sled instead of people’s bodies.

All in all, both track stars successfully made the transition to bobsled and U.S.A. was smart to add them as pushers to their squad. Jones and Williams bobsledding debut and how they do will be one of the many stories to watch during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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