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Looking at the Top 15 ‘Freestyle Friday’ Performances From the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

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Top 15 Freestyle Friday Videos From the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

(HTC_Shannon Twitter)

If there's anything to take away from the 2013 NFL season, it would be nobody covers social media better than the lovely ladies of the Houston Texans cheerleaders--especially when it comes to their awesome Freestyle Friday videos.

Freestyle Fridays took the internet by storm this year as the girls started a glorious tradition each Friday when they would host a friendly dance off with each other after participating in practice. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with videos of beautiful women showing off their phenomenal dance skills, but the best part about these Freestyle Friday videos is fans never really knew what to expect as far as where the Texans cheerleaders would be.

While there were a few performances that took place at the normal practice facilities, the Texans cheerleaders decided to take their creativity to a whole new level by taking Freestyle Fridays to random locations in the area. From a Sonic drive thru to a random house on Halloween, there was no telling what to expect as far as where Freestyle Friday would take place each week and since we've all been missing this fantastic tradition during the offseason--we decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at our favorite 15 performances from this year.

There's a reason why the Texans cheerleaders are in a league of their own when it comes to social media--so enjoy these top 15 Freestyle Friday performances from the 2013 season.

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15. That Time They Took Over a Bridge During Traffic


The headline pretty much sums up what happened as the girls decided to take over a bridge and dance as cars were driving by--and it was awesome.

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14. That Time They Took Over a Grocery Store


Imagine going to the grocery store for a few items--only to see a random dance party break out.

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13. That Time They Took Over the Tennis Courts

(HTC_Kelli Twiter)

Tennis was already a fun sport to play before, but these girls made it that much more fun after rocking out to the hit Britney Spears "3" song.

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12. That Time They Made 'Wop' Even More Cool to Dance to

(Texans Cheerleaders Facebook)

The "Wop" was already a great hip hop song to rock out to, but the Texans cheerleaders made us even bigger fans of this song after performing this amazing dance at the beginning of the season.

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11. That Time They Took Over a Movie Theater


Normally, a trip to the movies is a quiet experience--until the girls took over the snack line by rocking out to Lady Gaga.

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10. That Time They Took Over the Workout Room


MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" will always be considered one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time and when the girls brought this song back while taking over the workout room--it was nothing short of awesome.

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9. That Time They Crashed the Party at an Assisted Living Center

(HTC_Delaney Twitter)

There's a popular saying about respecting your elders and you can tell the individuals at this Assisted Living Center had an absolute blast when HTC came to dance with them. Oh not to mention "Let's Groove Tonight" is a FANTASTIC classic song.

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8. That Time Around Christmas They Took Over an Ice Skating Rink

(HTC_Kelli Twitter)

It's one thing to display amazing dance moves, but when you can do it on ice skates--that's even more impressive.

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7. That Time They Showed Up at a Random House For Halloween

(HTC_Shannon Twitter)

Imagine a group of professional cheerleaders showing up to a random house for a "Thriller" performance--because that's exactly what the Texans cheerleaders did for Halloween this year.

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6. That Time They Took Over a Sonic Drive-In


When HTC Morgan ordered a "Freestyle Friday" at the Sonic drive thru, you knew there was an epic performance on the way. Plus, who doesn't love a good Luke Bryan jam?

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5. That Time They Crashed a Swim Club


Babes in bikinis dancing on the diving board to a great Pitbull jam--is there any reason to continue explaining?

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4. That Time They Borrowed a Camel For 'Baby Got Back'

(@TexansCheer Twitter)

Remember the famous Camel from the Geico "Hump Day" commercials? In honor of the popular commercial, the Texans cheerleaders decided to use a camel of their own for their "Baby Got Back" performance.

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3. That Time Vanilla Ice Made a Surprise Guest Appearance

(HTC_Amelia Twitter)

No matter what music genre you listen to, "Ice Ice Baby" will always be considered one of the greatest rap songs and it was pretty cool to see Vanilla Ice himself make a surprise appearance for this edition.

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2. That Time They Took Over a Popcorn Shop


The energy in this Freestyle Friday was absolutely phenomenal not just because nobody expected them to show up at a popcorn shop, but who doesn't love this popular Quad City DJ's jam?

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1. That Time We All Witnessed an Amazing Proposal

(HTC_Rebecca Twitter)

Joey took the phrase "surprise engagement" when he pulled off one of the most epic marriage proposals of all time by proposing to HTC Rebecca during Freestyle Friday on November 29, 2013. Freestyle Fridays were always a special tradition, but this was by far the best one from this season--hands down.