Bode Miller Could Go Down As Greatest US Skiing Olympian Ever

By Carter Roane
Paul Bussi-USA TODAY Sports

There are some people that, within their chosen profession, are head and shoulders above everybody else and completely dominate what they do. Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson come to mind for music. When one thinks of sports, Michael Jordan absolutely outplayed so many of his opponents on the basketball court. Tiger Woods for at least the beginning of his career wiped out his competition on a regular basis. In tennis, Serena Williams makes it look so easy sometimes. In skiing, one name comes to mind and he will be representing the USA in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. That name is Bode Miller.

Miller is a two-time overall World Cup Champion. He also won gold medals in the World Championship and Olympics. Additionally, he has 33 victories in the World Cup and has won five gold medals in the Winter Olympics. No matter if you follow the sport passionately or very casually, one cannot deny how dominant Miller is in his sport and that he is probably the greatest at what he does. The awards speak for themselves. As well, Miller brings a reckless, sort of rock star quality that attracts a lot of fans, and sometimes ones that wouldn’t normally watch. He transcends the sport.

The Olympics are so special due to the fact that one is representing their country. Athletes like Mark Spitz, Dorothy Hamill and Mary Lou Retton are heroes forever for their athletic prowess in their sports. Miller is probably far above even those individuals just because he is so dominant at his sport; another reason is because of his athletic balance. Like other great athletes, the sport seems to slow down for him and he is able to do absolutely amazing things on his skis and that makes him very exciting to watch. I am looking forward to see what he will do.

He is probably going to be adding more than a few medals to his collection while he is in Sochi.

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