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2014 Winter Olympics: Every Major Country’s Hottest Female Athlete

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Every Major Country's Hottest Female Athlete in the 2014 Winter Olympics

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Even though it's the Winter Olympics, the girls in the slideshow are anything but cold! The women on this list are not only some of the hottest in their respective sports, but some of the hottest girls from their entire countries. Throw in the fact that these women are also spectacular athletes, and you're looking at the entire package with these ladies!

Each of these girls are very easy on the eyes. One of the greatest things about the Olympics is the fact that it brings in so many athletes, each of whom are special in their own way. It may be their athletic ability, their background story, or any number of things. With the ladies in this list however, what really sets them apart -- other than athletic ability -- is their looks.

The 2014 Winter Olympics kick off on February 7 and as always, some of the best athletes in the entire world will be there to show off their skills. The ultimate goal for any athlete competing in the Olympics is to win the gold medal. While these girls could end up with the gold in the Sochi games, they already have a gold medal as far as attractiveness goes.

Ladies and gentlemen, it wasn't easy, but let's take a look at every major country's hottest female athlete in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Note: In this list, the "major countries" are simply the top 10 medal-earning countries in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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United States: Gracie Gold

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Germany: Viona Harrer

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Canada: Tessa Virtue

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Norway: Silje Norendal

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Austria: Julia Dujmovits

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Russia: Anna Sidorova

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South Korea: Kim Yuna

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China: Xintong Huang

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Sweden: Christina Bertrup

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France: Deborah Anthonioz

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