25 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Fan of Michigan State Sports

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25 Reasons You Know You're a Michigan State Fan

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Being a Michigan State Spartans fan hasn't always been the easiest thing. You have suffered through the downs and celebrated the ups, but most importantly, you have never given up on the Spartans -- because you know they will always bounce back and rise to the top. Just ask Mark Dantonio.

Remember when being a Michigan State fan/student meant that playing in a postseason bowl game was almost unattainable? Remember when John L. Smith was single-handedly running the football program into the ground with his lack of football intelligence and just good ol' creepy attitude?

As a Michigan State fan and graduate, it has been a pretty up-and-down 22 years of life thus far. Going to a school that has two major sports that now both do well has been relatively pleasant -- lately. Prior to Mark Dantonio, football was tough to watch. Prior to Tom Izzo, basketball was still on the way up with legendary head coach Jud Heathcote handing his position down to Izzo.

We are lucky to call East Lansing home and know that there is always a place to go back to when we miss our favorite campus -- and the best campus -- in the country. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the fall than watching the resurgent Spartans take down opponents in exciting fashion at Spartan Stadium.

How about in the winter? What's better than waiting in line for hours while skipping class in order to get lower bowl Izzone seats? Okay, well waiting in line in the freezing cold isn't the best, but sitting in the third row behind the Michigan State bench for the Michigan Wolverines game is a pretty cool feeling.

Although all the stuff on this list pertains to football and basketball at Michigan State, I know there is more to the school than just those two. However, for relatable purposes, I chose the main reasons how you know you're a Michigan State sports fan.

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Honorable Mention: When Someone Calls You "Little Brother", Your Blood Boils

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Nothing is worse than that Michigan fan who rips you with little brother talk. Hey, buddy, can I see your diploma from Michigan?

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25. Nick Saban is a Curse Word

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All this talk of Nick Saban -- sorry for saying his name -- being the best coach in football has to make all MSU fans sick. He stabbed the Spartans in the back and left the school for more money elsewhere prior to the Citrus Bowl in 2000. Go away, Nick, we've moved on.

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24. You Know What the Izzone Campout is

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Not many people outside of Michigan State know what the Izzone campout is, but you know how big of a deal it is. Sleeping in a tent all night with loads and loads of entertainment provided -- including a meet-and-greet with the team -- for lower bowl Izzone tickets is so worth it.

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23. You Hate John L. Smith With a Passion

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John L. Smith took over the Michigan State football program in 2003 and led the Spartans to eight wins and an Alamo Bowl berth. However, his teams got worse and worse until he totally lost his mind and provided zero normal halftime and post game interviews. The guy was -- and still is -- a psycho.

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22. You Love Mark Hollis


Since taking over as Michigan State's athletic director in 2008, he has done wonders with the program. He is responsible for hiring Mark Dantonio, women's basketball coach Suzy Merchant and baseball coach Jake Boss Jr. -- all very successful since joining MSU. Hollis is also a brilliant mind. He knows how to get fans coming back and he loves setting up pretty cool events -- such as the Carrier Classic. Since taking over, Michigan State has seen its most successful years in sports ever.

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21. Tailgating is an All-Day Affair

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Yes, get there at 8 a.m. on Saturdays and leave at 8 p.m. after the game. Tailgating is a must for football season and it usually lasts for hours before the game and a good amount of time after as well. If you've never been up and ready to party before a big game at 8 a.m., then you probably didn't go to Michigan State.

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20. You Know Who Johnny Spirit is

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Sure, he's a bit odd, but he's ours. Johnny Spirit can be seen at many major sporting events for the Spartans -- including all of the football games. Johnny Spirit is the weird cousin that you've never wanted to hang out with, but worshipped from afar.

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19. The Red Cedar is Special to You

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Okay, I've already mentioned tailgating, I know. However, the Red Cedar is sacred to us Spartans. In fact, current Michigan State senior student Robert Powell stated, "There's no better place to be on a fall Saturday than tailgating along the Red Cedar."

Yeah, it's that special to the Spartans.

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18. Rich Homie Quan Has You Feeling Some Type of Way

rich homie quan

If you don't know Rich Homie Quan, then you must not have been paying attention during the 2013 football season. In case you don't know, watch the video. Even if you do, this video might make your day.

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17. You Think Magic Johnson is the Best of All Time

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Okay, so Michael Jordan might be the best of all time without an argument, but if there was a vote for second-best NBA player ever, it'd be for Magic Johnson. You could make a pretty solid argument.

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16. You Have Been in the Izzone

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There aren't many better feelings than sitting in the Izzone for a basketball game. If you love yelling at opposing players -- or even your own -- this is the place for you. How could you not at least try and sit in the Izzone if you're a Michigan State fan? Bucket list.

