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Kellen Winslow and the 20 Dumbest Athlete Arrests

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Kellen Winslow and the 20 Dumbest Athlete Arrests

Kellen Winslow and the 20 Dumbest Athlete Arrests
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With the recent arrest of NFL tight end Kellen Winslow for masturbating in a Target parking lot, I found no better time than to point out the 20 dumbest arrests by athletes in recent memory. Obviously, I'm not going to stretch this all the way back to the early 1900s, but to recent times when the arrests become crazier and more dumb.

Can you think of one particular arrest that stands out in your mind as the dumbest that a professional athlete has ever been involved in? I mean, there are so many to choose from, but there has to be one that sticks out in your mind above all of the rest.

Some athletes think that they are above the law and that's what gets them into the most trouble. When they start thinking that they can get away with being stupid and breaking the law, they tend to be caught doing extremely moronic things that gives them more attention for negative things.

That is the problem in today's sports. Athletes think they are bigger than the law. Usually it's those athletes that find themselves in prison or find themselves out of a job because no team wants to take a chance on a guy who can't stay out of trouble off the field.

Let's take a look at Winslow's arrest. This is a guy who many teams would say has an attitude problem and not many teams want to take a risk on him. He's bounced around the league, playing for five different teams in his 10-year career, but never really amounting to much success. His recent arrest will scare teams away because they won't know if he's capable of staying out of trouble, and it's too late in his career to try and mold him into a different person.

Let's take a look at Kellen Winslow and the top 20 dumbest athlete arrests in recent memory. Let me know which morons I have missed.

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20. John Daly

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John Daly did the most John Daly thing ever -- he passed out drunk at a Hooters. Well, that's a new one.

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19. John Boyett

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Boyett was being placed under arrest for disorderly public intoxication when the rookie said "you can't arrest me, I'm a Colts player" and was very abusive. Tough luck for him, he was cut from the team shortly after -- can't use that phrase anymore.

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18. Patrick Kane

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Kane and his cousin assaulted a taxi driver because he didn't have change for a $20. Couldn't leave a tip? Must be tough to be a millionaire.

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17. Chad Johnson

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Chad Johnson was about to be set free on other charges in court when he pulled a football move and slapped his attorney on the butt. Well, the judge didn't take too kindly to that, sentencing him to 30 days in jail.

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16. Dion Rayford

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The former college football star was so angry at a Taco Bell employee for forgetting a chalupa in his order that he charged the drive-thru window -- and got stuck. Embarrassing and weird.

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15. DeAndre Liggins

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Liggins was accused of getting into a domestic confrontation with his girlfriend. That wasn't the weird part -- he was also accused of dropping an Xbox on her as part of the assault. That's no way to treat a girlfriend, nor an Xbox, for that matter.

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14. Dion Sims

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Dion Sims is a tough rookie tight end in the NFL today, but not many people know what he was accused of doing in college. Sims was accused of stealing over 100 laptops worth more than $150,000 from Detroit Public Schools with nine others.

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13. Pedro Guerrero

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The former baseball star was arrested for trying to buy 33 pounds of cocaine from a federal agent. If that wasn't bad enough, he convinced his attorney to claim he was too dumb to realize he was buying 33 pounds of cocaine -- yeah, with an IQ of 70.

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12. Nate Newton

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Newton was pulled over in a traffic stop in November of 2001 and was found to have over 200 pounds of marijuana in his white van. A little over a month later, he was pulled over again, this time carrying 175 pounds of marijuana. I mean, he was a big man, but that's far too much for just one man to be holding on to.

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11. Tonya Harding

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Harding was arrested later for her involvement in the Nancy Kerrigan incident in which her ex-husband and bodyguard hired a man to take out a fellow ice skating competitor. That's a bit much for ice skating, isn't it?

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10. Eddie Griffin

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Most people get arrested for a DUI, but Griffin did that and so much more. Griffin was apparently involved in a traffic incident that claimed he was under the influence of alcohol while watching pornographic movies in his Escalade and masturbating. Yes, he's a multi-tasking criminal.

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9. Plaxico Burress

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Plaxico Burress was arrested for shooting himself in the leg at a night club. Can't get much dumber than that.

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8. Eugene Robinson

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Eugene Robinson was set to play in Super Bowl XXXIII when he was arrested the night before for trying to solicit a prostitute that was actually an undercover cop. Not so smart the night before the Super Bowl.

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7. Titus Young

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Titus Young is one of the dumbest criminals out there. He was arrested for a DUI one day, 15 hours later he was arrester fir trying to jump the fence and steal his car back form the impound lot and then five days later, he broke into a house. One week, three arrests and no job.

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6. Joe Cullen

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Joe Cullen isn't a player, but the former Detroit Lions' defensive line coach was arrested for entering a Wendy's drive-thru with no clothes on. He's more than worthy of being on this list just for that stupidity.

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5. Charles Rogers

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Rogers has seen his football career come to an end because of an injury and then legal troubles that followed. He once got arrested for threatening to kill his own mother over money -- in a voicemail. That's pretty low for a guy who had a really bright future.

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4. Kellen Winslow

4. Kellen Winslow
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Winslow is the most recent on this list. As I said earlier, he was seen by witnesses masturbating in a Target parking lot. There's got to be a more discreet place to do so, Kellen. Come on, man.

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3. Pat McAfee

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McAfee is a punter in the league so he doesn't get too much attention. It seemed as if he was begging for it the night he went drunken swimming in a canal and told police that he was wet because it was raining -- it wasn't. Oh yeah, and he blew a .15 and admitted to his drunkenness later on.

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2. Randall Simon

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Everyone remembers when Randall Simon took down one of the famous Italian sausages in the famous race at Miller Park. He was arrested shortly after for hitting the sausage who turned out to be a young woman.

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1. Najeh Davenport

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Najeh Davenport is a lesser known person on this list, but he did the dumbest thing to get arrested -- maybe ever. A young woman was awoken by a strange noise in her dorm room when she found Davenport defecating in her laundry basket. So much for clean clothes.