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15 Athletes Who Would Be Great To Go Fishing With

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Pro Athletes and Fishing

pro athletes fishing
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All around the world, there are a precious few things that all people -- and specifically men -- can agree on. These things include loving food, sports and the ability to go out and fish on a nice day. These sorts of things seem to transcend cultural, racial and other ethnic barriers, and there is no true rhyme or reason for why it happens -- it just does.

With this in mind, I have combined the sporting and fishing aspect of what unites people in this list of the 15 professional athletes who anyone would want to go out fishing with. Forming this list was a sort of fantasy draft of sorts, as a mixture of athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Barclays Premier League, PGA Tour and professional swimming atheles were chosen.

Each of the athletes chosen have some sort of aspect about their personalities that endears them to large portions of sports fans around the world, whether it be quirkiness, a calm demeanor or being outright funny. Additionally, many of them are documented fishing aficionados, which makes them an even more attractive option to take out on your local pond for an afternoon of fun.

Of course, there will be other athletes out there who fit the profile, and I encourage readers to leave a comment as to who they feel should have been added.

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15. Richard Sherman

pro athletes fishing
Otto Gruele Jr.-Getty Images Sport

By now, you have surely seen or heard about Richard Sherman's interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship Game, but that shouldn't define how you think about the man. He is an incredibly smart and intellectual individual who graduated from Stanford, and seems to be a very personable guy. Additionally, he has previously featured in a Sports Illustrated segment titled "Athletes Fishing", so he wouldn't be all talk on the boat.

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14. Mike Trout

pro athletes fishing
Jonathan Moore-Getty Images Sport

Besides being one of the best baseball players in the world and having a name that is synonymous with a fish, Mike Trout actually can fish. Just over a year ago, he snagged a 550-pound grouper on a vacation to Key West, which makes me feel as if I won't have to do much work on this fishing trip.

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13. Johnny Manziel

pro athletes fishing
Jeff Gross-Getty Images Sport

Alright, so Johnny Manziel hasn't played in a professional football game yet, but he is done with college football and will be in the NFL shortly. Manziel may be one of the most enigmatic personalities in all of sports today, but every teammate he has ever had loves him, and so do such famous personalities as Drake and LeBron James. It is hard to envision Manziel not being a fun person to hang out with, and the quarterback does have fishing experience.

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12. Metta World Peace

pro athletes fishing
Lintao Zhang-Getty Images Sport

Metta World Peace may be one of the craziest professional athletes ever, but he is certainly not lacking in the personality category. The only thing I would worry about being on a boat with him would be if someone throws a drink at us, because World Peace will not live up to his namesake in that case.

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11. Peyton Manning

pro athletes fishing
Jeff Zelevansky-Getty Images Sport

There are few athletes who are genuinely funny, and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning certainly is one of them. After growing up in New Orleans, it is hard to think that he wouldn't be good at fishing in addition to being a personable guy -- as long as he can stop yelling Omaha.

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10. Clint Dempsey

pro athletes fishing
Michael Steele-Getty Images Sport

Clint Dempsey is definitely the best American-born soccer player playing today, and he may also be the best fisherman of his peers. The Seattle Sounders star was pictured with some good-sized fish last summer, and if he is half as determined on a boat as he is in the six-yard box, then all fish should be scared.

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9. John Daly

pro athletes fishing
Sam Greenwood-Getty Iamges Sport

When one thinks of a so-called "man's man", John Daly is the first thing to pop up. Daly may be a little crazy, but he will tell you what he is thinking, and he seems to be a guy that anyone could enjoy hanging out with. Daly has surely gotten some fishing time in lately because he hasn't done much on the PGA Tour in years.

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8. Brian Wilson

pro athletes fishing
Valerie Macon-Getty Images Sport

Brian Wilson is a very quirky individual. Taking Wilson out fishing could draw some interesting looks, but it would also bring along some laughs and a good time.

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7. Joey Barton

pro athletes fishing
Ben Hoskins-Getty Images Sport

Joey Barton has always been an enigmatic figure in the soccer world as he will not quiet down for anyone, even if it hurts his reputation. Fortunately, Barton does speak up for the Tamsin Gulvin Fund, where he promotes the Get Hooked on Fishing Campaign which encourages kids to fish instead of getting involved in questionable activities. One could only imagine that Barton himself has also taken up fishing as part of this.

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6. Tony Stewart

pro athletes fishing
Andy Lyons-Getty Images Sport

Tony Stewart is the face of those in the NASCAR community who like to scrap after races, and he has always been proud of this. Still, he is three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, and also has experience fishing with pro angler Jimmy Houston. I would think that Stewart received some good pointers, and he would certainly tell off anyone who would question this while we're on the water.

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5. Tim Lincecum

pro athletes fishing
Denis Poroy-Getty Images Sport

Properly dubbed "The Freak", Tim Lincecum is as close to a hippie as you will get in MLB, and he is surely one of the best character's in the league. These factors haven't kept Lincecum from going out fishing on Lake Conroe in the past. After his recent results on the mound, I am led to believe that Lincecum has spent more time learning how to fish than dealing with MLB batters, which would help on this trip.

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4. Eric Staal

pro athletes fishing
Gregg Forweck-Getty Images Sport

Eric Staal is the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes. He grew up on a family farm in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and one could only imagine they tended to the family pond at some point.

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3. Michael Phelps

pro athletes fishing
Rob Carr-Getty Images Sport

Michael Phelps has never been described as an avid fisherman, but I would imagine that he could dive into the water and catch some fish by himself. After all, Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals, and certainly looks like a fish in the water, so I will put my confidence in him on a fishing trip.

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2. Alexander Ovechkin

pro athletes fishing
Jamie Sabau-Getty Images Sport

Although he may speak broken english, Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin has a clown-like personality that transcends language barriers. The Russian-born hockey star may need some pointers in the fishing department, but these issues would certainly be worth overcoming for the fun time that being on the same boat with him for a couple of hours would be.

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1. Tom Brady

pro athletes fishing
Elsa-Getty Images Sport

There may not be a person on planet Earth who is as cool as Tom Brady. "Tom Terrific" simply gives off the demeanor of someone you want to hang out with, and it is a near certainty that Brady would be a great fisherman as well.