5 Other Ways You Could Spend 4 Million Dollars (Sponsored)

By Jeff Shull

Ads that run during football’s biggest game are pretty expensive, running at around $4 million. Why blow four million dollars on an ad when you can:

1. Buy this piece of modern art:

Barnett Newman
White Fire I signed and dated ‘Barnett Newman 1954’ (lower right) oil on canvas 47 7/8 x 59¾ in. (121.6 x 151.8 cm.) Painted in 1954.

2. Freeze your dead body and those of 29 friends

Did you know that you can have your whole body put into a deep freeze when you die? For just $100,000 a pop, you can have all your buddies’ bodies frozen so that when society has evolved highly enough to eliminate the threat of death, you can be reanimated, perhaps several thousand years from now.

3. Buy this diamond-studded Christmas wreath

Studded with 16 rubies and 32 diamonds, this wreath could probably be hung on your front door and no one would even know.

4. Fill your home with 800 Real Dolls

You’ll never feel lonely again with a massive harem of sexy mannequins hanging around.

5. Download the world’s most expensive mobile app…20,000 times.

What better way to flaunt your wealth than buying the world’s most expensive (and most utterly useless) mobile app…20,000 times?

Brought to you by Newcastle

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