Patrick Stewart Tweets Adorable Picture of Ian McKellan in Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning Jersey

By Dave Daniels
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Sir Patrick Stewart was at it again on twitter, and just had to share this photo with any of my readers. The actor did not tweet who was rooting for whom, but you can probably tell by the jerseys.

This bro-mance is almost too tough to take at times, and the adorableness of it all cannot be contained. Great stuff from the actor, and quite jealous of my younger brother who got to see Stewart and Ian McKellan perform in “Waiting for Godot” recently. Come from a theatre background in college, so always get a kick out of it when sports and theatre connect, which seems to be happening more and more.

Always welcome here.

This tweet pretty much sums up how I feel about the pair, and the Shakespearean line is pretty crucial. Also who says Shakespeare isn’t cool? Being the father of the English language ain’t cool?

The game on Sunday should be a great one, and hope all of you have your plans firmed up. It will be a game to remember either way, and the battle between Richard Sherman and Peyton Manning will be fascinating to watch. There has been a lot of noise around this game (as usual for the Super Bowl), but excited for that ball to finally kickoff. The commercials? Not as excited for, but do not blame me for that; just have some old stigmas associated with all that.

The main thing I’m hoping for? At least one more bro-mance twitter pic from Stewart before Sunday arrives.

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