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Top 25 Ugliest Sports Jerseys of All Time

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25 Ugliest Jerseys of All Time

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Ever wonder which jerseys would make a list of the ugliest jerseys of all time? Have you ever wondered if your favorite team would be on the list of ugliest jerseys of all time? Well, this is the perfect list for you.

Over time, sports have accumulated some of the ugliest jerseys a person could even think of creating. In fact, the jerseys on this list are so ugly that you may need to look at a list of the best jerseys of all time to get your faith back in the jersey designing game.

You may think you have seen the ugliest jerseys of all time already, but you haven't seen anything yet. This list will shock you, make you angry and make you embarrassed to be a sports fan all at the same time. Why will it shock you? Probably because you never thought you would see such ugly, hideous jerseys and uniforms in your lifetime.

Why will it make you angry? Oh, because it almost makes a mockery of the teams that are forced to wear the jerseys and if your favorite team is on this list, it will make you angry that I refreshed your memory when it comes to something you thought you'd never see again.

How could it possibly make you feel embarrassed to be a sports fan? Easy, because these jerseys give sports a bad reputation and it makes it look like we are color and style blind to outsiders.

Do you remember what your least favorite sports jersey of all time was? Most of the jerseys on this list are still worn to this day -- even if they are just alternates -- but they are all worthy of criticism.

Let's take a look at the 25 ugliest sports jerseys of all time and let me know which hideous apparel I have missed.

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Honorable Mention: Atlantic High Football

atlantic high

Atlantic High in Florida unveiled these in 2013. Yeah, no thank you.

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Honorable Mention: 2014 NBA All-Star Jerseys

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Jerseys with short sleeves? Why?

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25. Denver Nuggets

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These might have been the worst NBA jerseys in Nuggets history. Oh wait, they were.

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24. Toronto Raptors

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The Raptors pulled out these gems to commemorate the Canadian military in 2012. Good thought, terrible execution.

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23. Indiana Hoosiers

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Nothing is worse than a candy cane-themed helmet.

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22. Jacksonville Jaguars

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Those team jerseys with the ugly Jaguar logo is almost a disgrace to the NFL.

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21. Maryland Terrapins Football

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Not many people understood why there was a waving flag on Maryland's helmets.

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20. Milwaukee Bucks

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The Bucks were so intimidating with a big buck on their jersey. Not.

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19. Washington Wizards

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The Washington Wizards tried to pull off a gold look? Laughs all around.

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18. Phoenix Coyotes

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Goofy looking coyote on the front of the jersey? Check.

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17. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Basketball

notre dame
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Notre Dame, just no. They wore these bad boys in the 2013 NCAA Tourney.

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16. Christmas Day Short-Sleeve Unis

golden state
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Again, short sleeves are the worst look on a basketball uniform ever.

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15. Seattle Seahawks

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Anyone remember these neon green jerseys? Me neither because they are not retired and erased from our memory.

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14. New York Islanders

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Nothing like a fisherman on the front of your jersey -- the New York Islanders sported these as alternates from 1995-98.

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13. New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans

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When you glance at this picture, it looks like three different teams on the court. However, it's just two. The Hornets' NOLA jerseys were short-lived and everyone was happy to see them go.

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12. Houston Astros

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Sure, it's classic -- but it's still ugly.

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11. Detroit Pistons

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The Pistons tried to get away from the "Bad Boy" look in the late 1990s and whipped out these teal fails.

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10. Green Bay Packers

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I get that they are retro, but these need to disappear and never ever come back. Ever.

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9. Denver Broncos

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Denver whips out the ugliest socks in football from time to time.

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8. Florida Panthers

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The Panthers love sporting the "McDonald's" theme of uniform. Okay, they don't call it that, but dang, they could all double as Ronald McDonald.

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7. Pittsburgh Pirates


The hat makes the outfit -- even worse.

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6. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

devil rays
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Besides apparently feeding Jose Canseco steroids for every meal, the Devil Rays had some pretty weird multi-colored lettering on their jerseys.

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5. Pittsburgh Steelers

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Bumblebees, take the field.

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4. Vancouver Canucks

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No logo, no problem. These old Canucks jerseys were a sorry excuse for a uniform.

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3. Jorge Campos

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A former goalie, Campos was known for designing his own jersey for each game. Let's just say none were much better than this clown costume.

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2. Florida Everblades


These are pretty hideous, but you should try and check out their holiday-themed look.

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1. Philadelphia Eagles

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Wow. No words can justify what our eyes just saw.