2014 Winter Olympics: Strange Double Toilets Are No Longer

By Andrew Fisher
2014 Winter Olympics
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Winter Olympics are right around the corner in Sochi. The countdown to the games is on and there are many questions on the minds of fans across the globe. The biggest question? Are there really double toilets in Sochi?

Here’s the photo that recently went viral to get you up to speed. It was snapped in the VIP sector of the Cross-country Ski and Biathlon center in Sochi:

double toilets sochi

This shot led many to ask: what the heck is going on over there?

Well, for those who were concerned, you can rest easy now. A new photo of this bathroom has emerged and the double toilets are no more. In their place? Three sets of drawers:

sochi bathroom
Reuters/Alexander Demianchuk

Nothing to see here, folks. Just some drawers in a bathroom.

The word on the internet is that the bathroom has been converted to a utility room at the request of organizers. AKA – a PR move was made to stop talk of weirdo double toilet stalls.

So for those who couldn’t get the thought of ‘doing your business next to someone on another toilet beside you’ out of your head, rest easy. The nightmare is over.

As for the actual Olympics, officials will no doubt be glad when they’re under way and eventually over. Numerous terrorist attacks have dampened the mood around the latest installment of the winter games. They’re now not just about athletic competition at the highest level, they’ve become about keeping participants and spectators safe. It’s sad, but that’s the top priority above all else. We can only hope the games go off without a hitch.


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