Top 25 Most Annoying Broadcasters in Sports

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Most Annoying Personalities in Sports

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Sports have become a way of life for some people these days. So many jobs have been created because of the emergence of sports in our lives. For example, athletes are not the only ones getting paid to be involved in a game, there are also the broadcasters who make sports easier to understand -- most of the time.

Broadcasters have been a great complement to the sport because they are usually very knowledgeable in the sport and they ease viewers and listeners into understanding what is going on and they sometimes present new information that the listener/reader might not have known before.

Sure, sports broadcasters are pretty talented people. They have to get in front of thousands, sometimes millions, of people, keep a straight face and professional demeanor and portray somewhat of a personal side. The boring announcers are never the most successful because people end up tuning them out or even muting their televisions in extreme cases.

While there are many great sports broadcasters out there that everyone loves, there are also those guys, and gals, that are so painful to listen to. There are those broadcasters that make us cringe whenever they open their mouths because they usually spew terrible information and sometimes false information.

Some broadcasters are just so horribly annoying that people automatically tune them out because of the over-the-top personalities that they possess. Nobody wants to hear someone screaming every time the smallest thing happens in the field of play -- nor do we want to hear a monotone, boring personality.

Let's take a look at the top 25 most annoying sports personalities today. Let me know who annoys you.

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25. Woody Paige

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It's hard to listen to a guy who looks like he spends his free time at an airport bar.

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24. Tim Tebow

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Okay, Tebow is new to the broadcasting game, but we can only imagine how much annoying attention he is going to get.

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23. Mel Kiper Jr.

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Mel Kiper Jr. is a know-it-all and that tends to get on people's nerves and draw some hilarious impersonations.

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22. Tim Hasselbeck

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Hasselbeck is the ultimate pessimist and that gets old really quick.

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21. Jon Gruden

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Would you look at this guy right here. Gruden is intense and extremely awkward -- the makings for a terrible broadcaster.

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20. Craig Sager

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Craig Sager isn't as annoying as his outfits. If there's one thing that's extremely annoying to look at, it's his neon-colored outfits.

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19. Lou Holtz

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Lou Holtz is a legend, but he was a much better coach than he has been a broadcasting personality. He's hard to listen to and he gets fired up about random things that mean nothing.

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18. Tim McCarver

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Tim McCarver is the king of terrible quotes. He's been known to say things before thinking about them and it often results in a "shake my head" moment.

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17. Dan Dakich

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Dan Dakich likes to pick one guy in every game he broadcasts to be a fan of. Yeah, you're not supposed to be biased toward a player or team -- that's what makes him so obnoxious.

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16. Pam Ward


Many people would say that Pam Ward knows nothing of what she talks about. Oh yeah, and she did this when a Marshall player got injured.

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15. Bill Raftery

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What does onions mean, Bill? I mean really? No one likes to listen to someone they can't understand.

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14. Herm Edwards

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Herm is as over-the-top and edgy as they come. If you want to know what he's like, just give an already-hyper friend about six cups of coffee and watch the outcome.

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13. Desmond Howard

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Desmond Howard is the biggest University of Michigan homer there is. College Gameday needs to find an unbiased personality to fill in for the guy who always picks Michigan -- even if they were to go up against an NFL team. He is also a very whiny sounding individual -- makes for a tough listen.

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12. Colin Cowherd

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I personally like Cowherd, but I can see how he's hated in the sports media realm. The guy is arrogant and he tends to talk down to his audience.

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11. Cris Collinsworth

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Collinsworth has a raspy voice and an even raspier personality. He makes smug comments on the regular and he can be almost unbearable at times. Mute button, please.

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10. Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews turned her back on ESPN and then everyone realized how big of a diva she is. She likes to report by yelling instead of talking into the microphone and, let me tell you, it's pretty annoying.

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9. Stephen A. Smith

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Clearly, Steven A. Smith needs a chill pill. Overemphasizing certain words, syllables and phrases makes him a headache. Actually, get me some Tylenol now -- thinking about it makes my head hurt.

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8. Gus Johnson

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Johnson is about as over-the-top as any play-by-play broadcaster in sports. I like him, but I can surely see how he can be too much sometimes. Imagine the dynamic of him and Joe Buck in the same broadcast booth.

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7. Joe Buck

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Speak of the devil. Joe Buck is about as bland as bland can be. Nothing is more annoying than watching a big play happen in sports and the announcer is talking like it was just another play.

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6. Chris Broussard

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He's been rumored to report false information and that's annoying in itself. Couple that with his nails-on-a-chalkboard voice and you will probably never want to see his face again. Also, nothing is worse than hearing about religion when talking about sports.

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5. Rick Reilly

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Rick Reilly often sounds off on things and he also likes to misquote people -- even his own relatives. Pretty sad.

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4. Dick Vitale

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It's Dickie V baby. One of the few phrases that he likes to use -- along with diaper dandy, PTPer and dipsy-doo dunkaroo. This guy is tough to listen to and there's no way around it. He tries way too hard.

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3. Jim Rome

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Nothing like a condescending broadcaster to make your day complete.

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2. Chris Berman

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Another guy who just loves to make up words and use phrases that excite him more than they excite the viewers. The Home Run Derby is really difficult to watch.

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1. Skip Bayless

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The most shock-ridden broadcaster alive. Skip loves to say things just for shock value and that's obnoxious.