Top 15 Mascots That Will Give You Nightmares

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15 Scariest Mascots in Sports Today

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Yes, we know how creepy and scary mascots can be these days. While most mascots are terrible ideas and concepts, others just come off as nightmare-inducing and just flat-out frightening. At least one of everyone’s favorite teams has a mascot and there’s a good chance that one of those mascots could scare the living daylights out of small children – and even some adults.

Everyone remembers when the New Orleans Pelicans came out with their creepy/scary mascot, Pierre. Everyone talked about the possible chances that the Pelicans were taking by having one of the scariest looking mascots in sports roaming the sidelines.

Okay, so Pierre is extremely frightening, but who can top that? Can anyone come close to the nightmares that he has assuredly caused in many children’s slumber? There are a handful of scary ones that even the bravest of adults couldn’t meet in a dark alley without having to bring an entourage to ensure safety.

As a kid, were there any mascots that frightened you? I knew there were a few that brought terror to me when I was younger, but nothing that caused nightmares. Sometimes sports teams try way to hard to make a mascot that is original that it sometimes comes out very, very wrong. When creating a mascot, it’s crucial to not make one with a creepy smile, blank expression or menacing look.

Often times making a tough-looking mascot turns out poorly and ends up making a mascot that looks like it wants to take you out back and dispose of you.

Let’s take a look at the 15 scariest mascots in sports today and let me know who I have missed.

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15. Blue Blob, Xavier University


Xavier's Blue Blob looks like a big Sesame Street character that ate the rest of the cast. Why is he so scary? Because no one knows what exactly the blob is.

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14. G-Wiz, Washington Wizards

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Nothing creepier than a fuzzy wizard with red eyebrows. We can just call him a wizard, right?

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13. The Mad Ant, Ft. Wayne Mad Ants

mad ants
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Hate insects? How about a giant red ant on steroids?

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12. Willie the Wave, Pepperdine University

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Willie the Wave is exactly what his name implies. Yes, he's just a wave, but a wave with a creepy smile who also looks like a total bro? He just made female college students everywhere shudder.

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11. Cayenne, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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Cayenne peppers aren't the easiest things to eat in the world, but how about a huge, jacked cayenne pepper that looks like it's about to throw down with anyone who gets in its way.? Yeah, no thanks.

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10. Blitz, Seattle Seahawks

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Oh my. It's the New Orleans Pelican of football. Not many people realize just how scary Bliz, the Seahawks mascot, really is.

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9. Superfrog, TCU Horned Frogs

horned frogs
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A horned frog is an interesting concept for a mascot. What better way to make him than with a devious smile and haunting eyes?

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8. Wild Wing, Anaheim Ducks

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Give Wild Wing a machete and you have another Jason horror movie. Yikes.

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7. WuShock, Wichita State University

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Yes, Wichita State might be the only college to ever make a shock of wheat look creepy. Well done, WSU.

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6. The Billiken, St. Louis University

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A mascot that's modeled after a charm doll from the early 1900s? Please, spare me the horror.

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5. Stanford Tree, Stanford University

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Okay, maybe the Stanford Tree is more creepy than scary, but if you were walking through a forest and saw a tree with that face, you'd probably never look at a tree the same again.

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4. Saluki, Southern Illinois University

southern illinois
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Southern Illinois' mascot is the Saluki. A saluki is one of the oldest known breed of dog -- which apparently means it's one of the scariest looking as well? Would never have known.

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3. The Raptor, Toronto Raptors

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Okay, that raptor's face in a clown costume? Excuse me while I never sleep again.

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2. Phillie Phanatic, Philadelphia Phillies

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I just want to know, what is the Phanatic? Seriously, though. What is it?

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1. Pierre, New Orleans Pelicans

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Hundreds of computers just closed in terror. Yes, it's the infamous Pierre mascot for the New Orleans Pelicans. You're welcome, folks.