New York Fans Hate on Joe Buck in Hilarious Video

By Connor Muldowney
Joe Buck
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We all know about Joe Buck. He’s a sports broadcaster with few fans — until now. As one of the most famous — or infamous — broadcasters out there, Buck gets a lot of attention for being bland and showing bias toward some teams.

Many people would argue that he has disrespected their team by showing bias toward an opposing team during a game he has called. Well, he is scheduled to call the Super Bowl this Sunday in New York/New Jersey — and some New York fans are not happy about it — well a lot of New York fans.

In a pretty hilarious video, Buck hits the streets while what we would hope are paid actors heckle him. This video is awesome just for the fact that Buck knows he isn’t very well liked and he still goes along with it in this video by Funny or Die:

This video has to be one of the funniest that the site has done just because it has a hint of reality in it. Not many people are fans of Buck and this video pokes fun at that while also having a little bit of truth behind it.

You have to respect Buck for doing this video because anyone who can make fun of themselves is a winner in my books. Comment below and let me know what you’re favorite part of the video was. Mine might be the guy who “doesn’t talk English very good” or the guy at the end who praises Buck’s father and disses him.

Awesome video.

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