16 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Sports Fan of the Texas Longhorns

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16 Reasons Why You Know You're a Sports Fan of the Texas Longhorns

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Texas Longhorns sports fans are a very unique breed. Their allegiances and loyalties are without question, and the tradition that's at the backbone of the University's many successful athletic programs is substantial and time-tested. From tailgating, to the Hellraisers, to Big Bertha, to the ATO Flag, to Bevo, to Point Texas, to Texas Fight, to Ricky, VY, T.J., and K.D., the traditions and folks that help make them even stronger are a part of the collective consciousness of a very proud group of students, alumni, faculty and just plain ol' fans.

As a group, they're typically referred to as "Orangebloods", guys and gals whose blood runs as orange as the breathtaking sunsets that make their way down through the Hill Country, and the sun that rises early as the joggers take to the trails at Lady Bird Lake.

Orangebloods support the Longhorns regardless of the ups and downs -- many of which have been a part of life on the Forty Acres -- and know that better days are always ahead, that another National Championship or All-American performance is right around the corner even when things seem their worst. There are plenty of things Orangebloods realize as a group. Just about any of them will start a heated debate or a common sigh or smile. Here are 16 that stand out from the pack. Enjoy!

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You'd Love to Spend Some "Quality Time" With Ricky Williams

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Texas fans almost to a person agree that Heisman Trophy winning running back and current Longhorn Network analyst, Ricky Williams, is one of the planet's most fascinating individuals. If you can find me another former NFL running back who has lived in a yurt in the outback, has a well-known propensity for certain "herbal remedies", has written self-help manifestos, has coached running backs at the college level, has a bronze bust of himself overlooking his former college home, and is now a television personality, well, I'll give you a yellow ribbon. Why? Because there is only ONE of those.

Any Orangeblood would love the opportunity to spend a few hours of quality time with Ricky. I mean, just imagine the possibilities. Ricky's an original. Plain and simple. Just like Texas.

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You Know All the Alternate Lyrics to Texas Fight

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The Texas school song, "Texas Fight" is burned into the brains of any Longhorns fan from an early age. It's sung with passion by 101,000 plus at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturdays in the fall and just about anywhere else where Longhorn teams are going to battle. The words are standard -- in large part, that is -- but those who are die-hard know there are alternate lyrics all over the song which keep it, er, entertaining.

As like anything else, there's a time and a place for these lyrics to be used. If you're curious what I'm talking about, listen a little more closely when a mic's on top of the Texas student section at a major contest -- especially against the hated Oklahoma Sooners -- and you're sure to catch (hear) a glimpse.

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It's A Foregone Conclusion That Scholtz's, Posse, Player's and Crown Are Part of the Pre-Game (and Post-Game) Festivities

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Shiner on draft at Scholtz's. A giant order of chips and queso at Posse. A chili dog and onion rings at Player's. Sitting on the Crown porch and soaking up the rays sharing some pitchers. For Texas fans these activities are as much a part of gameday as the game itself. Scholtz Garten, Posse East, Player's and Crown & Anchor have been a part of the pre-game -- and many times, post-game -- tradition on the Forty Acres for decades.

Rest assured that if you're in town visiting and going to a game with a Texas student or a Texas Ex you're almost certain to land at one of these four places on gameday at some point. There's nothing better.

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You Know Nothing Beats a Lazy Afternoon Game at Disch-Falk

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Disch-Falk Field is one of the gems of baseball, not just college baseball. The newly-renovated ballpark just across I-35 from the Texas campus provides one of the best environments in the game. Texas legends like Roger Clemens, Brooks Kieschnick and Huston Street all plied their trade on the rubber here, and there's always an up-and-comer who is worth the meager price of admission to watch.

For my money, a spring afternoon at the Disch is one of the best simple pleasures in Austin. Little beats taking in some of the best baseball around under the light, but comfortable, spring sun for a few innings on a Saturday afternoon, not a care in the world.

