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Top 25 Awkward Sports Interviews in Recent Memory

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Top 25 Most Awkward Sports Interviews

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Every sport has those awkward interviews that when you hear them, you have to almost do a double take. Wait, did he just say that? That's basically your main thought when you finish watching an extremely awkward interview. They happen almost on a daily basis and there's no telling when you are going to be graced with an awkward interview that could potentially be a highlight for years to come.

While awkward interviews happen on a daily basis, there are those select few that come out and make you shake your head while you scurry to check the internet to see if anyone has posted it yet so you can watch it over and over and share it with all of your friends.

We all remember Allen Iverson's "practice" interview in which he ripped people for knocking his practice routine and all he came back with was his famous "practice? We talkin' about practice?" quote. If you don't remember this interview, you may not be that big of a sports fan after all. It won't make out list of most awkward sports interviews because it was more comical than awkward, but it deserves a mention.

Coaches are usually great for the awkward interview because they seem to have most of the burden of a loss and delight of a win awarded to them. If a coach is in a bad mood after a tough loss -- or even a loss that resulted from a bad call by an official -- you are highly likely to hear a few quotable things.

Most of the interviews on this list, however, are players who have been caught up in the moment of a loss or some type of adversity or even an emotional win and they show it on camera.

Yes, the wait is over, you may now flip through the article and watch each and every awkward interview. Let me know if there are any awkward sports interviews that I've missed.

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25. That's a Clown Question, Bro

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Don't ask Bryce Harper clown questions.

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24. Chael Sonnen is the Epitome of Weird

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Chael, keep your hands -- and thoughts -- to yourself.

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23. Matt Harvey is Here Solely for Qualcomm

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It seems as if Matt Harvey doesn't know how promotion interviews work.

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22. Floyd Mayweather Feels Disrespected

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Don't disrespect Floyd. Stick to commentating -- you know nothing about boxing.

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21. Russell Westbrook is Done

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One nuggest of advice: don't ask Russell Westbrook stupid questions.

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20. Derek Anderson Isn't Laughing

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Don't ever laugh on the sidelines when your team is losing -- the camera will find you.

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19. Don't Talk About Richard Sherman

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Keep Richard Sherman's name out of your mouth.

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18. Kevin Garnett Wants Craig Sager to Burn it All

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Things couldn't get more awkward for Craig Sager.

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17. Richard Sherman Rips Skip Bayless

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Skip Bayless made the mistake of talking about Richard Sherman. Seems to be a common occurrence.

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16. Andy Reid Doesn't Take Kindly to Sal Paolantonio

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Sal Paolantonio feels pretty awkward trying to interview Andy Reid -- and so does the rest of America.

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15. No questions?

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Next time you go to interview Chris Bosh, bring some questions.

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14. Floyd Mayweather Isn't Happy With Brian Kenny

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Don't tell Floyd Mayweather he's not No. 1 in the world -- even when he's retired.

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13. Jim Mora Gets Disrespected

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Jim Mora is interrupted by a reporter talking while speaking about the loss of a player to a tragic accident.

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12. John L. Smith is Too Weird for Words

john l. smith
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I don't think there are words that can describe this. Just watch.

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11. Mike Tyson Just Wants to Fight

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Mike Tyson proves why boxers can't get along with sports analysts.

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10. Shaquille O'Neal Uncensored

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Come on, Shaq, there are children watching.

WARNING: this video contains Shaq-sized profanity.

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9. They Are Who Dennis Green Thought They Were

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Dennis Green is still being talked about today for this post-game rant.

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8. Joe Namath is Creepy

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I think Joe Namath needs to keep his hands to himself and maybe lay off the alcohol.

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7. Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy Pretend to be Buds

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Let's recap: Dwight wanted Stan gone. Stan was addressing the media on that issue. Dwight walked up, accused the reporter who broke the rumor of lying and Stand exited. Awkward.

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6. Bob Knight Doesn't Hold Back

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Bob Knight has some extremely strong, pointed words for ESPN's Jeremy Schaap.

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5. Eminem Talks Sports, Awkwardness Ensues

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No one knew what Eminem was on that night.

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4. Surfer Dude Loves to Ride Gnarly Waves

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This might be my favorite awkward interview of them all.

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3. That's My Quarterback

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Nothing says football like crying about people picking on your teammate.

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2. Did You Hear Mike Gundy's 40 Years Old?

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Don't speak ill of Mike Gundy's players. They aren't men yet.

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1. Chris Everett or Jim Everett?

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This is a classic.