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Winter Olympics 2014: 10 Interesting Facts About Allison Baver

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Allison Baver: 10 interesting facts

Allison Baver
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While I am an avid American football fan, I do enjoy the opportunity to watch the Winter Olympics and root for team USA. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Olympics is learning about the athletes who are competing, and you are provided with direct insight into some of the remarkable obstacles that these competitors have overcome. It really is truly inspiring to see a person set a goal and reach it, and I think this is one of the reasons that the Olympics appeal to so many people. When you learn of these journeys, you become more connected to the athletes and you start to care about sports you might have never even seen before.

Allison Baver is one of the most interesting athletes that you will hear about in the 2014 games. While many athletes have practiced their whole lives to try and wear a gold medal, Baver did not and has made some significant sacrifices to dedicate herself to the sport. You'll find out more about her various exploits in the following slides..

Many individuals would have likely thrown in the towel if they went through the same type of adversity that she has in her journey to the Olympics. Instead of giving up, she used her competitive spirit to help her team win the bronze medal in the 3,000 meter relay in 2010 in Vancouver.

There will be many athletes to keep an eye out for this year, but Baver is one of the most interesting of the bunch, and here are 10 interesting facts about her.

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10. Allison Baver, Music Lover

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While many athletes tend to be one-dimensional, Allison is an avid music lover. You can read her journal on her website to find out about her experience at South by Southwest.

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9. Not Always a Speed Skater

Speed skater
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Allison did not take up the sport until she was almost finished high school. It is impressive to see how far she has come.

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8. Beauty and Brains

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Allison is a graduate of Penn State, and she also has an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. She is the complete package.

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7. Founder of Off The Ice Foundation

Off Ice
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Allison founded the Off the Ice Foundation to help fight against obesity, crime, disease and poor education. She is really making a difference for young people.

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6. She Is Single

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According to her website, she is single. She may have some wedding offers after the Olympics are over, but you still have a chance.

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5. Auditioned For Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser
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You can find a video audition on Youtube of Allison sending in her qualifications as a potential trainer for the show.

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4. Polite Police

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A big pet peeve for Allison is rude people who do not say thank you. Make sure to remember your manners around her.

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3. Gruesome Injury

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Allison suffered a broken leg that could have ended her career. She fought back from her injury though, and she earned a medal in 2010.

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2. Lives and Trains in Salt Lake City

Lives and trains
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It takes dedication to be an Olympic athlete. Allison fully committed herself to her sport by living and training in Utah.

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1. Small Twitter Following

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It seems strange that Allison has less than 6,000 twitter followers, but that number will probably change in a few weeks.