Richard Sherman and the Top 15 Biggest Athlete Bros in Sports Today

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Biggest Bros in Sports Today

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Okay, where to start with this one. Everyone knows that professional athletes think that they are much cooler and much better than everyone else, right? Or at least a majority of them do. Well, I have compiled a list of the athletes that know that they are cooler and know that they are richer and more well off than everyone else and act like idiots because of that.

Have you ever had such a big payday that for weeks you were buying things that you didn't need and when your friends, girlfriend or even wife asked you why you were doing it, you replied with "it's okay, I have a ton of cash". Then, you check your bank account a day later and it's darn near $0. Yeah, these guys will never have that problem, but you can be sure that they would flaunt money in your face in an instant.

No, this list isn't for the cockiest athletes or the richest athletes, it's for the guys who act like the biggest bros because of the position they are in. Sure, they may have been the same way before they started making millions of dollars -- except for the college kid on this list -- but the fact that they are under an immense spotlight all the time just goes to show that they love the attention and act like fools in front of it.

This list is for the biggest bros in sports. What does it mean to be a bro? Well, that's a clown question, bro. In fact, if the athlete is caught saying a phrase like the one I just said, than they would be on this list. Bros can be considered guys who think that they are cool and act like college kids even when they are all grown up. These are guys who would have definitely joined a professional sports fraternity -- if there ever was one.

Here's a list of guys who dress up, go tanning and spend friday nights at the night club acting like drunken fools and total bros trying to get the ladies other than having a regular, fun night out on the town with that special someone.

Here's to the biggest bros in sports.

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15. John Daly

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The bad boy of golfing knows exactly how to bro out. Smoking cigarettes on the golf course and getting drunk on the regular count as two ways to bro out and two things he's great at.

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14. Brandon Phillips

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Brandon Phillips is such a bro that he ranked all the baseball players in MLB with the most swag -- and yes, he used the word swag.

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13. Richie Incognito

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Yeah, "bullying" adults is kind of a sad concept, but that's what Richie Incognito likes to do. Threatening to hurt a teammate and call him the "N" word puts him on this list of bros.

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12. Johnny Manziel

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Manziel still technically has a reason to be a bro -- he's still in college -- but he will never change. He loves to party and get drunk while signing autographs for cash.

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11. Patrick Kane

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In a sport where being a bro is normal, Kaner might be the biggest of them all. He loves to get wasted and beat up taxi drivers over $20.

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10. Jay Cutler

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You can just tell that Jay Cutler spends about an hour on his hair every morning. Only bros spend that much time on their looks and take themselves out of football games.

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9. Richard Sherman

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His cocky attitude puts him on this list perfectly, especially after the stunt he pulled in the NFC title game after breaking up a pass to win the game. Going out and proclaiming himself as the best in the game and that no one should talk about him sounds like the typical behavior of a frat bro.

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8. Mark Sanchez

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Mark Sanchez clearly cares more about his GQ looks than he does about the game of football. Sounds like a USC thing lately.

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7. Nick Swisher

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Nick Swisher has a way with words, but his attitude is just straight out of a frat house near you. This guy loves to party and act like he's the coolest out there.

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6. Kyle Orton

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Checking out is almost like checking out Orton's personal website. The guy's party pictures are everywhere and he seems to be one of those sloppy drunk bros.

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5. Matthew Stafford

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Search Matthew Stafford on Google and you're sure to find picture of him on party boats with his shirt off and women under his arms -- don't forget the red Solo cup.

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4. Ryan Lochte

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Woah, bro. That's just one of the few catch phrases you are likely to hear from the biggest bro in the swimming world. The guy is a crazy freak of an athlete, but his IQ is closer to 0 than Clayton Kershaw's ERA.

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3. Cristiano Ronaldo

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Ronaldo is known as the pretty boy of soccer who complains about all calls and gets away with anything. He knows he's better at sports than you and he will surely let you know.

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2. Bryce Harper

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One phrase described his bro-ness level: "That's a clown question, bro."

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1. Rob Gronkowski

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You can see the big tight end dancing the night away at a club near you. Oh yeah, and he's rarely ever sober. He even hires his brother -- who he lets live in his mansion -- to set up parties following every game.