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Dwyane Wade and 15 Athletes Who Love to Give Back to the Community

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15 Athletes Who Love to Give Back to the Community

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Basketball star Dwyane Wade has inspired other athletes around the country to do their part in giving back to the community. The fact that Wade has done this based solely on his countless actions that have led to numerous programs helping those in need is remarkable. More importantly, he is doing his part in accomplishing charitable work, while also motivating others to take action.

The following is an excerpt from the Wade’s World Foundation website:

“The Wade’s World Foundation (WWF) works to provide support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. WWF is dedicated to its vision of empowering underserved core communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the South Florida areas. WWF was created because Dwyane Wade wanted to give back to underserved communities and support issues of purpose. Dwyane serves as Founder of the Wade’s World Foundation (WWF). His emphasis on community involvement continues in WWF’s programs, which promote the education of youth, literacy, health and fatherhood.”

Most athletes focus on just one area to provide charity, but Wade has decided to tackle numerous fronts with his charitable ways. Even though there have been numerous athletes before Wade’s time who have given back to the community, Wade has done his part to propel the movement forward. Athletes understand that they are blessed with an incredible opportunity to do good for others, which is something that they must make the most of while their name is still relevant.

Check out the slideshow of Wade and 15 athletes who give back to the community.

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15. Dwyane Wade

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Wade gives back more than most athletes. His Wade’s World Foundation helps children, fathers and communities improve the quality of their life.

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14. Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers followed in the footsteps of Brett Favre in more ways than one. Like Favre, Rodgers has done his fair share to give back to the community in Wisconsin. Whether it is a charity softball outing or surprising kids via itsAaron.com, Rodgers has done wonders in making sure that communities across Wisconsin are doing their part to help others in need.

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13. Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson’s charitable donates and work with those who are less fortunate has been well documented recently thanks to his participation in the Super Bowl. Wilson has been known to visit hospitals where he hangs out with children who are ill. A partnership with Russell Investments allowed the company to donate $2,000 to Wilson’s Foundation for every touchdown pass he threw during the 2013 season.

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12. Brett Favre

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Favre has been doing charitable work in the communities of Wisconsin and Mississippi for nearly two decades. Along with his wife, Favre’s Fourward Foundation helps disadvantaged children and gives them an opportunity to have joy in their lives. Whether it’s annual golf tournaments or participation in the Make a Wish Foundation, Favre has always found a way to help out his beloved communities.

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11. Andre Johnson


Wide receiver Andre Johnson makes it his mission every year to give back to needy children during Christmas time. What he does is give the kids 80 seconds to run around a toy store and grab as many gifts as they can. He then whips out his checkbook and pays for everything. This past year, he racked up an astonishing $17,352 bill.

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10. Antonio Gates

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Like Johnson, Antonio Gates loves spread the joy of giving during the holidays. Gates participates in Shop with a Charger in which he gives 50 neglected children $100 to go on a shopping spree. What’s even better is Gates gets his teammates involved with the process as they help the kids pick out the right toys.

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9. Donald Driver

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Like Favre and Rodgers, Donald Driver has done his part to ensure that the communities in Wisconsin are given the right amount of charity. Driver, who had a very tough childhood growing up, uses his foundation to help homeless families get back on their feet. He also makes sure that he’s there every step of the way to ensure the families find a way to get their head above water.

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8. Tim Tebow

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One of the reasons Tim Tebow worked so hard to be a great athlete was so that he could use his status symbol for good. More specifically, Tebow would use his name to help charities all around the world. Tebow founded “First and 15” with other students while he was at the University of Florida as a way to give back. He also is involved with the Tim Tebow Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association and has raised money for Shands Hospital.

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7. Clayton Kershaw

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Clayton Kershaw just got a huge payday. The good news is he’s one of the most charitable baseball players alive, which means that money will go to good use. Kershaw and his wife take part in Habitat for Humanity in which they rehabilitate houses in California. He also helps out with various organizations and foundations. One of his most significant charitable contributions came when he and his wife went on a mission trip to Zambia where they established an orphanage.

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6. Ndamukong Suh

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Ndamukong Suh may be known as one of the bad football players alive, but what people may not realize is that he’s very giving when it comes to charity. In fact, he set a football-player record when he personally donated $2 million to the University of Nebraska. He also donated another $600,000 to the school’s College of Engineering.

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5. Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony is by far the most charitable basketball players around. In fact, he has donated more than $4 million to help communities in Maryland and New York through different outreach programs. More specifically, he gives disadvantaged children the right resources to become productive when they grow up.

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4. Alex Smith

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Alex Smith started a foundation to help foster teens get the right guidance so that they can go to school and get jobs. The mentoring program helps the teens with their housing, education and internships. The most remarkable part of the Alex Smith Foundation is that an incredible 91 percent of donations have gone towards the programs.

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3. Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods has been helping children succeed for nearly two decades. He has donated truckloads of money and has aimed his charitable donations towards the education of children. More specifically, his foundation allows underprivileged children attend college.

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2. David Robinson

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David Robinson’s work off the court has made him a very special person. Robinson made plenty of money in his career, but the fact that he once wrote a check for $5 million to start up a college prep academy in a rough part of San Antonio is unheard of. Robinson and his wife have donated well over $11 million to Carver Academy, along with other charitable organizations.

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1. Steve Young

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Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation for Children has raised millions and millions of dollars to help children who need academic or athletic help and are unable to get it elsewhere. The purpose is to overcome physical and financial challenges so that children can get the proper education to succeed in life.