Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Shyly Professes Crush on Justin Bieber

By Connor Muldowney
Justin Bieber
Getty Images

While it’s pretty rare to find a single person who likes Justin Bieber these days, one tennis player still thinks he’s got it. Canadian-born Eugenie Bouchard has been taking the 2014 Australian Open by storm, winning her way into the semifinals and attracting attention from the entire world.

During a stoppage in play, she was asked by an Australian Open spokesperson who her one celebrity crush is since she has apparently been a hit with the guys at the famous tennis tournament. Her response was one that not only upset the few males in the crowd that were enthusiastically cheering her on, but it made her turn red as an apple and laugh awkwardly.

Well, now we know who Bouchard’s celebrity crush is.

When she announced who her crush was, the crows laughed and then started booing, leading to an awkward moment between the interviewer and Bouchard.

As much as I think it’s a bad idea for the crowd to boo an innocent 19-year-old up-and-coming tennis player for professing her love for a singer that she probably grew up listening to with posters on her wall, the answer was embarrassing and deserved a few head shakes and groans.

I mean, come on, Justin Bieber? Really? Out of all people, you would choose to date a kid who seemingly has maturity issues and has been on his way down since he hit puberty? Good thing for Bouchard, she will be making some serious money in the tennis tournament and she can afford to be part of Bieber’s high-class entourage. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound cool at all.

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