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15. You Remember Where You Were for T.J. Duckett's Winning TD Catch Against Michigan

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You have to know where you were for this famous touchdown catch by star running back T.J. Duckett. If you weren't jumping up and down and screaming at the TV, you probably don't have a pulse nor are you a true MSU fan.

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14. You Would Never Think to Wear Blue and Yellow Together -- Just Look At These Guys

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I don't think there are two uglier colors you can wear together. Clearly these guys didn't get the memo that if you mix blue and yellow -- yes, it's yellow, not maize -- together, you get the best color out there.

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13. You Have Taken a Picture by the Magic Johnson Statue

magic johnson

Whether for graduation or before a basketball game, there was no way you could pass up the opportunity to take a picture in front of the famous Magic Johnson statue outside of the Breslin Center. Sure, it's probably the closest you will ever get to Magic, but it's cool nonetheless.

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12. You Love How Michigan Fans Have Short-Term Memory Loss

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Michigan State fan: "We beat you five out of six seasons."

Michigan fan: "Yeah, but we won that one game in 2007. Oh, and your win in 2001 didn't count because the clock was stopped."

Michigan State fan: "Don't you think games that were close to 10 years ago don't matter as much as the past six years?"

Michigan fan: "We have the most wins all time and we are winning the all-time series against MSU by like 20 games."

Michigan State fan: "Name five players who played when Michigan had their big win streak against Michigan State."

Michigan fan: (silence)

Michigan State fan: "Exactly."

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11. The Rose Bowl is Sacred to You

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When people mention the Rose Bowl, you are filled with happiness. There aren't many things in this world that can possibly make you happier than a Michigan State berth in the Rose Bowl. You will make it your mission to go to a Michigan State Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., one day.

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10. You Have Skipped Class to Wait in Line for an MSU Basketball Game

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Don't tell me that I'm the only one that did this. Oh, I'm not? That's right, I was still on the verge of sitting in the upper bowl even after I showed up seven hours early to wait in line. True fans brave the cold and stand in line for hours -- you might even get to meet T.J. Duckett and Tom Izzo if you do so.

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9. You Have Used the Term "Walmart Wolverine"

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All of us know those people who never went to Michigan but bought all of their Wolverines apparel on sale at Walmart and still use the terms "we" and "us" when speaking about Michigan. Oh you went there, didn't know that. I like your Walmart brand Wolverines shirt.

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8. When Someone Yells "Go Green", You Know How to Respond

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If you just say "yeah!" when someone yells "go green", you are not a true Michigan State fan. If you don't know how to respond to this nor know how to sing the fight song, the door is behind you.

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7. You Are No Longer Just Excited for Basketball Season

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The stigma of "basketball school" is now gone. Michigan State can be proud to know that it is known for being a solid school athletically -- as well as academically, of course. The phrase "there's always basketball season" does not apply to the Spartans anymore and you are dang proud of that.

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6. Videos Like This Give You Goosebumps

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Watch this video and tell me you don't get goosebumps.

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5. Sparty is the Best Mascot in the Country, Hands Down

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Sparty has been voted as the best mascot in the country multiple times, but you always knew that. The guy is a beast. If anyone tries to argue with you, they clearly don't know how legendary Sparty really is.

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4. In Izzo You Trust

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If you've never doubted Izzo, you are a true Spartan fan. Even when it seemed like he was going to leave for the NBA, you knew he could never leave Michigan State. You trust everything he says and everything he preaches to his players. He has a formula for success and all of those Big Ten titles, Finals Fours and the national title are proof of that.

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3. You Cannot be Reached During the Month of March

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Trying to contact me in March? Good luck. I will likely never answer my phone during a Michigan State tournament game and text messages are dead to me during that time as well. Heck, Michigan State is know for deep runs in March, you wouldn't want to miss it with a lousy phone call from that friend you know that doesn't follow sports. Oh, and if Michigan State loses and you text me, I will still likely be unreachable. Don't mess with an unhappy Michigan State fan.

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2. Paul Bunyan is Your Favorite Fictional Character

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If you don't know why you're supposed to like Paul Bunyan, your MSU fan credentials need to be revoked. The most coveted trophy is Michigan State sports has made its home in East Lansing for five out of the past six seasons. I'm beginning to think Paul Bunyan is a Michigan State fan as well.

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1. You Can't Stand Michigan and Its Fans

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It's tough to deal with Michigan fans. At any and every instance, they will take the opportunity to rub something in your face. If you lose in the national title game to North Carolina in a blowout, they will jab you. If you lose in the Big Ten title game to Wisconsin, you will be poked at. Sometimes you need to sit back and just take a look at how ridiculous Michigan fans can be and your mind will surely be at ease. After all, we are Spartans.