Winter Olympics 2014: 10 Interesting Facts About Bode Miller

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10 Interesting Facts About Bode Miller

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Olympic skier Bode Miller, also known as Samuel Bode Miller, will be fighting father time at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The 36-year-old will give what is assumed to be his last appearance at the Olympics everything he’s got. The hope is that the American downhill skier will be able to dominate the competition and go out on top.

Miller began his skiing career in 1998 in which he appeared in the World Cup and the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Unfortunately, he would go two years without finishing at a podium spot. However, he competed hard in 1998 and 1999, which is a big reason why he’s as successful as he is today. Along with his Olympic accomplishments, Miller also has achieved four gold medals and one silver medal at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

It would be too easy if Miller were just a triumphant skier and nothing more. For that reason, he was a central figure in the tabloids at several points throughout the 2000s. He could be seen partying hard with beautiful women and doing what most celebrities do when fame comes in one giant wave. Unfortunately, he has taken more than his fair share of heat for the same reason.

The good news is Miller will be all about competing hard and taking home medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics, which is something the American people are excited to witness. Make sure to click through the slideshow to see 10 interesting facts about Miller.

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10. Five-Time Olympic Medalist

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Miller is a five-time Olympic medalist, with his sole gold medal coming in 2010 in the super combined competition. Along with gold, he also achieved a silver medal in the Super-G competition and a bronze medal in downhill skiing at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Miller’s other two medals are both silver, which he won at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

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9. Bode Miller the Author

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Miller co-authored the book, Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun in 2005, which is an autobiography about his life as a skier.

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8. Began Skiing at a Young Age

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Like Tiger Woods and golf, Miller began skiing at the age of three years old. It was as if his destiny was to become a professional skier, something that he has clearly excelled at throughout his life. He began competing at 11 years old, and his first podium finish as a professional skier occurred in 2000.

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7. Interesting Childhood

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Miller had an interesting childhood, as he was homeschooled until the third grade. Even crazier, he grew up on 500 acres of land in which his family lived in a log cabin that didn’t contain electricity or indoor plumbing. It’s no wonder he became a professional skier with all of that land in the mountains of New Hampshire.

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6. Big Fan of Tennis

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When a kid grows up surrounded by a sport there’s a good chance they will fall in love with it. Miller played tennis throughout his childhood and even worked as a counselor at a tennis camp. In fact, his grandparents founded and operated Tamarack Tennis Camp in Easton, N.H., which is where he worked. He also competed in the 2010 U.S. Open, although he lost his first match in the Open qualifying tournament.

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5. Played Baseball


Along with tennis and soccer, Miller also enjoys baseball. In 2006, he signed a one-day contract with the Nashua Pride baseball team in the Canadian-American League. Even though he failed to record a hit at the plate (he went 0-for-2), he did manage to make a spectacular catch in left field. The epic grab made all of the highlight reels and was famously played on ESPN’s SportsCenter numerous times. For Miller’s services with the team, they donated $5,000 to his Turtle Ridge Foundation. In 2007, he signed the same deal with the same team in order to raise money for his charity.

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4. Knew His Wife Was the One

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Miller married professional volleyball player and model Morgan Beck in October of 2012. Although he knew she was the one the moment he laid eyes on her, it certainly took some convincing for her to think the same about him. In fact, she initially resisted to go out with him. Obviously, Miller convinced her that the two of them belonged together. He was so sure of it that he actually bought her an engagement ring just six weeks after meeting her.

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3. Has the Need for Speed

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Miller enjoys skiing for many reasons, but his ultimate goal when he took up the sport was to go “as fast as the natural universe will allow,” according to his autobiography.

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2. There’s a Documentary About Him

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In 2005, the documentary Flying Downhill was made to capture Miller’s philosophy about skiing and his desire to become the world’s best. It’s no secret that he has his own style, which is vastly different from his European competitors. But it’s how he incorporates that style and intense speed into competition that makes him enjoyable to watch. The film documents his how he became the person that he is as well as where skiing could take him in the future.

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1. Considered the ‘Bad Boy’ of Skiing

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In a sport that was mostly dominated by Europeans for a long time, Miller naturally fit the role of the American bad boy. Whether it was partying at the Playboy mansion with playmates and models or being in the midst of a public custody battle for his son, Miller has certainly seen his fair share of bad exposure. Even though he has reformed his ways in recent years, he will always be known as the bad boy of the sport.