2014 Winter Olympics: 10 Interesting Facts About Hannah Teter

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10 Interesting Facts About Hannah Teter

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With just a week left until the start of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, many athletes are preparing to represent their country and do so proudly by competing in events that they have been involved in and trained for over many years. Here, I will be talking about one of the most famous faces in snowboarding- Hannah Teter.

Teter has been competing in the Olympics for quite some time -- all the way back since 2006. She had started in other events, but her rise to fame came during the 2006 Games in Italy. She figures to be one of the favorites to come home with a medal in her event. She commonly competes in the halfpipe competition, where she is arguably one of the faces of the event for women all over the world.

A competitor who has somewhat of a goofy side to herself, Teter is passionate about her sport and strives to compete to the best of her abilities. She has definitely had quite a bit of success in the snowboarding competition, especially due to her early start in the sport. She has competed in various events ranging from the X-Games, Olympics, World Championships and plenty more.

For those who may not know who this decorated snowboarder from Vermont is, there are some pretty interesting things that she does not only on the snowboard, but off of it as well. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting facts about this halfpipe snowboard competitor.

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10. First Tracks

first tracks
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Teter began her snowboarding career due to her brothers. In order to keep up with them, she took on snowboarding at the age of eight. Her first lesson was on Okemo, her home mountain in Vermont.

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9. She Shreds the Water as Well

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When the summertime hits and the snow has melted away, Teter takes up surfing as a hobby. She spends quite a bit of her free time in Costa Rica to hit the beaches and ride some waves.

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8. The Good Start Young

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During her early years, Hannah Teter became the first woman to land a 900 and won the 2002 Junior Worlds. The amazing thing is that she was only 15-years old when she accomplished both feats!

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7. An Ice Cream Named in Her Honor

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Ben and Jerry's created a flavor in honor of Teter. The flavor? Maple Blondie, which is a blend of creamy maple ice cream with blonde brownie pieces and a maple caramel swirl. Sounds delicious.

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6. And The Winner Is ...

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Because of her accomplishments in 2006, which includes a gold medal at the Winter Olympics, Hannah Teter was honored with the ESPY award for best action sports female athlete. Even earlier in 2004, she was the North American SnowSports Journalist Association's Competitor of the Year.

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5. Representation

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Hannah Teter's success has led to many sponsors. Her most famous sponsorships include Mountain Dew, Burton and Go Pro.

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4. Model Status

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In the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Hannah Teter was one of the four American female athletes to model in anticipation of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. She was criticized for posing in the magazine, but quickly responded by saying “I do not believe in the criminalization of bodies and women being ashamed of their bodies. That's just wrong.” You Go Hannah Teter!

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3. She Is Also An Educator

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Along with NASA, Teter appeared in a Brain Bites educational video “How is a Snowboarder like an Astronaut?” She explains how landing and trajectories would be beneficial to landing on the moon's surface, which is what she does on the half pipe to prevent falls or crashes. Very informational.

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2. To The Left

left boot
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One of Teter's superstitions is that she must always lace up her left boot before the right one. The reasoning behind this is quite unknown, but perhaps it has to do with preventing bad luck when taking the slopes.

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1. Maple Syrup and Undergarments Go Together

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When Teter is not competing, she runs two different charitable organizations. “Hannah's Gold” is where she raises money sold from Vermont Maple Syrup to help the country of Kenya with fresh water and water wells. “Sweet Cheeks” is an exclusive undergarments line that donates 40 percent of its sales to feed children in extreme poverty. What an amazing line of work.