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You Know Oklahoma Is Texas' ONLY True Rival

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Plenty of schools like to claim the Texas Longhorns as a rival. Facts are though, only ONE program has stood the test of time as the Longhorns' true rival: the hated Oklahoma Sooners. The traditional Red River Rivalry (Shootout) game held at the Cotton Bowl in early October -- and surrounding the wonderful Texas State Fair -- just enjoyed its 108th incarnation, and you can rest assured there are hundreds more contests to come.

A hate for Oklahoma is as much a part of a Texas fan's psyche as a love for Vince Young. It just IS. While another notable rivalry with an agricultural school a few hours to the southeast once also packed some punch, that's basically an afterthought at this point. Even the worst Longhorns season is a mild victory if it includes a win over the Dirt Thieves.

Again, Oklahoma is Texas' ONLY true rival. There, I said it.

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You're Aware Brisket and (Free) Beer Taste Better on a Forty Acres Tailgate

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The best beer is a free beer. The best brisket is one slow-cooked in smokers made with the love and precision you'd expect a NASA rocket scientist to put into their most important project. Put these two things together, and you have the pure pleasure of a Saturday morning tailgate on the Forty Acres.

It's hard to say why, exactly, but Texas fans just know that the beer you drink and the brisket you consume in anticipation of kickoff just tastes like heaven. That beer could be the flattest, warmest Natty Light you've ever held in your hand, but it'll taste like a German microbrew crafted from water from a pristine stream blessed by Zeus himself.

If you want the true Texas experience, make sure it includes a tailgate. Trust me.

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You Think Michael Crabtree Is Evil Incarnate

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Rest assured that Richard Sherman isn't alone in his dislike for Michael Crabtree. The former Texas Tech and current San Francisco 49ers wideout dashed the hopes of a National Championship run for the 2008 Longhorns on this play:

While, granted, it was one of the biggest plays in college football history, it made Michael Crabtree one of the most hated individuals in Austin proper, from that time, going forward. Texas Tech is disdained by Texas fans as a mild annoyance, but this play took that disdain to a new level. I still to this day grit my teeth whenever that play is shown, mentioned, or even hinted at. Texas fans are right there with ya Richard Sherman. No need to apologize.

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You Know the Texas Longhorns Volleyball Team is Campus' Best Kept Secret

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There's a well-kept secret on the Forty Acres of which only the most tuned-in Texas fans are aware: Gregory Gym is the place to be on Friday evenings in the fall. Why? Taking in a women's volleyball game is an awesome experience and a chance to watch some of the athletic program's best athletes do their thing. After being ranked No. 1 for a good portion of this past season -- and defending a 2012 National Championship -- the Longhorns fell short in the national semis this time around, but have established themselves as one of volleyball's premier programs.

The tradition of fans chanting "Point Texas!" after every Longhorns score is one of the best on campus, and the sound of 3,000+ loudly cheering on the Horns in the tiny confines of Gregory re-defines home court advantage. It's a blast.

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You Consider Vince Young a Legend. Period.

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This one's pretty simple. Vince Young is a legend to true Texas fans. Period.

Forget about his struggles in the NFL, his personal issues, his pending bankruptcy, the do-it-all, freakish athlete from Houston re-defined what it was to be a dominant quarterback at the college level, leading the 2005 Longhorns to an undefeated National Championship season which culminated in the legendary 41-38 victory over the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

This commercial from the Longhorn Network is a good reminder of just how important Vince is to Texas fans:

VY is a legend. Our legend.

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You Agree That the Suckitude of Kings of Leon Is Without Equal

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Kings of Leon sucks. This is as much of a certainty as the sun rising in the East.

Their general suckitude has as much to do with their banal, droning, emotionless music as it does for their bizarre affiliation with the Oklahoma Sooners. KOL drummer Nathan Followill has the OU logo embedded on his "KOUL" drum set and lead singer Caleb Followill consistently throws the infamous "Horns Down" symbol whenever he gets a chance at the "band's" concerts.

Kings of Leon = the suckiest suck that ever sucked. Suck.

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You Know the Most Dominant Athlete in Texas History is a Cat

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There have been a multitude of dominant athletes that have spent some time on the Forty Acres. From Ricky Williams to Earl Campbell to Slater Martin to Kevin Durant to Roger Clemens, each left their mark on Longhorns sports in their own unique way. Regardless, the most dominant athlete in the history of Texas sports is a cat.

