Tim Tebow Pokes Fun at Himself in New Super Bowl Commercials

By Connor Muldowney
Time Tebow
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It’s no secret — Tim Tebow has not played football in the NFL this season. Sure, he made the preseason squad for the New England Patriots, but was cut by the end of the preseason. What’s a struggling NFL QB to do in the meantime? How about make some extremely funny commercials that make fun of himself? Sounds about right.

Tebow has been the star of a few T-Mobile commercials that are set to air during the Super Bowl. As we all know, Super Bowl commercials are some of the funniest throughout the year and it’s not often that people look forward to commercial breaks — but this is the exception.

Check out the first video of Tebow and his no-contract commercial with T-Mobile:

Tebow knocked this one out of the park by mocking his lack of contract for this football season by saying he has done so much without one. Oh you know, becoming a doctor, hunting big foot and going to the moon. The usual Tebow stuff.

Check out the second video that has been leaked:

This time he’s riding bulls, saving puppies from a burning building and starring in his own movie, “Illegal Formation”, while doing his own stunts. What a great life Tebow has lived in his year off football.

Okay, Tebow gets a lot of hate, but he’s a pretty funny guy when he’s poking fun at himself. I can honestly say that he has earned some major respect from me for making fun of himself in these commercials — he is only human. There will be a third commercial of Tebow’s that will debut on Super Bowl Sunday as well.

This is the closest Tebow will ever get to a Super Bowl. I just had to go there.

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