20 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Sports Fan From Boston

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Reasons Why You Know You're a Sports Fan From Boston

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Boston sports fan. So, first off, congratulations. Despite the fact that your favorite hobby is complaining about your teams, you know exactly how awesome it is that you were born with the right to live and die with the Boston sports scene. You know exactly how integral sports are to everyday life in New England.

Being a Boston sports fan is something that is handed down from generation to generation. When people who aren’t from here ask me why I’m a Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots fan, I typically just stare at them in confusion. Apparently some out there had a choice of which teams to root for. Boston fans don’t just wake up one day and decide who our allegiance belongs to. No, we’re simply told who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, and we don’t ever question why. After all, it’s something we’re born into.

I’m pretty sure my Dad would accept any decision I made in life and still have my back. Except rooting for the New York Yankees. Then he would pretend I wasn’t his son. Living in Boston, you don’t have to wonder who your neighbors and coworkers cheer for, because they never really had a choice either. Sure, every once in a while you meet someone whose parents led them astray, but mostly you just feel bad for them.

Sports are part of the everyday fabric of life in the Boston area. They permeate our waking (and sometimes sleeping) thoughts in a way that can lead to them taking on an unhealthy importance. No need to fight it fellow Boston fan, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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20. You Know What Truck Day Is

Truck Day
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Only in Boston could the loading of a truck in cold weather be celebrated. Being a Red Sox fan is such a way of life that simply the idea that spring training is only days away can get you out of bed and cheering on the side of the road in February.

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19. Calling Someone A Pink Hat Fan Is the Worst Insult You Can Think Of

Pink Hat
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Seriously, want to get in a fight with a Boston fan? Just call him a Pink Hat. For the uninitiated, this basically means a bandwagon fan, and that kind of insult doesn’t fly with someone from Boston.

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18. The Big Bad Bruins Are A Way Of Life

Big Bad Bruins
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You know that being a Boston Bruins fan isn’t just about which hockey team you root for. It’s a mindset, a way of living your life that you carry with you every day. Just ask that guy you work with who keeps getting in your way at the copy machine. He’ll know you’re a B’s fan when you hip check him into the file cabinet on Monday.

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17. You Still Own A "Beat LA" T-Shirt

Beat LA
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You still see these green and white shirts around from time to time, especially any time the Los Angeles Lakers come to town. Extra points for those Boston fans old enough to remember where the phrase comes from.

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16. You're Legitimately Afraid That Bernard Pollard Will Blow Out Your ACL

Bernard Pollard
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Right now I’m legitimately afraid he might cheap shot my knees when I leave the house just for writing this. Stay frosty, Boston.

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15. You've Randomly Chanted "Yankees Suck" In A Public Place

Yankees Suck
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This is one of my favorite things about being from Boston. It doesn’t matter where you are, if there is a collection of locals in one place there is a good chance that a “Yankees Suck” chant will break out. Extra points on this one if you’ve ever done it at a wedding or a funeral.

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14. You Still Think Hockey Is A Major Sport

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This one may not be just for Boston fans, there are a few other northeastern cities where hockey is still important. But for the rest of the country, they just don’t understand why it’s not unbearably cold to go watch an NHL game in person.

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13. You Watch The Replay Of New England Sports Tonight - Even If You've Already Seen It

New England Sports Tonight
Courtesy of Comcast SportsNet New England: Official Facebook page

So what if it’s a word-for-word replay of something you just watched? You never know, you might have missed something they said about what Tom Brady ate for breakfast that day or how Jon Lester’s offseason fishing trip went.

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12. You Know What Bucky Dent's Middle Name Is

Bucky Dent
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I can’t say it here, but we all know what it is. For you younger fans, it’s the same one we gave Aaron Boone.

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11. You Get Mad Every Time You See That Rob Gronkowski Cutout At Dunkin Donuts

Rob Gronkowski
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Hey Gronk, maybe spend a little more time staying healthy and catching passes than shilling Big ‘N Toasty breakfast sandwiches. How does that sound?

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10. You Could Never Date A Yankees Fan

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve dated plenty of girls that have mortified my friends and family, but nothing would ever top bringing one home who likes Derek Jeter. I think they would just assume I was pranking them.

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9. You Hate The Montreal Canadiens So Much You Almost Don't Want To Party There...Almost

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who grew up in the Boston area knows the city of Montreal for three things. The drinking age is 18, the, umm, adult night spots are second to none and you hate the local hockey team. You’re disdain for the Montreal Canadiens is almost to make you not want to go for a long weekend with your buddies up north. Almost.

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8. You Still Wish Larry Bird Was Walking Through That Door

Larry Bird
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You knew he wasn’t going to, but you really wanted to rub it in Rick Pitino’s face if he did. As a Boston fan, the Larry Bird years were some of the best of your life. And then Pitino ruined basketball for a good 10 years.

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7. You've Come Full Circle On Bill Buckner

Bill Buckner
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You can remember when simply uttering the name Bill Buckner was considered jinxing any hope the Sox had at ever winning a championship. Then they did, and Buckner came back to town, and now we’re in a good place.

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6. You Can Date Your Life By The Rolling Rallies

Rolling Rallies
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Can’t quite remember when you broke up with that girl from the North Shore? Just think back on the rallies, it works every time. This one is especially for younger Boston fans. My buddy once asked me what year it was when we were living in Watertown. I couldn’t remember, until I realized that was the year that the Red Sox had their first rally. Boom, 2004.

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5. Tommy Heinsohn Is Like A Member Of Your Family

Tommy Heinsohn
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Where you stand on Tommy Heinsohn is one of the most heated debates two Boston fans can get in. Some love him, some hate him and most simply accept him like that uncle who shows up for holidays and says crazy, inappropriate things, but you let it go because he’s family. And we all know we’ll miss him when he’s gone.

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4. You Know Every Call That Goes Against A Boston Team Is A Bad Call

Bad Call
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t matter how obvious the call was, if it came at a big moment in the game and went against a Boston team, it must have been a bad call. I blame this one on Tommy.

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3. You Can Remember When The Red Sox Would Never Win A Championship

Red Sox
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Thankfully, there’s a whole generation of Boston fans growing up right now that don’t know how this feels. For those of us who do, the despair that we felt at knowing deep down in our bones we would never see a Red Sox championship was part of our lives for a long time. For someone like my Dad, it was just part of being a Sox fan and will never quite go away. No matter how much success we have, for some Boston fans our teams will always be the lovable underdogs.

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2. You Still Can't Understand Why Everyone Hates The Patriots

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady is the ultimate team player! Bill Belichick is the best coach ever! Sure, they may bend the rules and ruthlessly cut players, but this is the definition of team. Oh right, they probably beat your team in a big game at some point in the last decade or so. Now I get it.

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1. You're Never Satisfied

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

It doesn’t matter how many championships your teams win, it's never enough. You live to over analyze every minute detail about them. This inevitably leads to you finding faults where there are none, but how else would you get through work every day if you couldn’t complain about the Patriots' secondary? So what if they just won by three touchdowns and are going to make the playoffs for the 100th time in a row.

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