A cat, you say, Kris? Huh? Well, it's a cat ok. Cat Osterman.

The legendary Texas softball pitcher is one of the most dominant female college athletes of all-time, breaking records in every pitching category on the Forty Acres that you'd care to name. She still is the all-time leader in wins, strikeouts, innings pitched, ERA, shutouts, opponents' batting average and strikeout to walks ratio. Watching Cat pitch was a thing of beauty. Her absolute confidence and dominance on the mound was unparalleled.

Cat's impact on Texas sports is immeasurable. She's one of the greatest among Longhorn greats.

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You Are Beyond Sick of Hearing "TU" - The Only TU is Located in Tennessee

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Texas Aggies fans love to prod Texas students, alums, and the fan base by calling the University of Texas, "TU" or "T-Sips", a reference to the supposed liberal wussitude folks from College Station tend to associate with Austin.

Facts are there is one TU and it's located in Knoxville, Tennessee. So there's that.

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You Know Texas Hoops Owes It All to T.J. and K.D.

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Texas Longhorns basketball has a long and proud tradition built on the foundation of All-Americans like Slater Martin, LaSalle Thompson, and Chris Mihm, but there's no doubt who drives the program's current success: T.J. and K.D., T.J. Ford and Kevin Durant. Ford took the Longhorns to only their third Final Four program history -- and the first since 1947 -- and Durant electrified the Drum in his one season on campus, earning him the title of the best player in Texas hoops history.

T.J. Ford put Texas basketball back on the map, and started a snowball effect of the state's best players again considering the Longhorns as a viable destination, while K.D. ratcheted that up a notch, making his way from New Jersey, to one year on campus, to being arguably the best scorer in today's NBA.

While Rick Barnes has had plenty of an impact himself, there's no doubt that T.J. and K.D. are the heart of Texas hoops.

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You Know How Bevo Is Honored Following His Passing

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Texas' beloved Longhorn Bevo is one of the most recognizable mascots in all of sports. At every football game, you'll find Bevo sitting in his corner, chewing on his cud, soaking in some sun, and watching the game from a distance. This isn't to say, however, that Bevo hasn't had his rambunctious moments over time. From charging an SMU cheerleader who aggravated him, to running wild on campus for two days, to attacking a parked car, to attacking the Baylor band, to leaving a "deposit" in the Oklahoma end-zone, Bevo stories are part of Longhorn lore.

Bevo spends his days sunning and being pampered on a Hill Country ranch when he's not on campus, but when those days come to an end, there's a little known story about Bevo I. Bevo I was actually slaughtered and served as a meal following the Texas/Texas A&M game in 1920, but since the Pride of the Burnt Orange is put out to pasture as he ages and is put down humanely.

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You'll Argue Forever the 2006 Rose Bowl Will NEVER Be Surpassed

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This year's classic national championship battle between the Auburn Tigers and Florida State Seminoles was certainly one for the record books, grabbing the nation's attention as two NFL-caliber quarterbacks in Jameis Winston and Nick Marshall went toe-to-toe for four quarters. As good as that contest was, however, you won't find a Texas Longhorns fan anywhere in the country that would be willing to concede it was better than the 2006 Rose Bowl.

In fact, no Texas fan WILL EVER concede that any college football game was better -- or ever will be better, for that matter -- than the legendary 41-38 victory over the USC Trojans that earned the program its third National Championship title and solidified the place in campus lore of both Vince Young and Mack Brown. The 2006 Rose Bowl was a full 60 minutes of madness. Madness that was a joy to watch and will never be replicated. It's the gold standard of Texas Longhorns football, and, therefore of Texas Longhorns sports.

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You Realize It's No Coincidence That Texas Sunsets Are Burnt Orange

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The gorgeous, bright orange sunsets with a burnt hue that paint the Central Texas skyline are a thing of beauty. Out in the Hill Country, there's hardly a more beautiful sight. If you ask, Orangebloods will tell you that these sunsets are burnt orange for a reason:

The Eyes of Texas are upon you.